Medical Marijuana Herb used in Vaporizers

medical marijuana

Marijuana can be used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including for the treatment of chronic pain and anxiety. Studies have also shown that cannabis may help with prevention or treatment of other ailments. Despite these benefits, some patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana are concerned about the smoke involved with its use.

Although marijuana smoking has shown to be safer than the smoking of tobacco products, any smoke inhalation is bad for the lungs.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana


While marijuana use is still outlawed in many areas, the health benefits of cannabis use are becoming more apparent. State laws are slowly following the evidence, with more doctors realizing the benefits that patients may realize through using medicinal cannabis oil or flowers. A few of the health benefits of marijuana include:

  • Reduced symptoms of certain seizure disorders
  • Reduction in glaucoma
  • Treatment of epilepsy
  • Inhibited cancer growth in patients with active tumors
  • Reduced anxiety related symptoms
  • Pain reduction
  • Slowed progression of Alzheimer’s disease

While medical marijuana is more traditionally offered through the whole flower or plant, which is then smoked using rolled paper, pipes, or other devices, safer and equally effective methods of use are available. Oil or wax concentrates are commonly used in a variety of ways, including in vaporizers, but sometimes as a consumable. The marijuana plant may also be ingested.

Marijuana Vaporizers – What are They?

Unlike smoking in a traditional sense, vaporizers heat the medical marijuana using a heating element. The element heats the marijuana source and allows users to incur the benefits of smoking, but without the actual smoke. Heating elements are usually powered by small batteries, but some older desktop models may also be used with your home’s power source. With these larger models, you have to sit down at the power source while using the vaporizer. Most vaporizers today, however, are fully portable and can go with you anywhere.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Herb used in Vaporizers vs Traditional Smoking

The primary benefit of using vaporizers over smoking is that they are cleaner. Since nothing is actually burned, there is no smoke to enter your lungs or the surrounding air for others to breathe. According to Medical Marijuana, vaping also means you need less medicine to get the desired results, because the drug is more concentrated. You get the full dose of THC without the smoke and the accompanying chemicals, so it’s the pain relief you need in a purer form. This not only makes it easier to inhale, but also makes it more effective.

It should be noted that medical studies are mixed when it comes to the actual effects marijuana has on lung health. While some studies show an increased risk in lung cancer, others show no such correlation, and others still suggest a reduced lung cancer risk among cannabis users.

Choosing the right vaporizer for your dry herb medical marijuana is an important decision for those with certain health conditions. Ensure your healthcare provider is kept up to date on which method of delivery you choose. Additionally, be sure to ask for recommendations if you are having trouble deciding on the right vaporizer for your particular situation and medical history.

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