Snoop Dogg Bush G Slim Liquid Vape Review

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Review Score: 85/100 - 85
Price: $19.95
Color: Green
Works with: E-Liquids
The Snoop Dogg Bush G Slim liquid vaporizer was inspired by the release of the Snoop album that accompanied its production. The “Bush” in the title refers to said album and rather than being a typical dry herb vaporizer, this slim and lightweight device is a dedicated vaping device for oils and concentrates.

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Since the Bush album was the main reason this vape pen came into existence, it reflects those garden and jungle influences that were so prominent on the record and its cover design. Garden-influences, referring to, in this case, the overall color scheme of the G Slim’s rubberized exterior, which is soft and bright green.

A small, blue-colored power/firing button sits on the front of the device. A “Snoop Dogg” logo sits just under the button, and a G Pen “G” is written into the base of the battery. Complimenting the blue-colored button is the also-blue mouthpiece atop the device, which makes for an overall pleasing pen to look at.

The Snoop Dogg Bush G Slim: Internals


The device created in collaboration with the excellent Grenco Science vape company who are responsible for such industry-defining devices as the G-Pen Pro and the G-Pen Elite, so the Bush G-Pen is assured to be a high-performance device. It is a vaping device for oils and concentrates, so features a lot of high-quality materials inside.

Unscrewing the battery section from the atomizer reveals a smooth, polished stainless steel cylinder that creates a clean vapor path. The chamber itself is lined with ceramic, and the wick inside is wrapped with a stainless steel coil, which is the industry standard.

Grenco Science is a top-of-the-line vape company so, despite its pared-down functions and smooth operation, the Bush G Slim still has something to offer, even as a secondary, backup vaping device.

Vaping with the Bush G Slim

As there are no adjustable features on the G Slim, its operation and use are very straightforward. Unscrewing the atomizer from the battery reveals the small coil and wick inside, which will probably last you anywhere between 6-8 weeks, according to the Grenco website.

When loading the chamber with concentrates make sure not to touch the exposed wick section with the loading tool, as it might break. After loading the chamber with a few dabs of concentrates, screw the two back together and then reattach it to the battery.

Five clicks of the button turns it on, and five clicks turn it off, which will light up the LED light at the base of the battery. Once the device is turned on, push the fire button and take a hit of vapor from the slim, flattened mouthpiece. There is a metal screen right underneath the mouthpiece to provide an extra layer of filtration to purify the vapor.


The device fires right away, and the vapor production was excellent. Depending on how much material is in the chamber, four or five great hits is the most that be taken off of the device. Thanks to the clear vapor path, and filtered mouthpiece, the flavor was superb, and the draws were very satisfying.

The Snoop Dogg Bush G Slim vs. the Competition

The V2 Series 3X: The Snoop Dogg Bush G Slim is no match for the awesome power and performance of the V2 Series 3X vape pen for liquids. The Series 3X features two different sub-ohm coils for excellent cloud production as well as adjustable airflow for increased enjoyment.

Halo Triton II: The Triton II is the closest to the Snoop Dogg Bush G Slim technically, with its small form factor, 2ml tank, but the former has interchangeable coils for both sub-ohm and above-ohm vaping and a much more powerful battery.

The Final Verdict

The vaporizer for oils and concentrates would make a great gift if Snoop Dogg was giving it. It works perfectly well and would make a great backup pen for portable, on-the-go vaping. It has a stylish exterior and smooth operation. The kit comes with cleaning implements to make sure the G-Pen keeps working well into a few months.

Review Score: 85/100 - 85
  • Cool-looking appearance
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and compact
  • Not very powerful
  • Limited performance
  • Small tank


Snoop Dogg Bush G Slim Liquid Vape
Color: Green
Can be used with: E-Liquids
Price $19.95

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