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Dry Herb Vaporizer Reviews of 2018

Dry herb vaporizers are the latest technology involving cannabis consumption. Before their creation, users were forced to directly burn the herb, inhaling it through a joint, bong or pipe; however, smoke feels (and is) harsh on the lungs and can often taste unpleasant to some. This inevitably created a market for vaporizers, which are better at delivering THC than any other method. Rather than burn the herb, they evaporate the cannabinoids into a smooth vapor. We understand the intricate details of vaporizers and want to offer that knowledge to our audience.

Our best vaporizer reviews are designed to take the proverbial guesswork out of a first vaporizer purchase, guiding individuals on what to choose based on ease of use, performance, and overall quality. The truth is that, like any technology, herb vaporizers started simple; however, even relatively inexpensive devices today carry various types of customizations and controls.

The vaporizer reviews we provide not only cover the items themselves but also offer a comprehensive background on the company and its reputation. Informed purchases are essential, especially since a product is just as good as the company that builds it.

Best Vaporizer of 2018
#1 Mig Vapor Dray Vaporizer
  • Good battery life
  • Best Value for Money
  • Temperature Control

Stealthy Vaporizer
#2 Herb-E
  • Small and Powerful
  • Cheap and Versatile
  • Herb-E has a 1200mAh battery

Great With Herbs
#3 The Firefly 2
  • Herbs + Waxes
  • Downloadable app gives full control
  • Titanium alloy heating element

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