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HellVape SMM Passage
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  • All-stainless steel construction
  • 510-squonk pin included in the kit
  • Two 810-drip tips included

The HellVape Passage is a reviewer-designed RDA that features a dual-post build deck and a 24mm diameter (0.9”). The Passage comes with...

Hellvape Mike Vapes Rebirth RDA
  • Honeycomb-style airflow design
  • Deep 5mm juice well
  • 510-stainless steel connection
Wotofo x Mr.JustRIght1 Profile 24mm RDA
  • Does not Produce Heat
  • Delivers a Clean Flavor and Big Clouds
  • Easy-Installed Mesh

#1 HellVape SMM Passage

Quality Design from a Trusted Reviewer

Drip Tip:
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • Unique, innovative design
  • Easy-to-remove parts and assemble
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Superb airflow design


  • Can leak a little

The HellVape Passage is a reviewer-designed RDA that features a dual-post build deck and a 24mm diameter (0.9”). The Passage comes with two 810-drip tips made of different materials. Users can choose from a never-before-seen antimicrobial 810-drip tip or a frosted acrylic one. The deck features PEEK insulation, while it makes mounting complex coils easier with its floating posts that use top-secured flathead screws. The RDA features a honeycomb pattern for its airflow vents and has a separate top cap to allow for precision airflow adjustments.

The atomizer comes pre-installed with a regular 510-pin but there is a squonk pin included in the kit. The build deck supports single and dual-coil builds and uses deep juice wells underneath for better compatibility with squonk mods.

#2 Hellvape Mike Vapes Rebirth RDA

Innovative Airflow Design

Deep juice well:
510 Stainless Steel
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • Easy-to-build-on deck
  • Good for flavor or large clouds
  • Superior airflow system
  • Improved build deck
  • Wild, vibrant color options


  • Hard to adjust airflow

The Rebirth RDA is a collaborative effort between Hellvape and YouTube vape review Mike Vapes. The RDA features an innovative airflow system that uses a 16-hole honeycomb-pattern on the adjustable top cap. Users have the option to secure the top cap in place once they have found the ideal airflow setting The Rebirth features an all-stainless steel exterior with gold-plated accessories like the 510-squonk pin. Users will find a dual-post build deck in the interior that supports both single and dual-coil builds.

The deck features two-posts that have large terminal openings suitable for thick-gauge wires or even thinner variations. The terminals use side-secured flathead screws and feature a 5mm deep juice well underneath.

#3 Wotofo x Mr.JustRIght1 Profile 24mm RDA

A Perfect Match with High-Performance Mesh Builds

Deep Juice Well:
4 mm
Drip Tip:
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • Does not produce heat while delivering a clean flavor and clouds of vapor
  • Easy-installed mesh
  • Quality machining and superb build quality
  • Choice of single-coil or mesh build
  • The spring-loaded ceramic cotton support is a great addition


  • The airflow setting is hard to see
  • The top cap is a bit loose

The Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm RDA is as the name suggests, a 24mm diameter RDA. This RDA has a deep juice well, a superior stainless steel construction, a wide clamp style ceramic support, a spacious build deck, spring-loaded ceramic cotton support, wide terminals, an 810 wide bore resin drip tip, a gold-plated 510 connection and a beehive-style air slots on its top cap. It is available in a variety of colors like stainless steel, black, blue, gunmetal, gold, rainbow, aluminum blue, green, purple, frosted black, frosted clear, and ULTEM.

The building deck on this RDA has two posts that are side-secured via hex screws — ensuring a tight connection for mesh sheets, small builds, or even thick coil lead builds as they firmly hold them in place. Its spring-loaded ceramic cotton support system, on the other hand, counters gravity to guarantee firm contact between the wicked cotton and the mesh sheet. The beehive-style air slots on its top cap forces in air from the top side inlets and puffs it past the coils for more pronounced flavor production. It delivers up to 30 puffs at 75 watts before needing to soak the wick.

#4 Wotofo Recurve RDA

A Dual-Coil Atomizer for Cloud Chasers

Drip tip :
Wattage Range:
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • Suitable for dual-coil builds
  • Excellent airflow design
  • Kit includes coils, organic cotton
  • Comfortable curved 810-drip tip


  • No space to trim coil leads

The Recurve RDA from Wotofo was designed in collaboration with reviewer Mike Vapes. The RDA features a curved shape with a narrow center that flares out at the top and bottom. The atomizer has a 24mm diameter (0.9”) and supports dual-coil builds. Users will find a postless deck under the stainless steel barrel that features six air holes that sit level with the terminal. The deck also features sloped air intake ramps that feed air directly into the chamber.

Users can choose from several color options for the RDA including black, stainless steel, and gunmetal. The atomizer comes pre-installed with a gold-plated 510-connection but includes a squonk-ready 510 pin in the kit.

#5 Augvape Occula RDA

Exotic Coil Builds Welcome

Juice Well:
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • Ample room for many coil builds
  • Heavy-duty build and durability
  • Screws are not removable and provide better grip
  • Well-designed airflow system


  • Complex build deck not for newcomers

The Augvape Occula RDA is an expertly-designed atomizer that features a durable stainless steel exterior and a wide-open build deck. The Occula is the creation of Twisted Messes, a well-known RDA designer who creates builder-centric atomizers. The Occula uses a dual-post deck with wide-open terminals that can accommodate many coil variations from single to dual to triple coil builds. The posts employ top-secured screws that are not independent of the deck so they are impossible to lose. They also ensure a more secure connection.

The Occula has a 24mm diameter and features three airflow holes on either side of the top cap. The unit comes with a gold-plated regular 510-pin along with a 510-squonk pin and comes only in two colors, black and stainless steel.

