PAX Plus Review: The Classic PAX With 2-in-1 Function


by Vaping Daily Team

Updated: May 2, 2023

pax plus review

Review Score: 94/100

Price Range:
$200 - $250
Battery Capacity:
Chamber Capacity:
Sage, Elderberry, Periwinkle, Onyx
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • Simple, easy-to-use design (button-less, no screens)
  • Excellent vapor quality with the four different vaping sessions
  • High-quality build materials (interior and exterior)


  • No precision-controlled temperature settings
  • The concentrates insert hard to clean

Starting Price: $ 200

The new PAX Plus is the latest release from the renowned company, but is it any different from the last PAX 3? It is hard to say. The PAX Plus has a 2-in-1 function, meaning it can vape herb and concentrates. However, everything else has stayed the same, as it has the same exterior design, battery capacity, and buttonless user interface. It still has four pre-installed session modes you can control with the touch button while giving you at least 75 minutes of battery life on a full charge. Is this vaporizer any different than the other PAX devices? Read on to find out if the new PAX is worth all the hype.

Up Close with the PAX Plus

pax plus review

This is the newest device from the storied brand that has ruled the dry herb vaping device game for over a decade. The last release from the company was the PAX 3, which some considered the ultimate in PAX quality and design. The fact that the company took almost five years to bring anything new to the market meant for many that they had reached perfection with the PAX 3.

Anticipation was high for the Plus, but many were disappointed when it was finally released. There does not seem to be anything new about the new PAX Plus besides its concentrates pad, which was already a feature of the PAX 3. The design is the same as for many of the next-generation vapes and only adds a few different mouthpieces for you to use with the device, raised and hidden. PAX Plus keeps the iconic, pared-down design that rejects screens, buttons, and other gadgets for what is the best-looking dry herb vape on the market, but looks aren’t everything.

The PAX Plus can still make great vapor, but so did PAX 3, and so does PAX 2, for that matter. It still uses a stainless steel chamber located on the bottom of the device, with a half-pack lid included in the kit so you can reduce the chamber size for microdosing. The concentrates pad is supposed to be an improvement, but it is a mess and gets sticky residue all over your chamber that needs to be cleaned frequently.

The size and weight are also very similar to the previous models. It doesn’t seem like the company has made any improvements other than the increased battery capacity and the new exterior build material comprising aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and is bead-blasted. Hence, it has a smoother texture that is also easier to hold.

What’s the Difference between PAX Plus and the Other PAX?

The question of what the difference is between the Plus vape and all the other PAX models is a good one since, from the outside, there doesn’t seem to be that much difference between them. One noticeable difference is the size. The Mini is smaller than the other models and has no pre-installed heating modes. It is also supposed to be longer-lasting and heats up faster than the PAX 2, but you can also buy a PAX 3 if you want an improved version of the PAX 2.

The funny thing about PAX is that it uses the same design and materials for all its models and still claims that these are “new,” even though they are similar. All PAX models have the same bottom-packed heating chamber, the same stainless steel vapor path, two options (flat or raised) mouthpieces, the same style of heating element, which is proprietary, and now, with the Plus, supports herb and concentrates.

According to the company, one difference between the older PAX models and the Plus and Mini is the latter has a “bead-blasted, soft matte coating.” In contrast, the older ones have a “brushed anodized” coating that does not feel any different when holding in terms of texture or weight, so it is a barely visible difference.

Kit Content

pax plus starter kit

The new kit includes many of the same accessories as the premium kit for the PAX 3, such as the two lids and the two mouthpieces, but the difference is the quantity since you could only get one set of each, rather than the whole complement.

  • 1 x PAX Plus
  • 2 x Mouthpieces
  • 2 x Oven Lids
  • 1 x Concentrate Insert
  • 1 x Multi-Tool
  • 1 x Charge Cable

The Exterior Build

The outer shell of the Plus has a new finish, but the look and feel of this new model feel exactly like the older ones. The dimensions are all the same (the Mini is only three inches shorter than the others), and the build material of the chassis is also anodized aluminum, which explains why the device is so lightweight.

It also has the same four-petal LED user interface that gives the PAX its classic, minimalist look, but it doesn’t have much else. The only difference is that you can choose from four different vaping styles, a step down from the Bluetooth-ready PAX 3 that gave you precision temperature control. Still, since Apple and other tech companies banned the app, you can only use the installed heating styles.

The internal design is also the same. The device has nothing new in that department since it also has an all-stainless steel oven and the same proprietary heating element composed of a thin strip of metal attached to the bottom. The Plus also uses the same hybrid heating style, as it pulls air from the outside to create vapor while utilizing a conduction heating element to heat the chamber, not the herb.

Temperature Settings

The company decided to go back to basics with the temperature settings for the device since it is not Bluetooth compatible, and you can only use the four pre-installed settings; you also cannot use the PAX app for precision control. The four settings are color coded and represent different vaping styles:

  • One Petal – Purple (lowest setting)
  • Two Petals – Teal (second-lowest setting)
  • Three Petals – Yellow (second-highest setting)
  • Four Petals – Red (highest setting)

You turn on the device by pressing and holding the center button for 2 seconds. You can then press the button once to change between the various settings. When you find the appropriate location, you can press and hold the center button, making the device’s LED pulse pink. The pink lights mean the machine is heating, and when it reaches temperature, it will flash the color of your mode (purple, teal, yellow, red).

What Can you Vape with the PAX Plus?

It is not the first PAX model you can use with both dry herb and concentrates, which makes this device nothing we haven’t seen before. You can vape dry herbs in the built-in stainless steel chamber or use the Concentrates Insert, a small pad to place waxes, shatter, and budder.

