//Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO Review – Planting Seeds of Satisfaction
Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO Review – Planting Seeds of Satisfaction 2018-04-12T11:38:19+00:00

Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO Review – Planting Seeds of Satisfaction

What is common between Snoop Dogg and the Grenco Science brand? The answer is – California, and of course, some repetitive and serious collaboration in the vaping world. Their new kit, the Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO is designed for people who want nothing but the best quality when it comes to cutting their bushes. This package based on the G Pen Pro that everyone loves really has it all, so let’s take a close look at it.


By the way, BUSH is the name of the new Snoop Dogg’s album. Everyone who gets this professional vaping equipment for dry herbs also gets an exclusive certificate for the digital copy of quality music made by the living legend of HIGH stuff.

What’s in the box

  • Rechargeable G Pro Vaporizer
  • G Pro Mouthpiece
  • G Pro Filter
  • 5 G Pro Filter Screens
  • G Pro Cleaning Brush
  • 2 G Pro Extended Mouthpiece Sleeves
  • 3 G Pro Mouthpiece Sleeves
  • G Pro Wired USB Charger
  • Snoop Dogg BUSH Grinder Card
  • Snoop Dogg BUSH Tray
  • Starter Pot
  • Organic “Spicy Globe” Basil Seeds Pack
  • Snoop Dogg BUSH Digital Album Download Card

Loading the Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO

To turn on/off the vaporizer you just need five quick clicks on the button. When it lights up red, it means that the magic started happening and you have to wait some time for the vaporizer to heat up. When your set up temperature is reached, the button turns green. It means that you may start vaping now.

If you want to change the temperature settings that have been chosen before, there’s a simple way to do it, too. After switching on the vaporizer, hold the button for 1 to 3 seconds. Watch for the indicator at a lower part of the device to change its color, and you’re all set to new vaping experience! A red light will give you 160ºC which is ideal for some herb types to fully flourish with a healing vapor in your mouth. A green light indicates the 190ºC and blue light is for 215ºC if you like it hot and with big clouds.

Note that you need to fully charge your BUSH G Pro before each session. When you plug it into the USB charger, make sure the button turns green. To load the vape pen, remove the mouthpiece by applying pressure from both sides, and at the same time, pulling it upwards.

Vaping Experience

After turning on the device, you have to wait for about 60 to 90 seconds for your herbs to heat up properly. Then all you have to do is take the draw, at the same time holding the button. It is recommended to wait 20-30 seconds between each draw to make sure you’re not heating the material too much.

On lower temperatures, the amount of vapor is minimal. Even though, by using this kind of settings you get much flavor and good mood. For big clouds lovers it is smart to set the highest temperature and enjoy. The flavor you get in this case is smooth and intense thanks to the internal airflow of the convection. You can use an extended mouthpiece if it gets too hot. Right, Grenco Science, why trying to make the device cool at all times, let’s just add some additional mouth caps! They didn’t worry much about the new technology, just got away with a regular G Pro design. Still, it delivers satisfaction and is worth a try!

Using the Device

The vaporizer itself has a fun leafy design, which correlates with Snoop’s new album BUSH. The tray and all the accessories are quite a piece of a style in your room. Everyone will notice that you are a fan of, erm… biology.

Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO is very portable vaporizer for dried herbs. It is comfortable for holding in your hand and vaping with no trouble. All cleaning tools that come with it, are very handy and cleaning itself doesn’t take much time or effort. Mouthpieces are soon getting clogged up, which is a downside. Even though, power management is impressive. Fully charged battery is enough for minimum 10 nice hits. The battery lasts for around 90 minutes (at minimum power) and needs 3 hours to be completely charged via USB.

How it Compares

It seems logical to compare Snoop Dogg Bush G Pro with G Pro Elite from Grenco Science. Both look relatively similar. Charging, Turning on and off, three-temperature mod and other features are also the same.

Chambers have a different shape, though, which can make a difference. Probably, G Pro Elite chamber produce a better flavor because it’s wider and has a bigger room for evaporating herbs. Plus it is ceramic, which is suitable for even heating, not overburning material, and easy cleaning. However, Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO has a cylindrical, stainless steel chamber. The flavor and throat hit that you eventually get depend on your vaping style, whatever vaporizer you choose. As for Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO, it takes a little more time to initially heat up than Elite. But what is good about both BUSH and Elite is that they have a convection heating mechanism, which is better than conduction type for its zero combustion feel.

What we Liked and What we Nitpicked


  • Out-of-this-world design by Snoop Dogg dedicated to his music album
  • Great functionality, switch temperature and adjust flavor to your taste
  • So easy to use
  • Really well-valued price

  • Hits will taste burnt if you overheat your material

The Final Verdict

Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO is a truly happy marriage between music and technology. Musicians praise the effects on their vocal chords and strongly inspire the creation of high-end devices, like G Pro. World’s cultures use images of medicinal herbs for products inspiration and stylization.
Now all Snoop fans are able to groove to the album while enjoying the vaporizer.

We give Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO a lifted 9 of 10

Snoop Dogg Bush G-PRO
Vape Rating: 92/100 by

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