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Overall Performance: 90%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 85%

Dry HerbPrice: $169.00

Our Verdict: Unique in a way that’s polarizing, the WISPR Vaporizer is a butane powered portable vaporizer that can produce quality clouds, is pocketable, and best of all, affordable.

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First Impressions

Design: Looking more like a slightly wider tin can of mints than a vaporizer, its manufacturers took a risk in designing the WISPR this way, but it works. It can easily fit into a user’s pocket, especially since the mouthpiece is retractable. It comes in different colors and designs that hark back to the 60’s and 70’s, but without looking kitschy. All in all, the WISPR is uniquely different, in a good way, and is extremely portable.

Build Quality: Built in Ireland by Oglesby & Butler, who are the makers of the original Iolite, the WISPR is well-made and solidly built. It can take a beating even with the mouthpiece on. Other devices use glass tubes as mouthpieces and these easily break. The WISPR, by contrast, uses a silicone mouthpiece that won’t shatter on impact. The mouthpiece doesn’t give a plastic aftertaste to the vape, which is always welcome.

What’s in the Box: Every purchase of the WISPR comes with one WISPR vaporizer, one carry case, one maintenance tool, two pipe cleaners, one filling chamber, one mouthpiece, one fine mesh screen, two mouthpiece tips, and an instruction manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Using the WISPR is very easy. To fill, remove the mouthpiece. You will be able to see an area where the screen is installed. This is where the herbs are packed; not too tightly, but lightly, so there’s an even distribution of heat. Once filled, users simply close the unit, attach the mouthpiece, and they’re ready to vape.

Turning on the device simply involves pressing the power button. This allows the butane to get into the heating chamber. Another press of the button and the chamber heats up. Once everything is ready, users simply inhale and take a puff.

The WISPR is so well-designed and super easy to use that even those new to vaporizing will understand how it works. The only thing that keeps the device from being perfect is the lack of temperature controls. Given the overall performance of the device, as users will read below, it might not be needed at all.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production from the WISPR is fantastic. It rivals those made by desktop vaporizers. It’s seriously that good. Vapor can get a little hot, but only when deep, long, breaths are taken. Because the mouthpiece is made out of silicone, your lips are protected and won’t get burnt. The vapor doesn’t get uncomfortably hot and it’s still a pleasurable vape.

The unit is also extremely quiet. The WISPR lives up to its name by giving off very little noise when in use. Other vaporizers are already pretty quiet, but the WISPR is even more so, making it better for discreet vaping.

Overall performance of the WISPR is simply phenomenal. For its size, one would expect vapor to be similar to like-sized units. This goes to show how efficient vaporizing via butane can be. Even without features like temperature control.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Unlike other vaporizers that employ heating elements, the WISPR runs on butane. This means there are no electronic components that might fail. It also doesn’t need any batteries, just regular refilling of butane. Each refill lasts about six vape sessions of about 15 minutes each. These are decent vape times, similar to what smaller portable vaporizers get out of a full recharge.

The advantage of a butane-powered device, even without a charger or power source, is that the WISPR will still function as long as you have butane on hand. It is great for camping or long trips.

Some users might balk at the idea of a device being butane-powered, but those who feel that it might combust their dry herbs need not worry. Only the heat from the butane touches the ingredients, not the fire itself. Despite the use of fire, there’s no combustion at all and users can enjoy the benefits of vaping.

As for the heating chamber itself, it stays just out of the way from the fire and it performs efficiently. Some might find the herb chamber to be too small. It’s not so small that it’s a pain to fill and enough herbs can be placed into it to last about 15 minutes of vape time.


Additional Details

The WISPR is a simple device. It is easy to use and very portable. Its high-quality build is matched only by its even better vapor production.

Some might not like the design, preferring something sleeker, but the WISPR’s unique shape also contributes to its charm. It’s still pocketable and doesn’t resemble a vaporizer at all. These qualities, combined with its silent operation, make the WISPR a near-perfect stealth vaporizer.

It may not have a ton of features, but it does the job of vaporizing herbs extremely well. Its overall performance and vapor production match many high-end and expensive devices on the market, but for a fraction of the cost.

Beginner or advanced, all users will find the WISPR a very capable device that’s definitely worth a try.

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WISPR Vaporizer
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