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Overall Performance: 90%

User Experience: 75%

Value for Money: 90%

Dry HerbsPrice: $169.95

Our Verdict: The VaporTower Vaporizer is a retro-looking, wooden vaporizer that produces excellent vapor. It uses a whip-delivery system and is surprisingly well-built for the price. A bang-for-buck vaporizer that’s easy to use, the VaporTower is great for beginners and advanced users alike.

Vapor Tower Vaporizer- First Impressions

Design: Similarly shaped as a Da Buddha Vaporizer, but instead of being cylindrical, the VaporTower is somewhat boxy in shape. It is made out of wood, and the sides slightly slope toward the top, where the whip is attached. The design is very straightforward, with an on/off switch (as opposed to a button) and a knob to dial in the temperature (like in the temp control mods). There are no LED screens, or fan controls, or pretty much anything else besides the two mentioned above. The VaporTower is as simple as it gets as far as vaporizers go.

Build Quality: Despite being made out of wood, the VaporTower is built extremely well. It is very sturdy, and the switch and knob look industrial grade. The heating element is made of ceramic and the bowl inside is made of glass, so users should avoid dropping the device. The whip is crafted out of medical grade silicone tubing, which makes it very durable. Overall, the VaporTower looks like it could last a good number of years with proper care.

What’s in the Box: Buyers of the VaporTower will get one VaporTower Vaporizer unit, one hand kit, one silicone tube, one glass mouthpiece, a stir tool, and a free acrylic magnetic grinder.

Vaping Experience With Vapor Tower Vaporizer

Usability: The VaporTower is relatively easy to operate, though because of some exclusions in its design, can take a while to master. After plugging the unit, users set the temperature using the knob at about the 12:00 or 1:00 position. The unit takes about five minutes to heat up, so while waiting, users can load the filling chamber.

When filling the chamber, be sure not to overfill it because it will need some air to circulate. Fit the filling chamber over the heating coil, which fits snugly so there is no need to force it into place.

To use, one should take long, slow inhales. Because there is no fan, users have to inhale the vapor using lung power alone. If long inhales don’t produce the desired amount of vapor, one could try to take short puffs until vapor is visible inside the mouthpiece.

The chamber is a little cramped, and one filling is good for about five to seven inhales. When removing the filling chamber, be sure to let it cool off first before handling it. Cleaning is very easy as well. One simply removes all the parts needed for cleaning, and give them a good soak in alcohol for about an hour. Rinse the parts with water, dry, then put it all back together again.

Vapor Production and Performance: The vapor quality from the VaporTower is excellent. It is smooth and pure tasting. The glass chamber and ceramic heating element makes for a clean taste, and the silicone tubing does not taint the flavor at all. Vapor can also be very dense and milky, giving users a satisfactory vape every time.

Overall, the performance of the device is superb. Users expecting mediocre performance for the price will be surprised at how well it does. A lot of this is due to what happens in the heating chamber.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The VaporTower is a desktop vaporizer that draws power from an outlet, so users do not have to worry about battery life. It is great for extended vaping sessions though users should let the unit cool down after every few sessions.

The ceramic heating element and the glass chambers are the actual stars of the VaporTower show. These two are capable of producing clean tasting vapor, and because the device suspends the dry herb between two screens, more surface area is available for hot air to flow. This makes for an efficient vaporization process leading to a more pleasurable vape experience.

However, because there is no way to know what the temperature of the device is, users need to go about it by feel. One way to do this is by touching the wooden sides. Once it begins to feel warm to the touch, the device is at the right temperature. Also, since there is no fan, users have to control how they inhale to match the temperature.

Faster puffs need a high temperature while slow drags need a lower heat setting. Keeping this in mind, users have to experiment with inhalation techniques and the position of the knob to find the right temperature. It is not exactly convenient, but once the right settings and proper inhalation are found, the VaporTower is hard to beat.

Vapor Tower Review Additional Details

The VaporTower is an excellent vaporizer for beginners due to its simple operation and reasonable price. Advanced users will also appreciate the performance this device gives. For less than $200, users will get a solid vaporizer that performs excellently, is easy to use, and is capable of high-quality vapor that easily rivals its more expensive counterparts.

The lack of precise temperature control can be a problem for some. If one lets the device heat up too much, they will be greeted by burnt tastes. No fan speed control also means that users will have to learn how to inhale correctly. The VaporTower is a bare bones device with limited features, but once mastered, it is an accomplished vaporizer.


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