10 Little Known Facts About Vaping – Have You Heard Them?

Here are 10 Little-known Facts About Vaping That you Should Consider Before Using E-cigarettes

1. Nothing Burns

If you are going to use e-cigarettes you won’t need to a lighter. It is because e-cigs use a battery to make heat. This device also include the vaporizer and cartridge where the liquid goes. As you start puffing the e-cigarette, the battery activates the heater to heat the liquid inside and start vaporizing it. There are e-cigs models that have LED tip that glows red. Although some e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, the vaping devices do not burn tobacco. As a result, there is no smoke, and it’s odorless and what you inhale is pure vapor.

2. E-cigarettes Contain Liquid Nicotine

Although e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco leaves, they aren’t nicotine free. The liquid solution inside the device is a mixture of chemicals. It includes nicotine, flavorings (fruit flavors, juices, candies and even coffee flavor), propylene glycol (solvent) and other chemicals. The dosage of nicotine depends on the mixture of the particular liquid inside the nicotine cartridge. There are some e-cigs that contain the same amounts found in traditional cigarettes. Meanwhile, some may contain smaller levels of nicotine similar to light or ultra light cigarette. For those users who just want to experience smoking without harmful effects, choose a liquid solution without nicotine.

3. Vaping is Less Harmful Than Smoking Cigarettes

According to researchers from the University College of London, vaping could save the lives of 6,000 smokers per year. You can find their article in the British Journal of General Practice.

4. E-cigarettes are toxic

Smoking cigarettes are more harmful because it contains more than 7,000 chemicals, and 69 of them are carcinogens. However, did you know that e-cigarettes are also harmful to our bodies due to the liquid nicotine? In fact, there are also some e-cigarettes models that may release metals while in use like tin. In some cases, you might find others toxins and carcinogens.

5. No Quality Control

Still, doubts exist about the general safety of vaping devices because of lack of disclosure of the ingredients they use. We also don’t know the true health benefits their manufacturers claim. There are instances where the listed amount of nicotine on the label didn’t match the actual content. FDA testing also discovered that some cartridges under the same manufacturer label might releases different doses of nicotine. They average from 26.8mg to 43.2mg of nicotine per milliliter puff.

6. E-cigarettes are Reusable

As long as the E-cigarette battery is full, you can enjoy the device depending on the type and model. Most e-cigarettes come with an USB or car charger. There are also other styles that you can refill, either by inserting a new cartridge or filling the empty cartridge.

7. E-cigarettes may Cost Less Than the Regular Cigarette

If you are already a heavy smoker and smokes more than one pack per day, the cost can add up. In fact, the expenses could average to $1,000 annually just to satisfy that nicotine craving. E-cigarettes could cost less. A basic starter e-cigarette kit could range from $30 to $100, depending on the manufacturer, model, and size. The cost for a year’s supply of replacement cartridges is approximately $600.

8. Is Public Vaping Allowed?

Because there are no specific regulations on e-cigarettes, no one knows if you can vape in public or not. Since they allow regular cigarettes in the marketplace, many manufacturers believe that you can also use e-cigarettes. This is as long as there are no health risks. They categorize E-cigarettes as smoke-free tobacco products. As a result, they should allow the use in non-smoking areas.

9. E-cigarettes Produce Second-hand Vapor

Incidentally, E-cigarettes may produce secondhand vapor. Nicotine is also present among e-cigarettes because of the liquid nicotine mixed with other flavorings and chemicals used for vaping. Although it has a nicotine content, they consider e-cigarette less exposure to nicotine because it doesn’t burn tobacco. Secondhand aerosol doesn’t have a significant amount of tobacco toxins (carbon monoxide), but it can affect the lungs.

10. E-cigarettes Cause Lung Cancer

People who smoke regular cigarettes are at greater risk of developing lung cancer than those who don’t. Manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco. However, continued use of these vaping devices could lead to inflammation of the lungs and airway resistance. Eventually, this could cause severe lung damage.

Published: May 23, 2017 Updated: August 26, 2019



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