#6 Digiflavor X The Vapor Chronicles Drop RDA Vape Tank

Construction Material:
Stainless Steel
Yes (510 Pin) Adapter not included
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • 0.95 in. diameter
  • 1-inch length
  • Standard 510 Pin (Raised Bottom Feed Pin Included)
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 810 Drip Tip Fitment
  • 0.35 in. Bore Acrylic Drip Tip
  • Stepped Airflow Design
  • 10 Air holes Per Side Fully Close-able "T" Shape
  • Four Build Deck

Flavor chasers are in for a treat when vaping with this RDA vape tank. Digiflavor has the word flavor in the name for a reason. Getting the most flavor out of the juice is what they are all about and design and engineer their tanks to do just that. At the height of 1 inch and a width of 0.95 in., it is quite a sizable tank. And for a good reason. The build deck is a 4 post system, but with a unique feature. All the gold plated posts are on the outside of the deck leaving the middle completely open.

Not only does the open deck plan allow for more space for juice and easier wicking, but it also gives plenty of room for some creative coil building. In fact, this may just be the best RDA for box mods for creative coil builders.

How does it vape?

Airflow tubes are designed in an interesting T shape on either side of the tank. This not only allows for adjusting the airflow, but it can give much more precision in setting the preferred amount of air than in other types of systems. And, that is how this is an exceptional RDA for those that are more interested in tasting every note in the juice over creating big clouds. That isn’t to say that the clouds are not big and luscious, as they are, but that is not the primary benefit to vaping with this RDA.

#7 GeekVape Loop RDA

An Innovative and Creative Approach to RDAs

Juice Well :
Stainless steel
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • Has an AIO design for easy dripping
  • Superior flavor and amount of cloud with an extremely good airflow
  • Overall decent machining
  • Is easy-wicking


  • Drip tips are a little lose

GeekVape’s Loop RDA is made of stainless steel and is available in four colors: stainless steel, black, gunmetal, and gold. It has a gold-plated 510 connection pin and an 810 drip tip that is compatible with a 510 drip tip adapter.

This RDA adapts a unique W-shaped 24mm build deck and a 5mm juice well. It is also single and dual coil build compatible and has four post-less terminal deck with flathead screws. The air slots on this RDA are angled directly under the coils for a bottom and an adjustable dual side airflow. It is easy to build and use and maximizes both the cloud and the flavor. The Loop has a leak-proof airflow design that caters from very airy down to very tight. Overflowing is not something to worry about, too, as the Loop’s deck is elevated. It produces plenty of clouds and flavor and the draw is smooth.

#8 Vandy Vape Mesh V2

25 mm RDA Vape Tank

Deep juice wells:
Tank construction:
304 Superior Stainless Steel
Compatible with:
Vapor production


  • Adjustable airflow
  • Postless build deck
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Four coil options


  • Hard to switch squonk pin

This tank uses an invisible clamp, postless build deck with a deep juice well built into it. The deck has two terminals (11 x 7 mm) side-mounted screws that keep everything from wiggling around.

The device has a perforated top-mounted airflow, and there is almost no spit back when using it. Airflow is dual adjustable, and the kit comes with four coils, giving the operator a lot of ways to tweak the flavor.

What is an RDA?

Anatomy of RDA - Infographic

A regular atomizer that has a reservoir for your e-juice that’s fed to the coil for vaporization. However, RDA vapes need you to drip e-juice continuously. This might sound a lot of unnecessary hassle to beginners, but many old vaping hands love them for their customizability.

What to Look for in RDAs for Box Mods?


A smaller diameter, say around 0.86 in., will likely produce the best vapors since the juice will be concentrated in the chamber.

The downside is that there is less space to build, so it may take some trial and error to get used to using smaller coils.

Post Holes

How complicated a build to be had is determined by how many post holes and the arrangement. How these are arranged will determine how the build is done, so a beginner needs to keep it simple. Two-post-holes complectation is probably best.

Some RDAs have four post holes that allow for stacked or horizontal dual coil placement. Depending on how much experience the vaper has, it is probably better to leave this to expert builders.

Juice Well

A small drip well, around 0.12 in. or so, will obviously require more dripping. Depending on how often to drip is too often will determine what size well will be best. The type of wick comes into play, as well, since some types can stay wet even when the well is empty and keep providing vapor.

Japanese cotton is probably the best wick to use as it does stay wet and allows a lot of flavors to pass through. It is one of the most popular wick materials when building an RDA.

To drip less often, 0.2 in. well is probably best, but keep in mind that all of the juice will have to be vaped in a session not to spill any juice while carrying it with the well still full.


Some RDAs have airflow vents on the side which makes reduces the chances of over dripping. Airflow coming from the bottom can create some issues with spillage and some sticky messes. Bottom airflow does make more contact with the coils when they are built correctly, though. Essentially more trial and error in building the coils and wicks is necessary with a bottom fed airflow RDA.


The types of materials used will also play a part in what kind of RDA is going to be best. Since price is usually an issue, it is a balancing act between using high grade material that is still cost effective. Luckily there are polymers that make for great parts that don’t cost a fortune.

How to Pick the Right RDA Vape Tank for Mods?

Since not every vaper is looking for the same thing, we hope that we were able to show that there is a specific RDA out there for just about every need and want.

Whether it’s for an expert builder who loves to show off their complicated builds, or for the beginner who is looking for the best RDA to start dripping, there is always some feature that sets it apart in some way.

Vaping is always best when the right mods or accessories are used for the given purpose.


Do you have the money and are in search of a high-level vaping experience? Make sure you look no further. I guarantee that you’ll find what you were looking for while exceeding your expectations.

Published: October 29, 2018 Updated: April 7, 2021



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