The Ooze Duplex: An Intuitive Dual Use Vaporizer


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: February 15, 2022

Ooze Duplex Review

Review Score: 90/100

Price Range:
$39.99- $60.00
Battery Capacity:
Tank Capacity:
Rainbow, Silver, Gold, Black, White
Works with:
  • Oil icon


  • Stealthy Design
  • Solid Connection
  • Plenty of Accessories


  • Lower battery life on higher voltage settings

Vapers who like extract and nicotine liquids will be pleased to learn about the Ooze Duplex, a dual use vaporizer compatible with extract, oils, and nicotine liquid.

This vaporizer has already gotten a lot of attention, being voted the best dual use vaporizer by High Times at the Michigan Cannabis Cup. Highly convenient, this dual vape has several features that make it one of the best vapes available today.

Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer Review

The Ooze Duplex is a very impressive dual vaporizer with several features that vapers will appreciate. It delivers an excellent overall vaping experience thanks to its adequate vapor production, a wide array of safety features, and its compatibility with extract and nicotine liquids.

Furthermore, its design allows for it to be carried and vaped without drawing unwanted attention. Although the pen is not as big as other extract vaporizers, it does pack a respectable hit and is easy to use.

Ooze Duplex Colors

This dual vaporizer is ideal for people who want simple vapes that can burn nicotine liquid and herbal extract.

Duplex Vapor Production

This pen produces substantial amounts of vapor but nowhere near what a giant bong or RTA/RDA can do.

This product is not for making clouds; it is more geared toward those who want a stealthy experience and hard hits simultaneously.

The low amount of clouds will not draw unnecessary attention, but the higher the user goes on the voltage, the larger the clouds. The strength of the hits increases with the voltage, too. It is best to start on the lowest setting and increase the voltage until the best setting is found.

Duplex Vaporizer Temperature Settings

There are four voltage settings: 3.4, 3.6, 3.8, and 4.0 volts. There is a screen beneath the detachable firing bar that shows the settings.

  • As higher the voltage, than bigger the vape clouds.
  • The low voltage provides smoother clouds.

Also, each voltage level has a color that is displayed on the screen.

Duplex Vaporizer Protection Features

This unit has all the necessary features to keep the user safe and the vape operating efficiently. These protections include voltage and overheating protection.

Additionally, the location of the USB charger port ensures that it can charge upright without getting scratched.

The Ooze Duplex Dual Kit and Accessories

The starter kit comes fully loaded with all the needed accessories. Upon opening the box, the buyer will find:

  • a ceramic glass oil tank
  • a dual quartz tank
  • two magnetic connectors
  • accessories like a USB charger
  • a loading tool
  • a user manual

Additionally, this dual vaporizer kit has an outstanding exterior design and internal build quality, as well as a battery capable of lasting much of the day.

Ooze Duplex Starter Kit

These features make this dual vaporizer ideal for people who want a two-in-one device that is pocketable and easy to use.

Duplex Vaporizer Build and Design Quality

Of all the vaporizers, this one is one of the most well-built and designed. The first thing one notices is how small it is. The size of the Duplex makes it easy to grip, comfortable to transport, and adds to its stealthiness.

Also, it has excellent mouthpiece designs. One mouthpiece is duck-billed, while the other is elongated and curved. Both fit the lips perfectly.

With the help of Ooze dual quartz coils designed with quartz and wrapped in titanium, the user can set the optimal temperature and airflow.

Another thing to mention is the strength of the magnets. One of the problems with magnetic connections is that they are too strong or not strong enough. This connection is perfect, as the atomizers stay in but are easy to pull out.

Duplex Vaporizer Build and Design Quality

Also, the USB charger is located at the base of the Duplex, meaning that it can be charged while standing upright. It is one of the best accessories in the kit.

Duplex Vaporizer Battery Life

This dual vaporizer uses a medium 1,000 mah internal battery. The battery life on this dual vaporizer can be solid, depending on the settings and how often it is used. On the lowest setting, the battery can last a day or more.

Battery life decreases the higher the user goes on the settings. Chain vaping at 4.0 volts can reduce battery life to around ten sessions. The USB charger ensures that it charges quickly.

How Long Does a Dual Ooze Duplex Coil Last?

The coils can last one or two weeks. The problem with the coil is that there is no replacement wax atomizer in the vaporizer kit and new ones have to be bought off the site. The coils do not appear to be detachable, so there is no way to clean them, as far as we know.

