Professional Models & the Effects of Smoking

With so many in the modeling industry already coming forward to help keep a smoke-free workplace, the number of those who smoke is already on the decline. Quitting smoking will have lasting benefits for the health and beauty of professionals in the modeling industry.

models and smoking

In the world of modeling, there are few things more important than maintaining your “signature look”. Your look defines your capabilities in your profession, as well as defining the tone of the company or brand you represent. The ability to maintain your skin and look your best is imperative when vying for contracts, showcasing the next world-changing trend, or promoting a popular brand name. One of the dangers to your appearance and overall health, is smoking. Most everyone understands the clear and present dangers of smoking, however, sometimes quitting or avoiding it is easier said than done.

The Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Your Skin

Cigarette smoke negatively affects our skin in a number of ways. According to VS Models, a high percentage of models currently smoke. This number, however, seems to be on the decline. Unfortunately, you don’t even have to be the one smoking to suffer smoking’s effects. Second-hand smoke is just as harmful as smoking directly.

Tobacco products affect nearly every system and organ of the body, including your skin, nails, and hair. The modeling industry thrives based on its promotion of youth and beauty, smoking in this case, would be very counterproductive. Smoking and second-hand smoke not only leads to premature wrinkles and skin discoloration, but it also reduces your skin’s collagen production. This can cause sagging, deep creases in the face, wrinkles, and other signs of aging – including age spots.

Smoking also eventually yellows your teeth, and may even speed up tooth decay and tooth loss. While models have the resources at their disposal to whiten their teeth, smoking will eventually degrade them from the inside. Smoking is also a leading cause of gum disease.

This is all Preventable

Smoking and its effects are all preventable. Taking steps to ensure you remain healthy should be your number one priority in all situations. If quitting is your goal, there are numerous smoking cessation aids that are widely available, and many do not need a prescription to use. Nicorette is a great option for gum chewers, and it provides you with limited doses of nicotine for when cravings arise. E-cigarettes are a fantastic option for many, as it simulates the act of smoking – without the dangers of tobacco smoke.

As more and more models switch to smoking alternatives, still others are faced with an industry where smoking is prevalent. In these situations, it is not uncommon to request a smoke-free area while you are working. Simply asking someone to not smoke near you is not an unreasonable request either. Remember, second and third-hand smoke can still affect you. Steering clear of smoke in all of its forms is vital to ensure you, your skin, and your hair remain healthy, beautiful, and vibrant.

Join the Cause

So many in the industry are already joining the fight to keep working areas for models smoke-free. With the damage and dangers associated with cigarette smoke, there has never been a greater need. It is not all about protecting yourself from the dangers of these harmful chemicals, it’s about protecting others in your industry, as well. Taking steps to ensure your safety and the safety of others can make a big difference in the future of your career, and the future of theirs.

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