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HoneyStick Top Shelf Vape Kit

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The Top Shelf Vape Kit from HoneyStick consists of four different devices. Three of the devices/tanks in the kit are for oil and wax vaping. The fourth is a standalone dry herb device.

The Top Shelf Vape Kit consists of a sub-ohm, 510 mod in the kit compatible with all 510 cartridges, including the Sport, which is also in the package. The Plasma GQ wax vaporizer is for waxes and solid concentrates. The Phantom 2-in-1 Squeezebox vapes both oils and solid concentrates. The HRB dry herb vaporizer is a compact, portable convection-style device for flowers.

The Top Shelf Vape also contains spare parts, loading tools and cleaning brushes for all the units. There is also a USB charging cable. The entire Top Shelf Vape Kit comes in a hard-shell, waterproof, airtight container.

Up Close with the Entire Kit

What’s in the Box:

  • One Sport Sub-Ohm Variable Voltage Mod
  • One Sport Sub-Ohm Oil Vape Tank
  • One Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer
  • One Phantom – 2 in 1 Squeeze Box Vaporizer (w/two cartridges for wax and oil)
  • One HRB Dry Herb Vaporizer


The HoneyStick Sport Sub-Ohm Mod and Tank

The Sport mod and tank from the vape kit can vape oils as well as e-liquids. The design is such that a vaper can attach an e-liquid tank to the 510 connection and use it without any problems. The user interface, as well as the chip, allows for several vaping styles. Users can vape in wattage mode starting at 5W going up to 60W. There is also temperature control mode with the range between 200F-600F.


The Sport mod is the largest piece of the entire kit, in size and ability. It is a mod-style battery with a gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 connection atop. It has an all-stainless steel build that is solid, but not too heavy. The device stands at close to 3.2 inches tall and is 0.9 inches wide. It is an average size for a box mod.

The mod has a leather carbon-fiber inlay, along with a brushed aluminum surface. The carbon-fiber section is for improved grip, and to protect against heat transfer. The exterior can also come in an all-black style, as well as the stainless steel option. The mod has a built-in battery with a capacity of 2000mAh. Despite the large capacity cell, the mod is not so heavy, but not so lightweight.

There are HoneyStick decals along the base. The battery is internal, so there is no removing it. The battery section of the mod also features a LED screen with three-button controls. The large, square firing button sits above the screen, and the up/down buttons are below.

When the device powers on, the screen prompts whether there is a new coil. Choosing “yes” puts the mod into a warm-up mode that breaks in a new coil. The mod will power up slowly to allow the coil to adapt.

The Sport tank is a top-fill sub-ohm cloud producer for oils. No word on whether the tank is suitable for e-liquids as well, but it can take several different coil types, and resistances. The shell consists of a hard, all-metal wrap around an indented glass section. Indented, so if the tank drops, the glass will not hit anything.


There are fill lines on the outside to ensure vapers do not over-fill the tank. The coil screws into the mouthpiece, so when the coil goes back inside, the container can leak if there is too much liquid.

The mouthpiece is removable, so vapers can attach any 510 drip tip to the tank. There are also airflow inlet holes around the base of the drip tip so that vapers can adjust the airflow into the tank. The capacity of the tank is 2ml.

The tank has top airflow slots, which vapers also need to close whenever they are not using the tank, as the liquid will spill out of these vents.

The Plasma GQ

The Plasma GQ is a wax and hard concentrates vaporizer. It uses a quartz glass heating cradle powered by a coil baked into the base. This configuration means that no material comes in contact with any metal or coil type.


The entire setup resembles a vape pen with the tank section sitting atop a tube-style cell. The coil head uses a unique proprietary thread that is not compatible with any other mod. The coil base has a two-pronged end that plugs into the battery, which has one-button control.

There are two preset temperature settings for the battery. The first is 650F; the second, highest temperature is 850F. There are also several safety features like a ten-second timeout. The cell has an internal capacity of 1200mAh and uses USB charging.

