The VaporCone Discreet: Vape Anywhere, Anytime with the Discreet

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Review Score: 83/100 - 83
Works with: E-Liquids, Concentrates
The VaporCone Discreet is a handheld vaporizer that was designed with stealth in mind. Its sleek yet subtle design allows users to enjoy their favorite concentrates wherever they like. This is especially important for any vapers who are looking to keep a low profile while still enjoying their favorite concentrates.

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The VaporCone Discreet is a powerful and portable device that comes at an incredible value, and its simple operation makes it perfect for novices and experts alike. With automatic breath activation, the entire process has become simplified without compromising on performance at all. This is the perfect device for vaping on the go, especially when a little subtlety is necessary.

The Discreet is able to quickly vaporize any solid concentrates with little to no residue leftover thanks to its ceramic heating element. Though it comes in such a small package, this product is able to produce vapor with intensity that is comparable to traditional oil rigs.

The Discreet: Powerful Concentrate Vaporizer

The VaperCone Discreet is a portable vaporizer for with stealth in mind. Taking the Discreet apart will show that there are three separate pieces to the unit. The mouthpiece is made of silicone that is comfortable and not prone to heating up during extended use.

Next, the ceramic heating skillet is easily accessible which makes it much easier to add more wax. This heating element is compatible with a number of similar products, letting users switch between different batteries with ease. The battery that comes included with this package is very long lasting breath activated discreet battery. This automatic operation makes the whole process much easier, as there are no buttons to worry about when vaping.

Easy to Use VaporCone Discreet Vaporizer

Everything about the VaperCone Discreet portable vaporizer is incredibly simple to operate. There are no threads to worry about when filling the device with concentrate, simply remove the plastic mouthpiece with a bit of pressure, and it will securely fit back into place with just as much ease. The automatic breath activated battery lets you simply inhale through the vape in order to heat up the skillet. Users can go from unboxing this powerful device to enjoying their favorite vaporized concentrates in a matter of minutes.

VaporCone Discreet Box Contents image

What’s in the box:

  • Discreet Battery
  • Discreet Attachment
  • User Manual
  • USB Charger

VaporCone Discreet VS. VaporCone Elite 2

The Vaporcone Elite 2 vaporizer for concentrates uses the best in vaping technology to vape all solid dabs, waxes, shatter and budders. It is a portable, one-button device that features an atomizer attached to an eGo 4.2v battery for smooth operation.The Vaporcone Elite 2 works much like similar pen-style dab vapes. The 510 threading on the battery allows the device to be charged using a USB attachment that can then be inserted into a USB port for quick charging.

vaporcone-elite-2 Vape-Pen image

It can also be used with any similarly-threaded heating chamber or atomizer. To charge the device, separate the two pieces and charge the device until the LED light around the firing/power button turns solid. The Vaporcone Elite 2 comes with a rubberized mouthpiece that does not transfer heat, so it does not overheat when in use. Remove the mouthpiece to access the ceramic heating chamber inside to load it with the material. An added feature of the new Elite is the carbon-fiber air filter underneath the mouthpiece that acts as a purifier, so every hit taken is the purest one possible.

VaporCone Discreet vs. the Mig Vapor Keymaker vs. the G- Slim

The Mig Vapor Keymaker

The VaporCone Discreet is a portable, ready-to-use concentrates pen with long battery life, while the Mig Vapor Keymaker features a 360mAh battery and comes with two choices of atomizers, dual quartz or dual ceramic heating chamber, the latter of which the Discreet also uses.

Mig Vapor Keymaker

The Discreet is draw-activated and can begin vaping right away, unlike with the Keymaker that has to heat its coils to reach its max temperature of 455F. On top of it all, the Discreet is also cheaper than the Keymaker.

The G-Slim Concentrate Vaporizer

The Discreet is a draw-activated (no buttons), concentrates pen that features a USB charger for a charge time of close to two hours, which is about the same amount of time needed to charge the G-Slim.

g-slim-snoop-dogg Vape-pen image

The Discreet uses a ceramic, heating skillet to vaporize its materials, whereas the G-Slim employs a quartz rod atomizer. The G-Slim costs more and has a five-second heat-up time, while the Discreet is much cheaper and vapes instantly.

VaporCone Discreet: In the End

The VaporCone Discreet is a portable concentrate vaporizer that truly lives up to its name. Though its size may be rather low profile, the vapor production that comes from this vape pen is impressive to say the least. Whether you are looking to enjoy your favorite concentrates while out on the town, or simply wish to vape in the comfort of your own home, the VaporCone Discreet can do it all.

Review Score: 83/100 - 83
  • Stealthy design for portable vaping
  • Powerful ceramic heating element
  • Simple to use
  • Great value
  • Vapor may become hot after continual usage
  • Charging time is quite lengthy

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