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Ever wondered how after some time vaping, your favorite e-liquid does not taste right anymore? Sometimes, anything you eat or drink seem flavorless, and your tongue feels gritty and numb too? If so, then you have what is called “Vapers Tongue.”

Vapers Tongue happens to all vapers, and before you do anything rash, know that it is usually not severe, and it is surely not permanent.

However, what causes Vapers Tongue?

The Causes and the Cures

 Vapers Tongue happens unexpectedly. You could be vaping for years without it manifesting itself. Sometimes, it happens just days after trying out a new flavor. However, rest assured it is not a medical condition. The causes are simple explanations, and knowing them can help you alleviate it sooner, rather than later.

What Causes “Vapers Tongue”

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Vaping can dehydrate you. If you’ve ever wondered why many vapers usually hold a bottle of water and take sips from it every so often while vaping, it is because e-liquid dries out one’s mouth. PG and VG absorb moisture in one’s mouth and can even cause a thin film to cover the tongue. When this covering forms, it acts as a repellant, limiting the number of flavorings that reach your taste buds.

The cure? Drink lots of water while vaping. This washes out the excess PG or VG stuck in the mouth and helps keep it hydrated as well.

Sticking to One Flavor

Vapers who stick to one flavor at a time often find themselves getting desensitized to it. When one vapes just one blend for extended periods, the brain gets used to it, to a point that it starts blocking it out.

Even if one loves a particular blend, try to mix it up a bit by using several flavors throughout the day. This keeps the brain interested, thus, receptive to new tastes.

Coughs and Colds

The sense of smell is closely related to taste, and when one has a cold, it usually dulls the taste buds. If e-liquid seems flavorless, even with proper hydration and cycling of flavors, maybe it is just because you have a cold. Colds sometimes show its symptoms late, so even if you have not been coughing or sniffling lately, it may be a sign you are coming down with one.

The only cure for this is to let the cold run its course. One can still vape, but it may only prolong the symptoms. Get some rest and drink lots of fluids. After a few days, you’ll feel right as rain and ready to vape again.

Dirty Coils

Atomizer coils eventually get filled with gunk and residue. When one continues to use the atomizer, these oxidized particles get into the mouth and either burn the taste buds or dulls them even further. Ever notice how flavor is more pronounced after every coil change or when using a new atomizer? This is why.

To avoid this, if rebuildables are used, change out the wick and coils every week to keep things fresh. For those who use disposables, just swap the old one out with a new atomizer once flavor starts to dull.

Recently Quit Smoking

That smoking dulls one’s sense of taste and smell is widely known. New vapers who experience Vapers Tongue frequently are usually just adjusting to the rush of new flavors coming in. Taste buds not used to vaping will block these out, but this only lasts until one’s body has adjusted.

Ways to Cure Vapers Tongue

There’s no cure for this rather than just to stick with it. It may discourage new vapers to continue, but after a while, things will get better. Once the taste buds start functioning normally, new vapers will discover a whole new world of flavors. It is the same reason ex-smokers tend to gain weight. Food tastes better, thus eating becomes much more enjoyable.

Brushing One’s Teeth

If water fails to wash away the film of PG or VG on your tongue, brushing your teeth might help. Try to scrape the tongue as well as gargle with mouthwash. Like soaping oil off your hands, water alone may not be enough. However, brushing might.

Shocking the Taste Buds

Even if while rotating flavors one still gets Vapers Tongue, it might be best to shock it with an intense flavor. Mint or menthol flavors, and even cinnamon can help. If the rotation of flavors used is all similar, a real powerful jolt from a strongly flavored e-juice might work.

Sniffing Coffee Grounds

Wine tasters and perfume experts use this technique to reset their sense of taste. If your brain is used to the flavors you have on rotation, it might need a reset from a whiff of freshly ground coffee.

Finally, if all else fails, it might be that the taste buds are damaged. This might be caused by eating hot food, or inhaling hot vapor. Whatever the cause, the best cure for this is to simply wait it out. Damaged taste buds take a week or two to heal fully. While two weeks may seem a long time, the prospect of getting back one’s sense of taste at full strength is worth it.

Don’t Panic

 If you get Vapers Tongue, don’t panic. Keep calm and try out the remedies above. Figure out the cause and do the corresponding cure. If it does not work, other treatments are still available, so don’t lose hope. If on the off-chance the reason is damaged taste buds, waiting it out may seem tortuous for a full-time vaper, but the payoff is ultimately worth it.

Published: February 22, 2017 Updated: April 5, 2019


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    If you get vapors tongue, try a sinus rinse. Worked immediately for me.

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