The Concentrates Insert is a good idea, but the entire thing makes a huge mess, with the only saving grace being that you can take out the insert if it gets too dirty. But you still have to clean the residue from the outer parts of the chamber, which is hard. It’s best to clean it when it is still hot, but you also have to be careful not to touch the surface, but you can use the multi-tool included in the kit to clean and load the chamber.

Using the PAX Plus

pax plus open

The brand new vaporizer works like other models, except for the Bluetooth capability.

  • The device also uses the brand’s patented shake feature to check the battery level and change the heating mode.
  • The mouthpiece also plays a part in using all PAX models, including the Plus.
  • You need to long-press the mouthpiece to activate the PAX Plus.
  • If your chamber is loaded, the center LED petals will flash green when it is ready to use.
  • If you want to try any of the four included modes, you must press and hold the mouthpiece for two seconds.
  • Then you can press the mouthpiece or shake the device to cycle through all the heating options.

Vapor Quality

The PAX has never been for people who love to take bong-sized rips from their dry herb vaporizers. Its slight build means it’s meant for people who want to capture the active ingredients without blasting large, smelly clouds in the air. But using the Plus on its highest setting created some of the biggest clouds a PAX device has ever made.

But fans of the PAX 3 will undoubtedly miss the opportunity to fine-tune their temperature with the Bluetooth app. Fortunately, the two middle settings give you a sufficient range of vapor styles to get the most out of your material. The lowest setting gives you a micro-dose level of vapor that feels good without overpowering.

Taking Care of the PAX Plus

The PAX’s user-friendly design is an asset in many areas, including cleaning and maintaining the device. The PAX Plus vaporizer includes a multi-use tool to help load and clean your oven. The design of the heating chamber means that you can tap out all remaining ABV without giving it a thorough cleaning every time.

When using the Concentrates Inset, cleaning gets a little more complicated. Sure, you can take out the insert, but cleaning the small interior heating chamber can be difficult without the right tools. The oven’s simple configuration also means there are not a lot of pieces to clean, especially when using dry herbs.

Competing Devices

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Solo 2 is a dry herb vaporizer that uses a hybrid heating style paired with its cup-shaped exterior design and iconic, all-glass straw to give users a unique vaping experience. The Solo 2 improves on the original Solo by including a precision temperature control LED on the front so you can dial in your temperature from between 50 to 220 C. The device is much bigger than the Pax, so it is not as portable or lightweight, but its performance as a home device is outstanding. You can also use the Solo 2 with concentrates, so that’s one feature its shares with the Plus.

The Firefly 2+

Firefly 2 review

The Firefly 2+ is a contender with the PAX for the most sophisticated dual-use vaping device since the Firefly 2+ has a unique design and operating interface that rivals the PAX for its user-friendliness and style. The Firefly is one of the few electronic vaping devices with on-demand heating, meaning you have to only inhale from the mouthpiece to power the heating element. The new Firefly also vapes concentrates and uses an all-glass mouthpiece and vapor path similar to the Solo 2, but not PAX Plus with its metal vapor path. But the Firefly 2+ has at least more temperature settings than the PAX Plus, as it has six compared to the four on the Plus.

Questions Answered

  • Is PAX Plus worth it?

    It’s hard to say whether the device is worth it since there is no reason to get the “new” one if you already have any of the older PAX models. But suppose you have never tried a PAX before and are looking for an excellent entry-level model. In that case, the Plus is a good option since it introduces you to the device’s basic functionality and has the same level of performance as the other devices.

  • Does PAX stink up a room?

    Generally, dry herb vaporizers create less smell or stink than smoking. But the scent might be noticeable if you create a lot of vapor in a small space. Vapor and smell will be less if used on the lower temperature profiles. If you are taking deep hits off the vaporizer at the highest temperature, it may cause a familiar odor to emerge.

  • Does the PAX Plus get you high?

    The vaporizer is for aromatherapy purposes, but if you use it with dry herb marijuana, it will have an intoxicating effect. The device is designed to work with any loose-leaf aromatic, but you can also use it with a solid concentrate with the dedicated insert for the same effects.

  • How do I make my PAX Plus hit harder?

    You can make the vaporizer hit harder by putting only a small amount of herb material in the chamber and then using it at the highest temperature. This combination means more air will create vapor filled with the herb’s active ingredients. You can also experiment with the session modes or heating profiles to find the one that gives you the best results.

  • How long does PAX Plus last?

    Many people have had their PAX model for years, and it still works. That’s why it is disappointing when the company comes out with something “new” that isn’t. The brand is known for its high-quality manufacturing, so any new PAX can last for years, depending on how it is kept and maintained. But a new device’s general range is between one to five years.

PAX Plus Specifications

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy exterior:
All-stainless steel heating chamber and vapor path :
Four distinct vaping temperatures:
Colors: Sage, Elderberry, Periwinkle, Onyx


The Positives

  • Simple, easy-to-use design (button-less, no screens)
  • Excellent vapor quality with the four different vaping sessions
  • High-quality build materials (interior and exterior)
  • Clear, clean vapor path with two types of mouthpiece for easier inhaling

The Negatives

  • No precision-controlled temperature settings
  • The concentrates insert hard to clean

Conclusion: A Classic Is Born Again

The PAX Plus is the latest addition to the PAX brand, but it is not the device that will bring the company into the future. This vaporizer stays faithful to the original design and simplicity of the other models and does not have anything other than the four vaping sessions and its bead-blasted exterior that is new. Still, if you want to try the PAX experience and have never used one, the Plus is a good entry model as it keeps all the elements of the previous ones to impress new users.

Published: April 18, 2023Updated: May 2, 2023

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