New Record: The Most Smoke Rings From A Single Vape Hit

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What are Vape Tricks?

Vaping has been around for some time and has evolved into its own industry. With that, people always try to find a more entertaining side to most things we do. For vaping, doing tricks has become a trend. As an example of this trend; the Vape God as of late has become quite popular and his tricks have hooked him up with a visit to rapper Drake’s.

There are many types of tricks and some are quite difficult. With the trend expanding, more and more people are getting into it. You can check out vapers on Social Media, especially on Instagram posting their tricks.

Also, vape tricks have started to move into the territory of records and record breaking. On Record Setter people are already claiming vaping records for variety of vaping related stuff  

The Most Smoke Rings From A Single Vape Hit

Kyle Moore is from Harrington, Delaware, United States and on January 17, 2016, he was the first person to set a record for most vapor rings from a single vape. The feat of attempting a record is quite daunting, thus attempting one with no medical supervision is even scarier. The control was to inhale as much vapor as you can and continuously eject clearly made vape rings. Kyle was able to inhale enough vapor to set him the record with 32 vape rings.

Even More Smoke Rings From A Single Vape Hit

Kyle held the title for more than a year until it was finally broken by Jacob Burns from Royal Oak, Michigan, United States. On March 3, 2017, He took on the challenge set by Kyle and recorded himself the same way. He also inhaled a large amount of vapor and again continuously created rings just like Kyle did until he hit a staggering 37 vape rings. Thus, he had surpassed the previous record by 4 taking the position of record holder.

These records are just the beginning of what vaping has evolved into. We can for sure expect more and elaborate records to be set in the future.

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