White Cloud E-Cigarettes Review


Selection: 25%
Vapor Quality: 80%
Battery Life: 80%
Value for Money: 50%

Our Verdict: Cig-a-like models are White Cloud’s bread and butter. They perform well for what they are, but what brings the brand down a notch are the limited selections and high prices.

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Apollo Cigs’ Best Products:

Fling Disposable

Fling-disposable-eicgBeginnerPrice: $5.95 and up

The company’s only disposable e-cigarette model, the Fling is a surprisingly good performer. It’s larger than other disposables and houses a battery that’s more robust than other disposable e-cigs. Where other disposables last half a day, the Fling can last a day or more, depending on how often the user puffs.

There are several flavors of e-liquid with which the Fling comes pre-filled. While not exactly the largest selection, White Cloud does provide a decent range to keep buyers coming back for more.

Vapor production is also surprisingly good. Three puffs is all that is needed and the device will produce a cloud of vapor similar in size to other, more advanced, units. The price is reasonable, especially given its performance. Users can buy the Fling as singles, in packs of five, ten, 25, or 100. The bigger the pack, the more savings the buyer will get.

Other disposable brands charge more for weaker performance. Because of this, the Fling is one of the best disposables beginning vapers can buy.

Cirrus 2 Rechargeable Battery

Cirrus 2 batteryBeginners and Advanced VapersPrice: $9.95/pc

The Cirrus 2 is White Cloud’s basic rechargeable battery model. While “just” a cig-a-like, it performs better than others in its class. A single, fully charged battery can last between seven and nine hours of vape time. This is very good for a cig-a-like. Other brands usually last for less than an hour. Like the Fling, it can produce decent clouds of vapor better than other cig-a-likes.

The Cirrus 2 comes in a white or brushed metal finish and buyers have the choice between grey, blackout, or crystal ash tip. The grey tips glow orange, while the crystal ones sparkle in white. The blackout tips completely block the glow from the LED tip to provide users with a stealthy option.

For its most basic model, while performance is above par, the only thing that holds it back is its price. Whether it’s worth it or not is for users to decide.

Cirrus 3

Cirrus 3 e-cig batteryIntermediate to AdvancedPrice: $14.95

An upgrade of the already good Cirrus 2, the third iteration of White Cloud’s rechargeable battery reduces charging times to just 60 minutes. Vape times are reduced to a still very good five to six hours. This is because the Cirrus 3 is smaller, measuring just four inches. The Cirrus 2 measures just a tad longer at four and ¾ inches, and while the difference may seem inconsequential; the Cirrus 3 is significantly lighter, as well.

Compatible with the same cartridges as the Cirrus 2, users who upgrade to the Cirrus 3 will still be able to use their old accessories with it.

Finish and tip options for the Cirrus 3 are the same as the Cirrus 2, and just like its predecessor, the price is a little steep for what it is. Users, who are not willing to pay extra to sacrifice battery life for the smaller size, should choose the Cirrus 2 instead. Otherwise, the Cirrus 3 is a good overall performer and it is able to produce good vapor compared to similar products.

Cirrus 3x

Cirrus-3x-batteries_c3xAdvancedPrice: $19.95/pc

Considered as the true successor to the excellent Cirrus 2, the Cirrus 3x offers up to 10-12 hours of vape time on a single charge. Charging times take 120 minutes. The longest among White Cloud’s e-cig models, it is still pocketable, measuring at just 4.75 inches, including the cartridge.

The Cirrus 3x accepts the same cartridges and accessories as both the Cirrus 2 and Cirrus 3, so users don’t have to spend extra money if they already have the accessories.

Vapor production is also good; better than most other cig-a-likes. Finishes are available with the same options as the previous two models, as are the choice of ash tips. Price, again, may be the deciding factor in whether or not one should buy the Cirrus 3x. It costs about as much as a complete cig-a-like kit from other brands, but the battery life is supremely better. If battery life is important, the Cirrus 3x is a good buy.

Additional Details

The Fling Disposable battery from White Cloud is a great device for new users. It performs very well for a disposable device, it is affordable, and the battery life is superb. The Cirrus batteries, on the other hand, may seem steep, but if you are willing to pay extra for extended battery life, then it can be worth it.

Cirrus batteries are also available in various starter kits that already include a charger, extra batteries and pre-filled cartridges. The kits are mix-and-match. For example, the basic Omni Starter Kit costs $39.95 and it includes three Cirrus 2 batteries. For a little extra, you can upgrade the batteries to a Cirrus 3 or Cirrus 3x battery. Users can also choose the flavor and nicotine strength of the cartridges included.

Looking at the products alone, White Cloud produces some of the best disposable and rechargeable cig-a-likes. As an overall brand, they suffer from a very limited lineup of products and, more importantly, high prices.

If priced lower, there is no doubt that White Cloud e-cigs would rank as one of the top brands. If they expand their line-up of products, they may even rank as the best.

Unfortunately, that currently isn’t the case and that’s a shame.

White Cloud E-Cigs
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