Sticky Brick Vaporizer: Chic and Unique Manual Vapes


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: November 15, 2021

Sticky Brick review

Review Score: 85/100

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  • A lifetime warranty covers the wooden blocks
  • Highly durable wooden construction


  • Not very stealthy

Sticky Bricks are vaporizers made by Sticky Brick Labs that incorporate style and quality into a single device by using hardwood as the primary construction material. The result is that this manual vaporizer is virtually indestructible. There are a lot of excellent features, too.

A restrictor disc can be used to reduce the chances of combustion, for instance. Also, the wooden blocks can be quickly taken apart and shaped thanks to rare earth magnets that hold the different pieces together.

Sticky Brick Labs Brand Review

There are many reasons to choose this brand as a source for dry herb manual vaporizers. The primary reasons to choose them are their shipping and warranty policies. Their products are shipped out on the same day they are ordered, and they also ship internationally.

The warranty covers the block and the glass. Glass parts are covered for fifteen days, and the wooden block warranty lasts for a lifetime. Sticky Brick Labs also sells a lot of useful accessories. Their list of accessories includes items like o-rings, butane lighters, and corks.

Top Devices Review

Thoughts on the Sticky Brick Junior

This vaporizer can provide vapor almost immediately, thanks to the inclusion of a butane torch. The wood is protected by a 316 stainless steel restrictor disc placed underneath the flame intake. Pocket-sized and smartly designed, the Junior is highly portable and can go nearly anywhere with its user. Additionally, the glass pieces in the Junior are protected by a top compartment.

Sticky Brick Junior

Each Junior is made by hand in North Carolina from natural hardwood. Hardwood was not selected as the building material to give the vape a rustic look. Instead, its purpose is to ensure that the vaporizer holds together for an extended period. Plus, all the pieces are magnetically secured, which significantly reduces the time and effort needed to maintain.

The intake and mouth stem are made from Simax Borosilicate glass, which enhances the flavor due to the absence of plastics and other materials that can reduce the quality of the vapor.

How Well Does the Runt Work?

The Runt is the smallest model in their inventory, but that does not mean it is not a high-performing vaporizer. This particular model is especially good because it was made with consumer recommendations in mind.

Sticky Brick Runt

This vaporizer is built to be used with water pieces, and it comes with 14 and 18mm adapters, making it compatible with most water pieces. In addition, the flip design incorporated into this vape protects the glass parts while the user is on the go, and it is easy to pull them out.

The best thing about this vape is that it has a larger body and longer flame intake than many of Sticky Brick’s other products. These design features allow for a longer airpath and cooler vapor.

Customers can elect to have their vaporizer in four types of wood: black limba, cherry, maple, and walnut. Magnets hold the pieces together, which greatly simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process.

Is the Sticky Brick Flip as Good as They Say?

It is a WPA-style vape that uses 14 and 18mm adapters that increase its compatibility with various water pieces. In addition, the glass pieces are protected while the vaporizer is being transported, thanks to the flip design.

Sticky Brick Flip

The flavor and quality of the vapor are increased because the design includes an elongated flame intake. There is also a restrictor disk that prevents combustion and helps the user achieve the desired flavor and temperature of the vapor.

The best surprise that comes with this vape is a 2.25-inch grinder. The grinder has been machined perfectly, enabling it to grind the herbs to the user’s desired consistency.

Analyzing the Features in the Sticky Brick OG

The OG Brick is another excellent vaporizer. When the herbs are inside and the heat from the butane torch is applied, the vaporizer instantly heats up. The result is an instant stream of vapor coming out of the mouthpiece. All of the glass pieces are made from high-quality Simax Borosilicate. The advantage of using this material is increased durability and better flavor.

Sticky Brick OG

The OG comes with everything the user needs to get started vaping. The kit has six screens, LED tweezers, and wooden and stainless stir sticks. There are also carb corks, restrictor discs, and a blow torch. The only things missing are the herbs and lighter fluid.

