//MigVapor DRE Review – A Dry Herb Vape Bursting With Functions
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MigVapor DRE Review – A Dry Herb Vape Bursting With Functions

Let’s talk about the all new MigVapor DRE Dry Herb Vaporizer. It brings you features not commonly found in vaporizers. MigVapor has managed to pack a huge amount of functionality into this smart little pen. With a brand new Quartz chamber for your dry herb, it will leave you in a daze. After you hit this device, an intensive and flavor filled sensation will fill you up.

MigVapor DRE Review

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Vape Pros & Cons


  • Variable Temperature
  • Quartz Chamber
  • Portable Design
  • Natural Pull

  • Warm up time
  • Device get’s hot after use

Box Contents and Specs

Box Contents:

  • MigVapor DRE Dry Herb Vaporizer Black
  • USB Adapter and Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Pack of cleaning swabs
  • User Manual
  • Pair of Tweezers
  • Very Cool Storage – Carry Box
  • 90 Day Warranty


  • 1800mAh Super Cell Battery
  • Digital OLED Display
  • DOA Guarantee

Design, Look and Feel

The Design

The overall design of this device is outstanding. You need to ensure the security standard is as high as it can be. This is when you think about the levels of temperature that the MigVapor DRE will reach. Due to this, most of the time, devices end up looking military and far from stylish. Although you can see a military feel to this device, they’ve managed to make it look stylish and clean.

Size and Weight

The weight and size of this device are decent. The MigVapor DRE feels like it’s made out of a solid material. As a result, it doesn’t feel plastic or fake. When it’s in your pocket you will not notice it. The size of the MigVapor DRE fits nice and perfectly in your hand, giving you a casual experience when using this device.


Due to the nature of this device, it’s understandable a number of features it has. This is to ensure the device is working properly. Ultimately, It ensures that you’re having the best experience when using the MigVapor DRE. Here are some of the best features the device has to offer. They are the ones you’ll be using the most:

  • OLED Screen – As mentioned above, the MigVapor DRE comes host to an amazingly convenient OLED screen. You do not normally find these on dry herb vaporizers, so it’s a nice surprise. The screen will give you a lot of information. They include how much battery life you have, the temperature of the device, the current stage in the warmup process and much more.
  • Variable Temperature – The MigVapor DRE offers the ability to change the temperature per degree. Therefore, this gives you huge amounts of control over your vaping experience. In addition, you can also control the density of cloud you will be pulling from this device. Find your perfect temperature and stick with it. When changing the temperature ensure you understand what you’re doing! It’s also worth mentioning, you can view the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Vibrate When On – This is one of the most feared problems with a device such as this. People don’t like the idea of having a mini oven in your pocket. MigVapor have attempted to counter this by providing a huge vibration when the device is on. As a result, this will give you a heads up if you accidentally turn it on in your pocket.
  • No Combustion – I am sure this goes without saying, but it’s worth mentioning regardless. The device has NO combustion at all throughout the device. All the heat that it generates, it does through the battery and nothing else. Therefore, this makes the device safe and efficient. The heating chamber is quartz and has no coil or other heating material.

Using the MigVapor DRE Dry Herb Vape


The performance of this device is outstanding. And for $130, you’d expect it to be so. The production of vapor from the device is satisfying and it manages to deliver an intensive flavor from your choice of dry herb. Here’s a breakdown of the performance and the aspects that it excels in.

The Quality of the Cloud & Flavor

As mentioned above, the cloud and flavor from a pull on this device are quite something. It leaves you with a dense cloud and an intensive flavor in your mouth. You can use the variable temperature to control the cloud you’ll be producing precisely. Of course, it depends on your choice of dry herb. In addition, you can also control the flavor that it leaves behind. Overall, with this variable temperature, I feel it gives this device a great chance for a great performance.

Battery Life

The device will hold a charge for a decent amount of time. However, I wouldn’t go too far away from a charging outlet. Due to the temperatures it will reach, it all depends on how much you will be using the device. If you are a casual vapor, then you will more than likely be fine with a single full charge. However, any more than this, you will have to recharge at some point during the day.

The Competition

There isn’t much competition right now when it comes to dry herb vaping. There is a small amount of competition out there. However, the monster that is the DRE MigVapor DRE will quickly knock you out of the water. It comes equipped with a variable temperature and OLED display. It also mixes a high-level performance with power. Therefore, there aren’t much that can keep up with this device.

Assembling & Maintenance


The only assembly you need to do on this device is accessing the chamber at the top. You can do this by simply removing the magnetic mouthpiece. Then, you will have access to the chamber where you can fill with your desired dry herb. After that, simply place the mouthpiece back in place. Charging is simple, take the cable, plug it in and charge it. The indicator on the OLED display will notify you of when it finishes charging.

Maintenance Instructions

Every vaper knows that maintaining your device is important. This is the best way to keep the device in a good working order without any problems. Occasionally, follow these steps to keep the device up to a good standard. Make sure you do all of this while the device is COOL and in a sleeping state:

  1. Occasionally, wipe down the device. This will remove any build-up of dust that could make its way inside the device.
  2. After vaping dry herb, make sure to clear the chamber completely. You can remove the large chunks with tweezers and then gently swab the area with the swabs provided.
  3. Wipe down all surfaces with the cleaning brush provided, inside and out.

More information

You can find any additional information in the user manual provided with the device. I would always highly recommend checking the user manual before searching for answers online. Sometimes, the answers provided online can be questionable. Some of the time, not all answers are true or legitimate.



For $130 the MigVapor DRE comes in on the larger side of the price tag spectrum. Although, on a device with this many functionalities, you can expect it.


The design is clean and impressive, there aren’t many negative things you can say about the design.


The performance of the device is outstanding. It provides a good flavor, a decent density in the cloud, and a great battery life.

Overall, I believe the DRE Dry Herb Vaporizer is a great buy. It manages to perfectly vape your desired dry herb without burning. It provides a high level of quality throughout the device, from design to performance to the price. It’s a great entry level and intermediate level device for anyone looking to dry herb vape. Get yours from MIG Vapor today!

MigVapor DRE
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  1. JW
    JW December 1, 2017 at 11:49 pm - Reply

    My MigVapor doesn’t produce any vapor with dry herbs. Is this normal?

  2. Skip
    Skip March 2, 2018 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    Is it the “DRAY” or “DRE”
    Did the name change….I see YouTube videos with both and it’s not just a typo because that’s how it’s spelled on the actual device in those videos.

    Also why do I see a couple others that look EXACTLY like this (Zolo and Ruva)

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