Drip Tip for KangerTech Aerotanks

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Review Score: 93/100 - 93
Price: $4.00
Color: Silver
Threading: 510
These new drip tips are designed for the purist in mind. It may seem like an unnecessary chore for some, but using a drip tip brings out the full flavors of an e-juice.

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It may seem like all drip tips are the same. Of course, user error plays a bigger role in performance when it comes to drip tips over, say, a clearomizer. But, some really are better than others. These 2 ml capacity vape tanks feature original drip tip that will be a perfect fit for a mouth to lung vapers.
Kanger drip tips are made of stainless steel, for starters. This makes them durable and dependable. Even with them being made of stainless steel, they do not heat up.
510 threading gives a nice tight fit leading to a leak-free vape. It also has an O ring for a more secure fit while still being easy enough to remove.
These drip tips work on all Kanger devices with 510 threading and can fit on other brand similar devices.
The draw is not too airy, and the fit is ideal for most vapers.

How to use a drip tip?


New vapers will definitely need to practice this technique as it takes some getting used to. With practice, it will become second nature and may become the preferred way to vape.
The key is trial and error. Every atomizer is different, as is every type of juice.
There are two keys to mastering the art of using a drip tip: knowing when to add more juice to keep the wick moist, and knowing when to stop to prevent flooding.
Start with two or three drips and try to hold the vaporizer perpendicular to the ground. Take a draw and see how the wick responds. It may taste burnt meaning it needs more than a couple of drips to get going.
If that is the right amount according to the atomizer and type of juice, then it should provide seven or eight draws before needing more drips.
If it does taste burnt after a couple of draws then it’s time to up the amount of liquid. As mentioned, it takes trial and error.
Soon, the vaporizer can be vaped while tilted without any dripping once the right ratio is achieved.

How do Kanger Drip Tips for Aerotanks compare to the competition?

2Puffs Flow – This is a nice little drip tip in some ways, but the airflow is a bit too restricted. It also is made of delrin and not steel so may not last long.

Trinity Copa Shorty – These are definitely well-made drip tips, but they are too pricey for many budgets

Leroux V2 – These are not only not made of durable stainless steel or teflon, but are not wide bore either.

Are the KangerTech Drip Tips for Aerotanks Worth It?

It is hard to go wrong with stainless steel and 510 threading with an O ring for a drip tip. It is a very simple design, does not look stunning, but simply works well. Just because it will not win any style awards should not detract for the quality of this drip tip.

Review Score: 93/100 - 93
  • Great Airflow
  • Leak-free design
  • 510 threading
  • O ring
  • Great price
  • Plain design


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