Ooze Duplex Vaporizer Compatible Materials

The main feature everyone is excited about is the compatibility of the Duplex with different materials. It has atomizers for nicotine liquids, extract, and oils.

The e-juice atomizer has a special chamber and atomizer specially designed for nicotine liquids, while the atomizer for herbal extract has dual coils on which the oils and concentrates are dropped directly.

How to Use the Ooze Duplex Vape

Another thing people will like about this vape is that it is effortless to use. To use waxes, grab the wax atomizer and remove the mouthpiece and atomizer cap by unscrewing. This exposes the heating chamber.

Ooze Duplex Open

Use the dab tool to put the extract in the wax atomizer cartridge. Replace the atomizer cap and mouthpiece. Screw them back on until they are finger-tight.

The nicotine juice atomizer functions the same way.

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece and drip juice or oil along the chamber’s sidewalls.
  2. Place everything back on the magnetic ring connector, ensuring it is not too tight, and then turn it on.
  3. Click the dual vaporizer five times to turn it on.
  4. Adjust the voltage settings by pressing the firing button three times in rapid succession. The screen shows the settings and has color codes for each voltage level.
  5. The colors are 3.4 blue, 3.6 green, 3.8 orange, and 4.0 volts red.

Ooze Duplex vs. Yocan Hive 2.0 Dual Vaporizer Kit

Yocan Hive Vaporizer

The Yocan Hive is also a two-in-one dual vaporizer, being compatible with nicotine liquids and extract.

  • The device also has an excellent form factor that makes it ideal for people who want a portable and pocketable vape.
  • However, it has a significantly smaller 650 mah battery and only three power settings.
  • The Duplex dual pen is more powerful, and its battery is more robust.
  • Both devices have magnetic connectors for drop-in use.
  • The Hive’s one advantage is that it is around ten dollars cheaper.

Ooze Duplex vs. Wulf Duo Dual Vaporizer Kit

Wulf Duo 2-in-1 Dab & Liquid Vaporizer

  • The Duplex and Wulf look almost like copies of one another, all the way down to the main features, but there are slight differences.
  • But, they are both two-in-one vapes, and the Wulf has an ergonomic form that makes it easy to handle and transport.
  • However, the Wulf pen has slightly higher vapor production than the Duplex, which is less expensive.
  • However, its internal build quality is not as good as the Duplex.
  • The atomizer in the Wulf wiggles around a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ooze Duplex Vaporizer

  • Why is My Ooze Pen Blinking and Not Hitting?

    If the pen is blinking and not hitting, there could be a problem with the connection. Try taking the atomizer out and re-seating it. When the light blinks white, this is the problem.

    If this does not work, try cleaning the connection. If it still does not work, there could be a problem with the battery.

  • How Do You Preheat the Ooze Duplex Vaporizer?

    1. First, turn the dual vaporizer on by clicking it five times.
    2. Next, press the power button two times to begin the 15-second preheating cycle.
    3. Press the button once to end the cycle. This feature works best with extract and oils.
  • How Do You Clean the Ooze Duplex Vaporizer?

    The tanks cannot be disassembled and have to be thrown out when they reach the end of their shelf lives.

    However, the connection needs to be periodically cleaned so that there are no seating issues. The best way to do this is with a damp q-tip. Swab the connection until it is clean, let it dry, and then reassemble the vape.

Ooze Duplex Specifications

Four Voltage Settings: 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, 4.0V
Preheating Mode: 15 Second
Battery Type: Adjustable 1,000 mAh
Charger Type: USB
Tank Capacity: 1mL
Threaded: 510
Colors: Rainbow, Silver, Gold, Black, White


The Positives

  • Compatible with e-juice and herbal concentrate extract
  • Stealthy Design
  • Solid Connection
  • Plenty of Accessories
  • Four Voltage Settings

The Negatives

  • Lower battery life on higher voltage settings

Closing Thoughts About the Ooze Duplex Kit

Most people will fall in love with this Ooze vaporizer because of its two-in-one function, build quality, and convenience. This vaporizer kit is all-around outstanding, and it compares well with its competitors, too.

The only problem is that the battery life is low on the higher settings. It also has lots of accessories. Also, the wax atomizer coils cannot be detached, as far as we can figure out. However, all that aside, this is an excellent vape pen, hands down.

If you have anything you would like to say about this vape pen, please leave a comment below.

Published: July 17, 2021Updated: February 15, 2022

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