Sticky Brick Vaporizer: Chic and Unique Manual Vapes

Sticky Brick


Sticky Brick Vaporizer

by Jeffrey Buckley

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Sticky Bricks are vaporizers made by Sticky Brick Labs that incorporate style and quality into a single device by using hardwood as the primary construction material. The result is that this manual vaporizer is virtually indestructible. There are a lot of excellent features, too.

A restrictor disc can be used to reduce the chances of combustion, for instance. Also, the wooden blocks can be quickly taken apart and shaped thanks to the use of rare earth magnets that hold the different pieces together.

Sticky Brick Labs Brand Review

There are a lot of reasons to choose this brand as a source for dry herb manual vaporizers. The primary reasons to choose them are their shipping and warranty policies. Their products are shipped out on the same day they are ordered, and they also ship internationally.

The warranty covers the block and the glass. Glass parts are covered for fifteen days, and the wooden block warranty lasts for a lifetime. Sticky Brick Labs also sells a lot of useful accessories. Their list of accessories includes items like o-rings, butane lighters, and corks.

Sticky Brick Junior Review

This vaporizer can provide vapor almost immediately thanks to the inclusion of a butane torch. The wood is protected by a 316 stainless steel restrictor disc that is placed underneath the flame intake. Pocket-sized and smartly designed, the Junior is highly portable and can go nearly anywhere with its user. Additionally, the glass pieces in the Junior are protected by a top compartment.

Sticky Brick Junior

Each Junior is made by hand in North Carolina from natural hardwood. Hardwood was not selected as the building material to give the vape a rustic look. Instead, its purpose is to ensure that the vaporizer holds together for an extended period. Plus, all the pieces of it are magnetically secured, which significantly reduces the time and effort needed to do maintenance.

The intake and mouth stem are made from Simax Borosilicate glass, which enhances the flavor due to the absence of plastics and other materials that can reduce the quality of the vapor.

Sticky Brick Runt Review

The Runt is the smallest model in their inventory, but that does not mean it is not a high performing vaporizer. What makes this particular model especially good is that it was made with consumer recommendations in mind.

Sticky Brick Runt

This vaporizer is built to be used with water pieces, and it comes with 14 and 18mm adapters, making it compatible with most water pieces. The flip design incorporated into this vape protects the glass parts while the user is on the go, and it is easy to pull them out.

The best thing about this vape is that it has a larger body and longer flame intake than many of Sticky Brick’s other products. These design features allow for a longer airpath and cooler vapor.

Customers can elect to have their vaporizer in four types of wood: black limba, cherry, maple, and walnut. The pieces are held together by the magnets, which greatly simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process.

Sticky Brick Flip Review

This is a WPA-style vape that uses 14 and 18mm adapters that increase its compatibility with a variety of water pieces. The glass pieces are protected while the vaporizer is being transported thanks to the flip-design.

Sticky Brick Flip

The flavor and quality of the vapor are increased by the fact that the design includes an elongated flame intake. There is also a restrictor disk that prevents combustion and helps the user achieve the desired flavor and temperature of the vapor.

The best surprise that comes with this vape is a 2.25-inch grinder. The grinder has been machined perfectly, enabling it to grind the herbs to the user’s desired consistency.

Sticky Brick OG Review

The OG Brick is another excellent vaporizer. When the herbs are inside, and the heat from the butane torch is applied, the vaporizer instantly heats up. The result is an instant stream of vapor coming out of the mouthpiece. All of the glass pieces are made from high-quality Simax Borosilicate. The advantage of using this material is not only increased durability but better flavor.

Sticky Brick OG

The OG comes with everything the user needs to get started vaping. The kit comes with six screens, LED tweezers, and wooden and stainless stir sticks. There are also carb corks, restrictor discs, and a blow torch. The only things missing are the herbs and lighter fluid.

How to Use These Vaporizers

Like most vaporizers, Sticky Bricks are simple to use. To load the chamber is the first thing to do. To do this, raise the block that contains the heat intake tube to begin loading the chamber. The herbs should have a consistency between course and finely grounded. When the chamber is loaded, place the butane flame above the intake tube and turn it on.

Make sure the flame is at least one inch from the opening. When inhaling, make sure the front carb is covered or corked. The herbs should be stirred every three or four draws to maintain the flavor.

Sticky Brick Competitors

Sticky Brick vs Dynavap

Sticky Brick and Dynavaps are both manual vapes that are easy to use and provide an excellent stream of vapor. They both work the same way for the most part, but the differences are mostly in design and appearance.

Dynavap Vaporizer

Dynavaps are more suitable for on the go usage because of their elongated design. Their small size also makes them perfect for stealth vaping. Sticky Bricks are portable, too, but they are not for stealth vaping.

Sticky Brick vs Mighty

The Sticky Brick and the Mighty are both pocket-sized vaporizers, but the similarities end there.

Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty is a battery-powered vaporizer that uses a coil to heat the chamber in which the herbs are placed, whereas the Sticky Brick uses a butane lighter to vaporize the herbs. They both do an excellent job, but the Mighty is much more expensive, selling for over $300.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Sticky Brick Work?

Sticky Bricks work through convection heating. The heat is provided by the butane lighter, which heats the herbs inside the chamber. When the herbs are heated to the right temperature, which is almost instantaneous, the vapor is inhaled.

How to Clean the Sticky Brick Vape

Cleaning and maintaining Sticky Bricks is easy. All of the glass pieces can be removed and cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. Vodka or warm water will also do, but isopropyl alcohol is preferred. Let the glass sit in the alcohol for several hours, give them a good scrub, and then rinse them off with water. To clean the bowl, use a brush or q-tip to remove residue from the bowl.

Do not forget to clean the screen, too. Remove the screen using tweezers or a pick to separate it from the bowl. When they are apart, clean the screen using isopropyl alcohol and a damp q-tip.

Sticky Brick Combustion

Potential customers worry about combustion and thermal shock, which is understandable because it is heated with an open flame. This problem is mitigated with the help of the restrictor disc.

This part sits underneath the intake glass and above the bowl, absorbing the heat, and thereby reducing the chance of combustion and thermal shock. The restrictor disc should always be used.

Sticky Brick Tips and Tricks

Several tricks and techniques that can be used to get the best possible vaping experience. Vapers who want the herbs to combust in the chamber should use a long flame and shoot it into the intake. When the herbs combust, quickly inhale before they burn entirely.

Another way to get har hits is to put the flame far away from the intake and inhale slowly. Slowly move the flame closer and inhale faster and deeper. This technique will result in huge clouds.

For cooler hits, fire the flame at an angle to the opening and inhale slowly. This method is the best for people who have never used manual dry herb vaporizers.

Final Thoughts on Sticky Bricks

There are a lot of easy to use manual vapes on the market, but Sticky Bricks are special. Not only are they well built and excellently crafted, but they are highly practical and easy to use.

They have a lot of excellent features, such as the restrictor disc and magnets that hold the wooden blocks together. There are not many companies that make vaporizers like these of such high quality. Which Sticky Brick to get is up to the customer, but they are all very good.

Sticky Brick Vaporizer Specifications

Sticky Brick Vaporizer
Contruction Cherry, maple, cedar, and other types of hardwood
Glass Parts Borosilicate
Lighter Butane
Restrictor Disc Stainless steel
Included Stir and cleaning tools
Warranty Lifetime

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • A lifetime warranty covers the wooden blocks
  • Highly durable wooden construction
  • Devices available in several types of wood
  • Easy to use, disassemble, and clean
  • A high degree of versatility
  • Not very stealthy
  • Portable but bulky

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