Vapium Summit Review – The Only Vape for Adventurer Souls

Coming in at $150, the Vapium Summit raises a lot of questions about its quality. Many vapes of its style run much closer to $200 and up because of the components inside of them. Appealing to the outdoor, woodsy crowd the Summit is very solid feeling. And the matte black finish helps with its rugged look. Its simplistic design helps the first time users use it. Additionally, it’s great as a vape for people who are just getting into the game.

Vapium Summit Review

What Sets it Apart?

Your vape will go anywhere you go, and even where you can’t or might not want to go:

  • Works fine under extreme conditions (0oF to 176oF) – that’s insane
  • Has a massive 3300mAH battery
  • You can pair and control it with a smartphone via the companion app
  • A rubberized, ergonomic design makes the grip easy
  • IP54 rating means it’s splash proof and protected against dust
  • Works between 330oF and 440oF
  • Haptic feedback ensures covert notifications that only you’ll know of
  • USB charging, a 2-year warranty, and great customer service

Good Things Come in Tiny Packages

The tiny Vapium Summit can fit easily in your hand as well as in your pocket. Its discreet design makes it very easy to use in public, and it won’t draw any attention towards it. The Polycarbonate outside coupled with the rubber bottom allows for a great grip. And it’s also very durable even if you drop it many times. The vape also comes in military green and a light blue. Even with the Polycarbonate exterior, it still manages to look great.

Good on the outside, Great on the inside

The hardware for this vape is great. It’s easy to use interface paired with the LED screens that indicate what temperature you have welcome even the most uneducated vapors. The magnetic door that covers the heating chamber is very easy to take off. It’s even possible for someone with no fingernails like me. The bowl on the inside fits around 0.33 grams of herbs. This is a lot and can go a long way whether you’re with friends or using it yourself.

Vapium SummitIt usually allows for upwards of 20 or so solid hits before you have to refill it. This is definitely enough to get the job done. One of my only problems with the actual build is that the Micro USB is covered by a very tiny rubber plug. Unfortunately, it isn’t part of the body of the vape. This almost guarantees that you are going to lose that plug. Luckily, Vapium sells 6 of them for $5. This shows just how easy they are to make and how easy they are to lose.

The Vapium Summit uses a lithium-ion battery. It connects to a Micro USB charger and allows for pass-through charging. This means you can charge and vape at the same time. Most of the time, you won’t need the pass-through charging. In fact, it only takes 1 hour to charge from zero. I think it’s great compared to others in the price range.

Once the battery is full, you can expect about an hour of use out of it. That makes it about the same as the PAX 3 which retails for almost double the price as the Summit. I love the unique pass-through charging. It allows for you to have the Summit attached to an external battery. That way, you can charge on the go and use it while you’re on long trips.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

With this vape, there isn’t that much to dislike, but there are a few things stopping it from being perfect. But hey, nothing’s perfect. When your start taking hits of your first bowl, there is a very, very distinct chemical taste. This will make you pull back a little bit and wonder if you should keep going. Luckily, it’s only the first bowl which tastes like that and after you’ll get the pure flavor you’re craving for. Even if you thoroughly clean the bowl before you use it, there is still that distinct taste. This means the factory they made these in used some very strong chemicals.

The heating element is very strong and radiates throughout the whole vape, especially on the mouthpiece. It starts to get a bit uncomfortable after using it for more than a few hits. In addition, the pull strength on this is also remarkably high. In fact, you need to be able to suck in very hard to get a decent amount of vapor.

I asked other colleagues on Vaping Daily if they had the same problem. Some said they did while others said it was fine for them. Therefore, I got another screen and put it in, and it worked perfectly fine afterwards. I would recommend looking into that. Now for the good, the Vapium Summit has eight settings varying from 320oF to 446oF. This will give you a lot of variety. Another good thing about it, you don’t have to attach the mouthpiece. As a result, it allows you to get better hits with it, even if they are still somewhat restricting.

One word of caution, use the vape sparingly. As I said earlier, the mouthpiece can get quite hot and the take-off plastic tip won’t help with that. Even with the plastic exterior, this vape manages to feel very sturdy like most metallic vapes. When you couple that with an almost unscratchable material, you’ll be using this vape for years to come. The haptic feedback on the vape is also a nice touch. This makes it much easier to know how much battery you have and when the 90-second shutoff timer is working.

The cleaning for this is fairly easy. You only really have to clean the herb chamber and the rubber group that surrounds the outside of the vape. All you need is a little bit of rubbing alcohol for this job. They provide the alcohol in the cleaning kit which comes with the Summit.

Well, Should I buy Vapium Summit?

Overall, the Vapium Summit is a great product at an affordable price. Most people compare it to the PAX 3. It retails for $249.99 and features many of the same things that the Summit does. The Vapium Summit is much sleeker. Furthermore, it allows for a much more discreet public appearance that allows you to use it anywhere you want. There are a few drawbacks. However, with a little tweaking this is easily one of the best herbal vaporizers on the market. Therefore, you should definitely give it a look if you’re in the market for something affordable and powerful.

Vapium Summit
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