Build Quality of Each Device

Sticky Brick Junior

The main selling point of the Sticky Brick line of vaporizers is their all-hardwood construction. The wooden design not only sets the devices apart from the electronic-based vaporizers that are most commonly used, but it ensures the durability of the device for years to come. The Sticky Brick Junior is smaller than the other models. It features a 316 stainless steel restrictor disc to keep material from combusting. It also features a top compartment that protects the glass pieces so users can pocket them and take them with them anywhere they go.

Sticky Brick Runt

The literal runt of the litter, the Runt, is the most miniature model in the Sticky Brick collection. It comes in several different wood finishes. The Runt comes with an interchangeable glass mouthpiece. Also, it can be used with the Junior. In addition, it features a flip-top like all Sticky Bricks that protects the glass piece and makes it easier to carry and store. The unit is also compatible with several different water pieces. It includes a 14mm and 18mm water adapter.

Sticky Brick Flip

The Flip is a pint-sized Sticky Brick that is also one of the brand’s most economical choices. The Brick Flip features an extended flame and stem intake to make applying heat easier. The “flip” design also gives the unit more flexibility. So users can twist and turn the stem and mouthpiece to fit their preferences. The Flip also includes a built-in grinder to grind dry herb to the perfect consistency finely.

Sticky Brick OG

The Brick OG is the brand’s flagship product. It comes with all the essential features that all the models have. The Brick OG is a portable device made from all-natural wood. And it comes in several different finishes. The OG is an on-demand convection vaporizer with no heat-up time and an extended glass mouthpiece for users to inhale the vapor. The OG Brick uses borosilicate glass to release all the inherent flavor. The device comes with a lifetime warranty but 15 days for the glass pieces.

Overall Quality of Vaping of Each Device

Sticky Brick Junior

Despite the Brick Junior reduced size, it pushes out the clouds as well as any battery-powered device. The clouds come out super-flavorful because of the direct application of the heat without combustion. The all-wood construction, the glass mouthpiece, and the lack of any electrical components also mean the vapor has a clear path making every pull excellent.

Sticky Brick Runt

The Runt has as much vapor quality as any other Sticky Bricks because its components create flavorful vapor. The Runt has a similar design to the Junior and uses on-demand heating to extract all the best flavor components of dry herb and makes mouthfuls of cool, pleasing vapor every time.

Sticky Brick Flip

The Flip has a few innovations that set it apart from the other Sticky Bricks. First, it is one of the smaller versions of the Sticky Brick. Also, it comes with 14mm and 18mm water adapter attachments. So users can attach it to pipes or water bubblers for even more vapor filtration. As such, the Flip can offer users even more delicious tasting vapor than the other models.

Sticky Brick OG

The OG’s largest vape in the lineup comprises only three pieces, but the extra-long, extra-thick mouthpiece gives the unit increased flavor and cooler vapor thanks to the extended mouthpiece. The unit heats up in no time, and the longer vapor path means the vapor will not be as harsh or cough-inducing as the other shorter-mouthpiece models.

How to Use and Packing Techniques

The Sticky Brick lineup of vaporizers is very easy-to-use and does not have a steep learning curve. The Bricks are often made up of all three or four distinct pieces that disassemble. So users can load their herb in the chamber and clean it whenever it’s needed. Then, users need to simply uncover the loading chamber, reassemble the unit together, and place the butane lighter into the heat intake valve to begin the healing process.

Comparing the Devices

The main difference between the Sticky Bricks is mainly their size. However, their functioning and design are similar across the different model types, and there are few major differences between them all. The other main difference between the model types is their finish. Sticky Brick offers all of their models with several different wood finishes, which come in different colors and textures.

The functioning and performance of the Sticky Bricks are supposed to be uniform across all the models. Users are supposed to get the same type of performance from the Runt and Junior as they would from the OG model, except the OG model has the larger, extended mouthpiece for better heat dissipation, but that is as far as that goes. The parts are all the same for each piece, and they all require the same amount of cleaning and maintenance.

The Competitors


Sticky Brick and Dynavaps are manual vapes that are easy to use and provide an excellent vapor stream. They both work the same way for the most part, but the differences are mostly in design and appearance.

Dynavap Vaporizer

Dynavaps are more suitable for on-the-go usage because of their elongated design. Their small size also makes them perfect for stealth vaping. Sticky Bricks are portable, but they are not for stealth vaping.


