V2 Power Cig Review

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V2-Power-Cig Review
Review Score: 92/100 - 92
Price: $19.95
Color: White
Works with: Flavor Cartridges
The V2 Power Cig is a unique product. Most vapes and e-cigarettes are designed to be used on the go, while people are out and about. The V2 is different. It’s designed to be used while people are inside and have access to a USB port. This means that the V2 is meant for home or office use, usually for people who spend a lot of time at a desk.
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Does it offer enough to make it a worthwhile replacement for a regular e-cigarette or vape though? This review will attempt to find out just exactly how good the V2 Power Cig really is.

V2 Power Build Quality

The build quality of the V2 Power Cig is second to none. The cord to plug it into the USB port is thick and sturdy, meaning that as long as it is looked after it won’t end up useless after a couple of months. This is vital due to the power cord being molded to the device and being essential to the long term use of the V2 Power Cig.

It’s not just the cord that is built to last though. The device itself is well made and designed to last. It doesn’t feel like a cheap piece of plastic when held and unless you throw it around it is unlikely to break.

The overall quality of the V2 Power Cig ensures that it is a device that will last a long time. The unique feature of being powered by a USB port instead of a battery means that there is no loss of power in the long term, every time the V2 Power Cig is used it will give off the same quality of hit that it would have given off the very first time it was used. This adds to the build quality of the device as it won’t decline over time and can feasibly be used for many years as long as it is looked after.

When it comes to produce quality the V2 manages to come up trumps, it’s well made, sturdy and designed to last. There is nothing else that can be asked of it.

V2-Power-Cig-2 Review

Ease of Use

The V2 Power Cig is very easy to use. It’s a simple case of plugging it in, filling it up and vaping. It doesn’t get much easier than that. It has a one-click design. This means that there is a click to start vaping and when the button is released the atomizer stops working. It really is that simple.

This means that it doesn’t offer a wide range of features in terms of adjustable air flows, adjustable juice flows or variable wattage, but what it lacks in this it makes up for in simplicity. This e-cigarette may not appeal to the more discerning vaper, but for people who want a simple vape that does its job quickly and easily then the V2 Power Cig definitely delivers the goods.

The 7 foot power cable means that the V2 Power Cig does offer a significant length of cable for using it away from wherever it is plugged in. It doesn’t allow for wandering all around the house or office, but it is more than enough to make it easy to use when at a computer, watching television or driving the car. The length makes it easier to use when driving as if it was any longer the cable would get in the way.

It also has the simple to use USB connector which almost everyone in the world is aware of now and it provides no problems plugging it in, apart from the inevitable having to turn it around because it was the wrong way round.

v2 cartridges review


The performance of the V2 E-Cig is one of the best features it has. The atomizer is quick to warm up and it creates a thick, flavorful vapor almost as soon as the button is clicked. It actually provides rather large clouds, which could be down to the power coming from the USB port rather than a battery.

The cartridges that contain the e-liquid are simple to load and ensure that the Power Cig doesn’t have any leakage issues, which is important due to it being connected to a power outlet. They provide superb flavor and combine with the atomizer to ensure the performance of the V2 product is right up there with the best of them. Regardig performance it definitely is one of the best performing beginner vapes on the market.

Anyone who is new to vaping will be impressed with the size of cloud that can be created with the V2 Power Cig and they won’t feel let down by it. The only real downside to it is that the ability to use the V2 Power Cig on the move is removed by it being stuck to wherever the power outlet is. This does impact on the performance in terms of if a blackout occurs it is unusable, meaning that the V2 E-Cig would have no performance whatsoever in that situation.

Battery Life and Atomizers

Because the V2 Power Cig is not powered by a battery, the power that is coursed through the atomizer remains consistent. Though one loses a bit of mobility because of the power cord, the upside is that users don’t have to worry about battery life.

The atomizer in the Power Cig is a cloud machine. Cartridges come standard with mostly the same atomizers and pair nicely with the Power Cig, producing smooth, thick vapor every time.

Cartridges are disposable, meaning users have to purchase a new pack when it runs out of e-liquid. Extra packs are cheap. Blank cartridges are available for users who want to save more. The blank cartridges are refillable and users can fill them with any kind of e-liquid they wish.


EPuffer Eco Premium Disposable E-cig: EPuffer is a brand that specializes in retaining all those old-school elements about cigarettes that people loved, like the soft, filter tips and the familiar form factor. The EPuffer Eco Premium disposable e-cig follows in this vein as it resembles a filtered cigarette, but unlike the V2 Power E-cig, the Eco Premium can be taken anywhere. Battery life is limited to 500 puffs though, and there are only three flavors for the Eco Premium, which are few compared to the V2 Power E-cig’s eleven different flavor options.

VaporFi Express Mighty Menthol: The name says it all for this disposable e-cig, except it is not really a disposable e-cig as it can be reused thanks to the USB adapter and wall charger included in the kit. The two batteries, rated at 180mAh and 280mAh respectively, can power through at least 600 puffs. Flavor is limited to menthol, obviously, which is another area where the V2 Power E-cig wins again, but where the VaporFi Express wins is in its portability.

Vapor4Life Disposable Vape Sampler: The Vapor4Life disposable vape sampler is like a mix between the classic elements of EPuffer devices and the colorful newness of the Juul. Five distinct flavor options – tobacco, menthol, watermelon, coffee, and peppermint – come in the sampler, which consists of five facsimiles of real, paper-wrapped, filtered cigarettes, which are far removed visually from the V2 Power E-cig’s distinctly electronic, digital aesthetic.

The battery life of each is similar to other disposable e-cigs, topping out at somewhere between 400 and 600 puffs. The V2 Power E-cig has no competition when it comes to battery life as it is always plugged in and ready to go, but if you don’t want to be chained to your desk all day, the Vapor4Life disposable vape sampler is an excellent option.

Best Desktop E-cig?

The V2 Power Cig isn’t a vape pen that will set the world alight with its range of features. It does, however, do the few things it does very well. It vapes quickly and easily and it is simple to fill up. The power cord does impact on being able to be used on the go, but if it is set aside as a desktop vape that is not a problem.

Concerning other desktop e-cigs there is precious little by way of competition. Most desktop e-cigs are significantly bulkier, more expensive and harder to use. This means that the V2 Power Cig manages to step into a niche all on its own. It’s done this by providing a good quality product that is easy to use.

The performance stands up with any other beginner vape on the market, the usability is scaled at a perfect level for people just starting out and in terms of design it is well made and simple to use. Anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk and is just making the move towards vaping will benefit from using a V2 Power Cig. It’s an excellent product that won’t let anyone down.

Use promo code "VD15" - Click to copy for 15% OFF.
Review Score: 92/100 - 92
  • Provides huge vapor clouds
  • No decline in performance over time
  • Simple to use
  • The cartridges are easy to load and can be filled with any e-liquid available
  • Unable to use it on the move
  • Unusable if there is a power outage


V2 Power Cig
Date Released: August 2015
Manufactured by: V2
Colors: Black, White
Can be used with: Flavor Cartridges
Price $19.95

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