Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review


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Overall Performance: 90%

User Experience: 80%

Value for Money: 85%

Dry Herb and OilsPrice: $249.99

Our Verdict: Arguably the best whip vaporizer in its price range, the Vapir Rise is good enough to challenge even the mighty Volcano at ⅓ the price. Solidly built and with excellent vapor quality, it is a desktop vaporizer worthy of every vaper’s attention.

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Vapir Rise Vaporizer- First Impressions

Pros and Cons of the Vapir Rise Vaporizer

  • Superb pricing with plenty of value for your dollar
  • Heats up quickly
  • Comes with tons of functionality
  • Gives you plenty of control over all aspects of your vaping
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Can take a while to get used to operating it
  • Doesn’t work well with certain oils


The Vapir Rise looks much like a modern dehumidifier. It features a rounded, low-rise base and a long cylindrical neck. And it comes with plenty of attachments to give you a variety of vaping options.

The entire product looks very sleek and sophisticated. Nothing about it seems cheap.

The base is fitted with a number of controls- for temperature, fan speed, and power buttons for the fan and the unit. It gives you plenty of control over what you are doing, which if you are investing as much as the suggested retail price, then you will want a vaporizer that can do a lot and that can create the kind of vaping experience that fits you.

Build Quality

The Rise is a sturdy device built with high-quality materials. Though mostly made of plastic, the kind used is the top-shelf kind that won’t break or melt quickly. Some may be put-off by the amount of plastic, but in the long run, one will appreciate it for its sturdiness and ability to withstand rough handling. The steel and plastic parts are all well-machined, fitting together perfectly. Overall, the Vapir Rise is a unit that will serve users many years of service.


What’s in the Box

For the money, users get a slew of accessories together with the Vapir Rise Vaporizer itself. These include one power cord, one blend chamber, one oil chamber, one chamber adapter, one balloon adapter, one inhalation adapter, one hot chamber adapter, three inflatable balloons, one HEPA air filter, two large mesh screens, two 40″ silicone tubings, one X-Tip clear mouthpiece, one user guide, a quick-start guide, and a multi-use adapter.

Vaping Experience With Vapir Rise Vaporizer


Upon first opening the box, users might get daunted by the amount of accessories and parts that need assembling. Other vaporizers are usually plug-and-play devices, where reading the instruction manual is not necessary. With the Vapir Rise, users would be wise to consult the guide first. However, once the initial shock has died down, and all the parts accounted for, using the device becomes second nature.

There are three intake methods available to users with the Rise. The first is via whip, the second via hookah style whip (for multiple users), and the third is via balloons – understanding these make all the parts in the box make more sense. Users attach the parts needed for the chosen method; then it is ready to use.

To activate the unit, users press the power button to turn everything on. Heat settings are adjusted via the easy to read LED touchpad on the front of the device. Once set, pressing the “Heat” button starts heating the device up to the set temperature.

Fan speed can also be adjusted via the second group of arrows on the touchpad. Each set is labeled, so users do not get confused. A faster fan speeds up the vaping process while a slow speed delays it. This is useful if one is doing something else while vaping. For example, if one wants to cook food or watch TV while a bag is filling with vapor, slow speeds are perfect. This gives users a chance to slow down when vaping. However, if one sits down with the Rise, focused only on vaping and nothing else, faster fan speeds are recommended.

Additionally, slower fan speeds produce denser vapor, while faster speeds break it up for a lighter inhale. This is something users should know so they can adjust fan speed, aside from temperature, to control the amount of vapor produced.


Vapor Production and Performance

For a desktop vaporizer that costs only $250, the Vapir Rise is an excellent performer. It produces dense and potent clouds, and the flavor is clean despite the whips being made out of plastic. Glass whips provide a much more immaculate vape, but those are more fragile to use. The plastic ones on the Rise is a great compromise, adding durability without sacrificing too much flavor.

Overall performance is surprisingly good. However, the setup process can be a hassle, involving numerous steps just to fill up a balloon. However, with practice, this becomes second nature. It does present a learning curve, and users who do not have the patience to deal with it might find the Vapir Rise frustrating to use.


Battery Life and Atomizers

Because the Rise is a desktop unit, it does not require batteries to power it. This means users do not have to worry about battery life and limited vaping times. Besides, the purpose of a desktop vaporizer is to provide quality vapor at home, not to be used outside while traveling.

Dry herbs are vaporized convection-style, with the unit using a HEPA air filter and ceramic heating chamber. Air is drawn from the sides of the unit, through the air filter, across the ceramic heating element, then to the dry herbs. The heating element takes about a minute to heat up, which is excellent compared to the three to five minutes needed with the Volcano. However, the Rise is only capable of heating up to 400°F. It is more than enough to vaporize dry herb, but not so with oils. Though the unit is said to work with oils, given the specs of the heating element, it is assumed the manufacturers meant essential oils rather than hash oils.

Vapir Rise Review Additional Info

There are better desktop vaporizers out on the market, but for the price, the Vapir Rise is excellent. Vapor production is superb, build quality is solid, and the overall performance is fantastic. While using it is more complicated than others, and the max temperature could be higher, the Vapir Rise is still a great vaporizer for users who are on a budget.

Medical marijuana users who are looking for Volcano-like performance for just a third of its price, the Vapir Rise is a solid contender. The plastic parts may be off-putting for some, but it is made from high-quality material that does not taint the taste of the vapor. In all, the Vapir Rise is a splendid bang-for-buck vaporizer that’ll last for years.

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Vapir Rise Vaporizer
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