The Phantom 2-in-1 SqueezeBox

The Phantom SqueezeBox 2-in-1 is a small tank holder with an internal battery for vaping oils and concentrates. The Phantom has a simple, plug-and-vape functioning. The device is not an auto-draw but has a squeeze action trigger. Users need to squeeze the sidebar to make the device fire. It is also the way to turn on the Phantom.


The unit, despite its small size, has four preset settings for vaping solid and liquid concentrates. The range runs from 3.4V to 3.6V, to 3.8V to 4.0V. Vapers need to click the trigger three times to move between the various power levels. The tank bay has a 0.4-inch opening, which is larger than similar devices.

The Phantom supports two tanks styles. The concentrates tank has a stainless steel exterior and uses dual-quartz heaters in a ceramic bowl. The oil tank is glass and has a stainless steel mouthpiece. Vapers need only load their material into the tank and drop it into the bay. Once in the slot, vapers need only turn on the battery, select a temperature, and press to vape.


The HRB is a mini-vaporizer for dry herbs that is about the same size as large Bic lighter. The unit’s actual dimensions are a little over four inches long and 0.8 inches across. The vape is also lightweight and fits well into a pocket or bag.


The HRB from HoneyStick is their standalone dry herb device. It features an all-ceramic inner chamber and a powerful 2200mAh battery. The vaporizer is very compact and can fit in the open palm of a hand. It comes with two mouthpieces, one, which is plastic, and there is also a glass mouthpiece extender. The mouthpiece stays in place with a magnetic connection.

The HRB has a top-fill heating chamber where users can load their material. There are ventilation holes on either side of the chamber so that air can get into the oven. The sides of the unit have comfort grips, so the device is comfortable to hold. There is a single firing/power button on the top of the device. Users can choose from three preset temperature settings for the HRB, 390F, 405F, and 420F.

The device needs charging before users start vaping it. There is a USB port on the bottom. When charging the LED light will turn red. It will turn off when the device is ready. Charging time takes between two and a half to three hours.

Working with the HoneyStick Line

All the devices in the Top Shelf Vape Kit are straightforward to operate, as HoneyStick devices usually are. Only the Sport variable wattage mod has a display screen and adjustable settings. All the other devices have easy-to-use, one-button controls.

Other HoneyStick bundle kits featured a single mod that supported several different tanks. The Top Shelf Vape Kit is not the same as only the Sport mod supports just its tank and not the others. The Plasma has proprietary threads. The Phantom has two material chambers but is compatible with other 510-cartridges. The HRB uses an internal chamber as well.

The other Top Shelf Vape Kit units are also easy-to-load, as they have top-fill tanks. They also need only minimal maintenance or cleaning. The batteries are all internal, so they charge through each units’ USB port; users never need to remove or change them.

Even though HoneyStick Top Shelf Vape Kit devices are easy-to-use, one trade-off of their quality is that they can be delicate. To HoneyStick’s credit, they often include less fragile pieces in their kits, like a plastic tank instead of a glass one. There are no plastic pieces in the Top Shelf vape kit. There is a replacement glass section for the Plasma GQ, which does have a quartz glass cradle that could easily break.

Vaping all the HoneyStick Mods

Each product in the HoneyStick Top Shelf vape kit is for oils and concentrates. Vapers could use the Sport sub-ohm tank for e-juice, although they may have to use another coil since it is specially designed for oils.

The mod itself can pair with any 510-threaded tank, including e-juice tanks. The maximum power output of the mod is only 60W though so true sub-ohm vapers may find it lacking. As for its ability to vape essential oils the Sport, along with every other device in the bundle, does not lack.

It may be strange for oil vapers to handle such a large device to vape liquid concentrates, but the vapor it makes is worth the discomfort. The versatility and customization are what make the Sport great for vaping oils.

Those kinds of features, like wattage and temperature control, are not always applied to oil vaping. Using a precise wattage or temperature value lets vapers get the most from their materials. But like their other bundle packages, the best Top Shelf Vape Kit has to offer comes in the form of the other, smaller, dedicated devices. Choosing a favorite among them is difficult.


