//Cync Vaporizer Review – Affordable Hands-Free Vaping
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Cync Vaporizer Review – Affordable Hands-Free Vaping

Cync Vaporizer Review

At first, the Cync vaporizer reminds me of the JUUL vaporizer. What makes this vape kits resemble the other is the fact that both of them have a thin, flattened hexagonal shape, and the cartridges for both are available in the form of prefilled pods. However, that does not mean that Cync kits are low-quality, it just seems like it wants to copy the JUUL.

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Before we dive deeper into the review, let us take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Cync vaporizer.

  • Decent throat hit and impressively large amount of vapor for its size
  • Incredibly easy to use and easy to refill design
  • Lightweight and very convenient design to hold in your fist
  • Nice rubber teeth grip for hands-free vaping
  • Short charging time and long battery life
  • Pre-filled pods are expensive
  • Uneven performance
  • Some of the flavors were out of stock
  • The unit was getting hot

Type of Available Batteries and Nicotine Strengths

The Cync vaporizer doesn’t allow you a lot of customization, but it does let you choose different strengths of nicotine and the sizes of the batteries.

The vaporizer is available in three different variations, mainly because of various sizes and capacities of their batteries. There is a 19-millimeter micro battery that has a capacity of 200mAh. Also, there is a slightly longer battery with a capacity of 380 mAh. Lastly, the biggest battery that comes in a box format and has a capacity of 390 mAh.

You can attach the vaporizer with two different sized pods i.e. 1.5ml and 2.5 ml, each of which can have a nicotine strength of as little as 6mg/ml and up to as high as 45mg/ml. Unlike the other similar vaporizers that allow you to use only their e-liquids, with Cync, you can choose e-liquids made by a variety of well-known brands such as Beard Vape Co., Cosmic Fog, Glas, NJOY, Cuttwood, Five Pawns, and more.

Unique Hybrid Hit

One quality that we noticed about the Cync is its unique draw. It’s not very tight or neither too loose. In other words, it’s not exactly a strict mouth to lung hit and not a direct lung hit. Overall, more experienced vapers will tell you that it lies right between those two, so we will call it a hybrid hit. Depending on your vaping style, you may or may not like the hit it offers – we totally loved the unique experience.

Value for Money

The vaporizer is extremely affordable and costs only about $16. However, it is considerably cheaper than some of the very basic starter kits that don’t offer such an amazing experience and such dense vapor. Therefore, we can say that the kit provides excellent value for your money. On the flip, the pods are rather expensive and can cost up to $10 for a pack of two.


Cync VaporizerThe design of the vaporizer is fairly good. The batteries are small and very light; even with the largest battery. You can even use the vape for stealth vaping. It sits conveniently in your fist, and you can store it easily in your pocket or purse. The ergonomic hexagonal design and matte finish make it very easy to hold the vaporizer.

One important part of the vaporizer that most of us tend to ignore is the mouthpiece, which can enhance the whole vaping experience. The Cync has the best mouthpiece of all the vaporizers in its class because of a unique rubber center grip. Overall, it’s very easy to hold the vaporizer with your teeth and enjoy hands-free vaping. Did I mention I just typed this review while vaping the Cync?

Who doesn’t love hands-free vaping?

When considering aesthetics, the vaporizer looks pretty elegant. However, we get the feeling that it is not as sturdy and durable as some of its competitors.

Cync Vaporizer Performance

Despite massive plumes of vapor and decent flavor, we felt something was lacking. The vapor is relatively cool, but it gets warmer if you do longer than 2-second hits.

We would have given it full marks regarding performance, but it did not perform optimally at all times as the vapor production was very inconsistent. However, we believe that the performance issues are because of some problems with the pods and not the device itself.

Overall User Experience

The overall user experience of the vaporizer is commendable for the price. Using the device is incredibly easy plus it produces huge vapor and decent flavor. Also, hands-free vaping was just priceless. One minor nuisance we noticed was that some of the e-liquid pods were constantly out of stock.

Final Verdict

Even with the very affordable price and a decent set of features, we can only recommend the Cync vaporizer to beginners who want to take vaping for a test drive. As an experienced vaper, you will feel as if something is lacking and might not be able to get ultimate satisfaction. On top of that, the pods are expensive which can prove costly in the long run, so we believe that if the price of the pods comes down, and somehow the performance is made steady, we would recommend this vaporizer.

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