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The Z Shredder
Weed Ginder The Z
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  • Made from aircraft aluminum
  • Four-piece
  • Magnetic top

The Z Shredder from Mig Vapor is a lightweight, four-piece grinder. It features an all-aluminum build. Users can use the Z Shredder for g...

Portable Mini Herb Grinder
Mini Weed Grinder
  • Well-built
  • Also sold individually
  • Works with tobacco as well
Santa Cruz Shredder
Black Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Two pieces/plus sifter

Best Weed Grinders

#1 The Z Shredder

A Four-Level Aluminum Grinder


  • Good, consistent grind
  • Sharp teeth
  • Quality materials
  • Lightweight and discrete


  • Pieces get stuck together sometimes
  • Scrapper easily lost

The Z Shredder from Mig Vapor is a lightweight, four-piece grinder. It features an all-aluminum build. Users can use the Z Shredder for grinding dry herbs to a consistency suitable for vaping.

The top section, made up of two pieces, has fifty teeth between them. The teeth section is magnetic, so the two sides stay together quite well. The third part uses a wire mesh to collect the freshly-ground material. A scrapper comes in the kit to make loading easy. The fourth and final section is a keef collector. The grinder measures 2 inches in height and 2.5 inches in diameter. It is lightweight and compact.

#2 Portable Mini Herb Grinder

A Small, Two-Piece Herb Grinder


  • Compact size
  • Powerful magnets
  • Good consistency
  • Well-built


  • No separate sifter section
  • Pieces sometimes jam together

This Portable Mini Herb grinder from ePuffer is the perfect companion for any dry herb vaporizer. This grinder is a two-piece, which comes included in the kit for ePuffer’s Cosmos dry herb device.

The top and bottom connect with a magnetic connection, so each piece stays in place. There is a small, polyurethane o-ring around both sections. This o-ring cuts down on resistance and friction when grinding.

The entire grinder features an all aluminum-build. The magnets are neodymium, which are rare-earth magnets that make a strong connection between the two pieces.

#3 Santa Cruz Shredder

A Two-Piece Grinder w/Sifter


  • Good build quality
  • Very consistent grind
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Lightweight and portable


  • High-priced
  • No keef collector

The Santa Cruz Shredder is a two-piece grinder that comes with a sifter section. The top and bottom teeth can cut both ways. This means that users can turn them in either direction and still cut up their materials.

The teeth design is unique to Santa Cruz grinders. The entire unit features anodized aluminum throughout its build. The high-quality finish of the shredder means it is scratch-resistant. It comes in either gloss or matte finishes.

The top and bottom section feature rare-earth magnets that secure each of the two pieces together. The two parts also have knurled edges so gripping them, and grinding does not need so much pressure from the user.

#4 Banana Bros. Otto Grinder

A Two-in-One, Electric Grinder and Roller


  • Fully automatic, one-button operation
  • Airtight seal to prevent strong odors
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean
  • Works very fast
  • Consistent grind every time


  • A little noisey

The Banana Bros. Otto Grinder is an automatic grinder and roller for dry herb material. The device is electronic and uses a single, back-lit LED button for its functioning. It has a USB port for charging and can roll up to 20 cones on a single charge.

The Otto consists of an upper section that opens in half to reveal the top and bottom parts of a regular grinder. This section consists of the Otto’s all-metal teeth that grind and mill all dry herb material to a perfect consistency. Users then attach the cone section, which receives the ground-up material from the top part. The Otto kit comes with twenty pre-rolled cones made from all-natural fibers.

Users can insert a cone into the transparent plastic section then attach it to the base of the grinder. They then press the button and watch as the Otto fills the cone with fresh material.

#5 The Rocket Grinder

A Three-in-One Portable Grinder


  • Unique shape and design
  • Three products in one
  • Uses a magnetic connection
  • Ready-made keychain


  • Bulky in size
  • Not suitable for carrying in pockets

The Rocket Grinder is a bullet-shaped, two-level grinder for dry herbs. The device comprises three separate pieces in total, a grinder, a storage section, and a tiny, one-hitter pipe. The grinder section screws into the base of the device, while the tube sits in the opposite side, in the center of the top.

The unit also has a key-chain attached so users can take it anywhere. The Rocket features an all-stainless steel build on the interior and exterior. The outside section features a leather wrap, for a soft, and comfortable grip when grinding.

How to Choose a Weed Grinder

The best weed grinder needs to have three main qualities:

  • Portability
  • Functionality
  • User friendliness

However, making a small yet powerful and easy to clean weed grinder is a challenge. In fact, only very few manufacturers have been able to meet it. Some brands do succeed in making highly portable, good performing grinders. Furthermore, they also went the extra mile to fulfill the needs of users of weed vapes and vaping fans around the globe. Out of many dozens, three brands have managed to secure the three best weed grinders spots on our 2020 list. But before we talk about the best weed grinders, let me answer the question that I know you have in the back of your mind.

Do You Really Need a Weed Grinder?

In other words, is a weed grinder even worth the money?

Well, the short answer is an absolute yes. If you want to know the long answer, here it is.

Grinding increase the overall surface area of herbs. That way, more weed gets in contact with the heating element. It not only ensures a smooth flavor but also guarantees that you get more out of your herbs. Also, there are barely any leftovers or un-vaped herbs in the chamber. High-quality weed grinders cost a fair bit of money. However, you’ll be saving a lot more in terms of getting more vapor and more satisfaction out of the same amount of herb.

A good grinder will yield very finely ground herb. It will be small enough to offer a maximum surface area for vaping. On the other hand, it will be large enough to avoid passing through the screen of the vape.

You need to keep in mind some of the common problem with most weed grinders. First, they tend to accumulate the flowers on the blades as well as inside the grinder itself. As a result, this can be counterproductive. It can result in herbs going to waste. Moreover, it makes cleanup a tedious process.

Weed Grinders: Conclusion

If you’re a serious herb vaper, you should already have a grinder. And by any chance, if you haven’t, choose any of the top three weed grinders we’ve discussed above. You can thank us later. You’ll get an exponentially better taste from the same vape and the same herb. You’ll never want to go back to scissors or a generic cheap grinder again. Maybe you’re worried about the initial investment. Don’t worry. You’ll be saving a lot more in the long run in terms of better taste, more vapor, and more satisfaction.

Published: May 18, 2017 Updated: April 7, 2021



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