The Plasma GQ from the Top Shelf Vape Kit is a high-tech, easy-to-use, tube-style mod that is powerful, and produces fantastic vapor. The Phantom 2-in-1 has an interesting design, and its performance does not disappoint despite its size.

The two material tanks, one for waxes, dabs, and other solids, the other for oils, are very easy to interchange. They hold a good amount of material, fire right away, they are both solid and sturdy, even if one of them is all-glass.

The magnetic adapters the Phantom has in its solo kit do not come with the Top Shelf vape kit package. They are for sale on the HoneyStick website though, and they are worth picking up. Using other pre-filled tanks with the Phantom is simple and easy though, even without the adapters.

The HRB dry herb vape is not a new product, but it was the first time we saw it. Its shape and size are excellent. It is a perfect, discreet on-the-go device. The magnetic mouthpiece is all that covers the heating chamber, so it is easy to load.

Using the HRB, in general, does not need so much effort. But, except for the Sport mod, none of the units have tiresome user interfaces. The Plasma GQ and Phantom have drop-in qualities. Users fill the tanks for the Phantom, drop them into the tank bay, and turn on the device.

The Plasma GQ has an easy-to-remove glass shell and a wide-open loading design. After loading, vapers replace the top cap, turn on the device, and can take a hit. The battery on the GQ is powerful. It fires instantly without overheating or damaging the glass cradle of the coil. The two temperature settings on the cell also allow for distinct vaping experiences.

The Competitors: the Top Shelf vs. the Evod 3-in-1 kit vs. the Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 vs. the HoneyStick Sub-ohm Super Vape Kit

The Evod 3-in-1

The Evod kit features three tanks with a single, compatible battery. Users can choose from among three battery capacities, 650, 900 and 1100mAh, all of which are pen-style mods. The kit has three atomizers for e-liquids, wax, and dry herbs.


The entire package is compact and can fit in a single, zip-up case. There are cleaning and loading tools, as well as a USB charging cable included in the kit.

The Yocan Evolve 3-in-1

This kit from Yocan features three of their devices for vaping herbs, waxes and oils. The bundle includes one 1100mAh battery for use with all the atomizers. The Evolve tanks use dual-quartz rod technology for vaping all materials.

yocan evolve d vaporizer image

They are all 510-threaded and compatible with other mods. The kit includes replacement coils as well as cleaning and loading tools. There is a charger in the bag too.

HoneyStick Sub-Ohm Super Vape Kit

The Sub-ohm Super Vape kit does not include a dry herb atomizer. It is strictly for oil and solid concentrates vaping. With that said, it does have two of HoneyStick’s most powerful mods for oil vaping, the HoneyStick Sub-Ohm Carbon Fiber and the Sport mod, along with the Sport tank.

HoneyStick Sub-Ohm Super Vape Kit

The bundle does feature the Ripper, a tiny concealer unit for vaping waxes and oils. The Ripper has a drop-in tank bay and a powerful 1300mAh battery.

Last Word on the Collection of High-Quality, High-Performing Vapes

HoneyStick does something unique with their products. There are not a lot of other companies that offer their units in bundles like they do. There may be a few, cheap, 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 kits, but those units are generic, offer nothing new, and cannot perform on the level of HoneyStick products. That is the great thing about the HoneyStick Top Shelf Vape Kit. All the products featured are great on their own, but none of them lag behind the others in quality.

The Plasma GQ has as much quality vapor output, like the Phantom and the Sport. The HRB handles itself well for a portable, dry herb vaporizer. Despite its small size, the unit still features three temperature settings, for extra customization. The devices are all well-made, with quality materials, which ironically enough is also a con about the kit. The devices all have a glass section that is very delicate. The GQ coil is, despite its advanced design, fragile and can break without proper handling.

Of course, HoneyStick has plenty of replacement parts for sale. Another unique feature of HoneyStick is that they listen to their customers. A lot of the changes and design features they build into their units are customer-inspired. So HoneyStick is the kind of company that grows with and because of their customers.

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  • Well-made products
  • Superb vapor production
  • All the products are easy-to-use
  • Glass pieces are fragile
  • No dedicated e-liquid device

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