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The Inhalater Vaporizer promises a lot with such a manly man name. It makes you envision a vaporizer from the future that has come to pump us up full of vapor. And while the Inhalater Vaporizer puffs out its chest and tries to be one of the better portable, dry herb vaporizers out there, it still has a long way to go in my opinion.

To be sure, the Inhalater is a powerful device. The battery is not built into the device but is a 18650 replaceable one. And despite its appearance as a bad-ass looking, metal vapor cannon the entire mod is made entirely of plastic, and it is somewhat lightweight for a device that is also quite tall at nearly 7.48 inches.

Inhalater Vaporizer Review

The device comes with a refillable, plastic (plastic!) cartridge that gets placed into the heating chamber with an adjustable dial at the bottom of the device that goes from 1-10. There are no specific degree modulations, so you just have to play with it to find your sweet spot.

Box Contents

The box doesn’t try to hide its raison d’etre since it’s covered in a leafy, green color scheme. But once you open the box of the Inhalater Vaporizer you will find:

  • One Inhalater battery
  • Two cartridges
  • Cleaning towelettes
  • Four cleaning tips
  • Cleaning tools
  • User’s manual
  • Wall adapter
  • USB to USB charging cable

First Impression

What first got my attention about the Inhalater Vaporizer, besides the name, was the price. Mamma mia! This thing will annihilate your wallet and all its contents. And when I start with a high price point, I go into the review thinking, what is it exactly that I am paying so much for and is it worth it.

My second impression was that the thing looks like a vibrator. I say that in all seriousness. It’s not a vape mod or a pen-style mod, so it’s wider and taller, and it has a turnable dial on the base that can turn from high to low.

What else does what I just described look like? I’m sorry, but I say that in the hope that someone on the design team will read this and then go back to the drawing board once the next version of the Inhalater comes out.

Now, with that unpleasantness behind us, as I mentioned above, the Inhalater Vaporizer is not a beast in terms of weight, although it does stretch beyond an outstretched hand to ensure its non-portability.

I mean, you could put it into your man-purse (or lady purse) if you so desired to have something take up so much space, but I would not be walking around with the Inhalater just because it is bigger than most and does not lend itself to discretion.

The Inhalater comes in either a black or stainless steel color scheme. And other than the cartridge, the batteries and the charger there are no other removable parts to the Inhalater Vaporizer. I found that the cartridges can take about two to three grams of product and fit nicely into the chamber.

The cartridge and mouthpiece are connected to each other, so the vapor flow is direct and travels a short distance, but the cartridge itself is plastic and does not make for an interesting flavor character. I didn’t notice too much of a burnt taste at the beginning, but as I started turning up the heat, I did feel a strange emission mingled in with the vapor.

Using the Inhalater Vaporizer

Ease of use is one of the Inhalater’s more obvious features. All that’s needed to start vaping is to remove the cartridge from the heating chamber, fill in the chamber with your favorite flower fairies and then place the pod back into the chamber.

There is no firing button on the Inhalater Vaporizer, so you turn the device on by rotating the dial out of the “off” position into your desired temperature level. The whole apparatus takes about two to three minutes to heat up properly, and the LED indicator light stops flashing you know it’s ready.

Vaping the Inhalater Vaporizer

Using the bottom temperature dial helped modulate between great vapor and more emphasis on flavor. Taking the Inhalater all the way to the highest temperature was not the best idea since it did get noticeably hot, but the cloud production and pull were nearly effortless.

I felt a great mouth-to-lung hit reminiscent of my early days in the botanical gardens. There was a great throat scratch too, which even though unpleasant, was still something that I enjoyed. But the longer I let the material cook, the more a nagging and persistent burnt plastic taste crept into my cloud.

Battery Life

The Inhalater Vaporizer, after a full charge, lasted me (at regular, daily use) for about an hour and a half. Most of my sessions with the Inhalater lasted a maximum of ten minutes, and in that time, I always crept higher with the temperature setting, which did take about two to five minutes each time I changed it.

How It Rates

The Inhalater tries to be a powerful device and portable one at the same time. But, in striving to be two things, it ends up failing at both. The power factor, however, in indisputable; the Inhalater, especially with a special “pulse” function that gives an extra ten-second power boost whenever you enable the function, has enough power to produce mega-sized clouds.

But when compared with something like the Arizer Solo that has a real metallic body, a longer lasting battery life, and a removable glass mouthpiece and is much smaller than the Inhalater, I think the Arizer takes it. It’s a more portable device that doesn’t compromise, either, on compactness.

What I Liked

Ease of Use

The Inhalater Vaporizer couldn’t be easier to use. You fill the pods, insert them into the heating chamber and turn on the device. Clean-up and maintenance aren’t that much of a problem since the plastic cartridges are disposable, so you don’t have to waste your time cleaning them. The chamber inside can get a bit gunky, but you have enough cleaning tools inside the kit to help with that.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

The Inhalater didn’t go the complicated route and install an LED panel with a precise temperature read-out down to the degree. It went with a much simpler interface that’s easy to use and understand and delivered optimal temperature control.

Cloud Production

While dry herb vapes are not known or expected to give off a great cloud, it’s still nice, once in awhile to have a vape pen that delivers significant cloud cover to recall the days of combustion that we all remember. The Inhalater Vaporizer delivers in that sense with a magnificent steam engine of vapor.

Not Liked

Poor Build

Remember how I said how I look for where my money went when it comes to pricey, high-end mods, well, my money certainly did got into the materials to make the Inhalater. The entire device is made of more plastic than my collection of G.I. Joes. For a device nearing $350, I would expect some stainless steel or ceramic or even titanium for chrissakes.

Plastic Cartridges

I didn’t like the plastic cartridges that I fill to put into the heating chamber. I’ve seen a lot of chatter about this particular plastic, since the company that manufacturers the Inhalater Vaporizer, Pharmacor Technologies (that doesn’t sound like a soulless corporation whatsoever) claims that it is the same plastic that goes into space shuttles and the such.

Well, good for the space shuttles. But even the astronauts don’t inhale the stuff into their lungs.


I didn’t find where all the money went into too to make the Inhalater. Its cheap plastic casing wrapped around a 18650 battery and an adjustable temperature dial didn’t seem to warrant such a high price point.

The Takeaway

Don’t get the Inhalater Vaporizer. That’s the only takeaway from this review. It is overpriced, cheaply made and produced and while it tries to overpower its flaws with exceptional heating and cloud producing, it still fails to meet the high standards placed on it by me for such an exorbitant amount of money.

There is a myriad of other mods out there that are, not even half the price; even less, and perform much better, are made of better materials, are easier to use and still deliver great quality vapor and flavor. And they so do not like an over-confident sex toy.

I give the Inhalater Vaporizer an uninflated 4/10.


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