Wuukah Leaf Buddi Review: A Portable, Lightweight Rig for E-Juices and Wax


by James Bickford

Updated: August 30, 2021

Wuukah Leaf Buddi desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
Black, White, Graffiti, Camo
Battery Capacity:
3200 mAh
Temperature Range:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon
  • Wax icon
  • Herbs icon


  • Precision control temperature
  • Three different atomizer cups (titanium, quartz, ceramic)


  • Not compatible with dry herbs

The Wuukah Leaf Buddi is a portable e-rig that consists of three pieces. The Wuukah has a battery section with an internal cell that has a 3200mAh capacity and features precision temperature control. The second piece is the glass bubbler section that attaches to the base and purifies vapor as it is produced. The third section is the coil section that takes one of the three cups included in the kit to vape waxes or even e-juices.

A Closer Look at the Wuukah

The Wuukah is a lightweight device that consists only of three main parts: the glass bubbler attachment, the battery base, and the coil section. This design is not so different from other portable e-rigs like the Puffco Peak or the KandyPens Oura. The glass peaks at a point, while the interior tubes funnel the water and capture the vapor.

Wuukah Leaf Buddi desktop

The device does have one particular element that makes it different from other rigs. The control panel consists of three buttons on the side of the base, but there is an LED control panel on the top of the base that lets users see their temperature settings, puff counter, and heat-up time. Users input their settings with the two buttons and see the changes on the top.

The rest of the base features the coil extension that accepts one of the three cups included in the kit. Users can easily switch between the cups as they simply lift out of the container. There is a USB port located on the base, which enables USB-C charging with the charging cable included in the kit.

Kit Contents

The Wuukah comes fully accessorized as it has several features and capabilities. The Wuukah comes in an elegant, lift-open box with all the important pieces like the bubbler sitting in felt cut-outs. Here is what user can expect if they get the device.

Wuukah Leaf Buddi kit

  • 1 x Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizer Base
  • 1 x Glass Attachment
  • 1 x Ceramic Cup
  • 1 x Quartz Cup
  • 1 x Titanium Cup
  • 1 x Loading Tool and Cap
  • 1 x Type C USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Silicone Container
  • 5 x Cotton Swabs

Vaporizer Design and Features

The build quality of the battery base is sturdy and solid. The buttons on the front work well and never get stuck. The LED lights on the top add a nice touch to the overall aesthetics of the rig, as they continue to illuminate even with the glass piece attached. Even though the bubbler sits atop it, user can still remove it during a session to make changes to the settings.

The bubbler has a separate arm that slips over the atomizer container so the material is not touched. If user wanted to remove the glass piece, they could without any interruption to their vape session. The piece itself is also well-made, as it has thick walls with a medium-bore mouthpiece that lets users take a good amount of vapor from the device.

How to Use the Leaf Buddi

The Wuukah is very straightforward and easy to set up. The battery should be charged first. After it is charged, users can activate the battery by pressing the “Go” button on the front five times quickly. The LED control panel will then light up, which lets users input their preferred temperature — the highest temperature is 520F.

Wuukah Leaf Buddi

Pressing and holding the two adjustment buttons changes the readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit if they so desire. Before they start the heat-up process, users should load one of the three cups (titanium, quartz, ceramic) included in the kit into the cup holder. The cups need to be press-fitted, but once they are in they stay securely in place.

With the cup loaded, users can then fill the bubbler with water but keep the water level below the prominent mark line on the glass section. They can then gently press-fit the glass piece on the main section and slip glass over the atomizer coil. Users then select their temperature and then start the heat-up process by pressing the “Go” button three times to start the preheating process. Once the LED panel lights up green, the device is ready to vape.

Vape Time

The precision heating feature of the Wuukah is a big selling point, as other similar devices use only preset temperatures. With these features, users can experiment with heat settings and find their preferred level. The heat-up time takes only about twenty-thirty seconds so the heat-up time is fast as well. With the three different cups, users also have a lot of choices.

Wuukah Leaf Buddi

All three materials (titanium, quartz, ceramic) are common among concentrates vaporizers with each having their distinctive qualities. Titanium nails heat-up very fast and hit very hard, as the surface gets hotter and produces a lot of vapor. The quartz and ceramic cups have other qualities. They both absorb heat and offer a smoother, more relaxed vaping experience.

The fact that bubbler piece filters and cools down the vapor before inhalation is another plus. The LED control panel is also another positive aspect of the Wuukah. It adds a bright spot of illumination, while it is still accessible, it maybe would’ve been a better idea to make it accessible at all times.

The Competition

PuffCo Peak

The PuffCo Peak is an e-rig that features four preset temperature settings and uses an all-ceramic heating cup. The Peak has a distinctive, glass-mountain shape, which is the shape of the glass bubbler attachment that sits on top of the battery base.

Puffco Peak Dab Vaporizer image

The Peak consists of only two pieces, which are the glass piece and the battery base. The base features a touch-activated button that controls the battery, the heat settings and the set-up time.

Mig Rig

The Mig Rig is a portable e-rig that consists of the Pro 50 battery and two different atomizer cups. The two cups are both stainless steel, but they support either dry herbs or concentrates. The cups attach to the 510-threaded Pro 50 battery, which can output a high power discharge of 50W.


The Mig Rig also features a base for the battery so that it stands in place. Users will also find a glass bubbler section to fill with water and filter the vapor.

Wuukah Leaf Buddi Specifications

Wuukah Leaf Buddi
Brand: Leaf Buddi
Type: E-Nail / eRig
Temperature Settings: 104-410°F (40–210°C)
Heating Style : Conduction
Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh
Battery Type: Internal
Screen: LED
Charger: Type-C

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Precision control temperature
  • Three different atomizer cups (titanium, quartz, ceramic)
  • Uses conduction heating
  • Easy-to-use
  • Great build quality and design
  • Fast heat-up time

The Negatives

  • Not compatible with dry herbs

Conclusion: An Easy-to-Use Dab Rig

The Wuukah Leaf Buddi is a simple, no-nonsense device for concentrates and e-liquids. Despite the “Leaf” in the name, the rig does not vape dry herbs. Users can vape at any temperature they want, thanks to the precision control temperature feature.

There are three cups included in the kit that each deliver a unique vaping experience from smooth, flavorful hits to powerful, cheek-puffing ones. The Wuukah is available from the official site as well as other online alternative vaporizer retailers.

Published: April 24, 2020Updated: August 30, 2021

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