The Sticky Brick and the Mighty are pocket-sized vaporizers, but the similarities end there.

Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty is a battery-powered vaporizer that uses a coil to heat the herbs’ chamber, whereas the Sticky Brick uses a butane lighter to vaporize the herbs. They both do an excellent job, but the Mighty is much more expensive, selling for over $300.

Everything You Want to Know

Sticky Brick Tips and Tricks

Several tricks and techniques that can be used to get the best possible vaping experience. Vapers who want the herbs to combust in the chamber should use a long flame and shoot it into the intake. When the herbs combust, quickly inhale before they burn entirely.

Another way to get har hits is to put the flame far away from the intake and inhale slowly. Then, slowly move the flame closer and inhale faster and deeper. This technique will result in huge clouds.

For cooler hits, fire the flame at an angle to the opening and inhale slowly. This method is the best for people who have never used manual dry herb vaporizers.

How to Clean the Sticky Brick?

They do not require a lot of cleaning. The only piece that needs to be occasionally cleaned is the material chamber. Users may have to remove the screen once it has become too dirty or clean it out with the pick or loading tool included in the kit.

How to remove the Sticky Brick screen?

To remove the screen, disassemble the unit by removing the individual parts to reveal the material chamber. Once exposed, take out the screen and replace it with a new one.

What is a Sticky Brick?

A Sticky Brick is an all-wood thermal extraction device that uses a convection heating style to vaporize dry herb material. It is not electronic and uses no batteries, screens, or buttons.

How does a Sticky Brick work?

A Sticky Brick uses on-demand convection heating that comes from a butane torch. Users place the torch near the glass intake valve, which separates the flame from the material not to combust. In addition, the brand includes a regulator disc with every Brick, which reduces the chances of the flame coming in contact with the flame. Users then inhale the vapor through a glass mouthpiece on the other end of the unit.

How much does a Sticky Brick hold?

Each Sticky Brick has a wide material chamber that can hold up to 0.3g of material. But the chamber does not need to be packed to create lots of vapor. Even a tiny amount of material can create sizable clouds.

Are Sticky Bricks worth it?

Sticky Bricks are worth it if users who are used to combustion want to have a similar experience but without the combustion. The Bricks hit very hard and created lots of flavorful vapor even from small amounts of material. They will never break down. You don’t need to recharge them, and you don’t need to clean as much as you would with other devices.

Which Sticky Brick to get?

There are five different types of Sticky Brick, so it is hard to say which model is the right one for you. The smallest and most compact Brick is the Flip. It is only three pieces and comes with a smaller mouthpiece. The largest Brick is the OG, which has a super-thick, long mouthpiece that lets vapor cool down before you inhale, so it is not so harsh. But all Brick function in the same way and the only fundamental difference between them is their size.


Sticky Brick
Junior Size: 4.5" x 3" x 1.25"
Runt Size: 4.75" x 6" x 1.45"
Flip Size: 2.76" x 2.44" x 1.57"
OG Size: 3.75" x 3.75" x 1.81"
Contruction: Cherry, maple, cedar, and other types of hardwood
Glass Parts: Borosilicate
Lighter: Butane
Restrictor Disc: Stainless steel
Included: Stir and cleaning tools
Warranty: Lifetime

Pros & Cons


  • A lifetime warranty covers the wooden blocks
  • Highly durable wooden construction
  • Devices available in several types of wood
  • Easy to use, disassemble, and clean
  • A high degree of versatility


  • Not very stealthy
  • Portable but bulky


The Sticky Brick lineup is one of the most unique to appear on the dry herb vaporizer market. They follow in the footsteps of other butane-heater-based devices like the DynaVap, but the Sticky Bricks have managed to come out with something original that looks like nothing else out there.

They have quality, all-wooden builds that stand out for their craftsmanship and durability. Also, their performance is out-matched because of their convection heating style, so even Sticky Brick is sure to hit hard, no matter its size or other accessories. The units are easy to clean and maintain, and every vape comes with extra screens so you can replace dirty screens to keep the device working smoothly for a long time.

Published: June 20, 2020Updated: November 15, 2021

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