HipVap Vaporizer Review – An Affordable Multipurpose Vape

The HipVap is the latest in the line of extremely tiny vaporizers that have been hitting the market recently. The HipVap provides the value and features of more expensive dry herb vaporizers at a very affordable price of $150. But with any vape, there are a few questions you have to ask to make sure it will suit you. We’re going to explore answers to those questions in this quick HipVap vaporizer review.

HipVap Vaporizer Review

What You Will Get

The HipVap vaporizer is famous for its value and the contents of the package just up the ante even more. In the box, there are two pods, eight oil wicks, three screens, two extra mouth pieces. It also comes with ten pipe cleaners and two smell proof bags. The manufacturer has ensured that you don’t have to buy any replacements for a long time with their product.

We would like to reiterate just how much of a good value we think this product is for the price. The HipVap Vaporizer bundle comes with a set of accessories that consist of:

  • 1 HipVap Vaporizer
  • 2 pods
  • 8 oil wicks
  • 2 extra mouth pieces
  • 3 screens
  • 2 odor proof bags
  • 10 pipe cleaners
  • 1 charger
  • 1 instruction manual

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

The HipVap boasts two 1700 mAh rechargeable batteries which do a pretty decent job. It also features every herb vaper’s favorite pass-through charging mechanism. This means after a short charge from dead, you’ll be able to charge and vape at the same time. The charge time on the vape is certainly on the higher side. Unfortunately, it takes about four hours to charge fully from 0%. You shouldn’t have to charge very often though because you can get around three hours per charge. This is great for a couple of sessions throughout the day.

The overall design of this product is great. Everything feels sturdy, and even the herb chamber (which slides out) feels like it’s not going to break. They obviously put a lot of thought into the long-term use of this product, and it shows.

It’s a Giant in a Small Body

HipVap VaporizerBoasting one of the smallest vapes I’ve seen lately, the HipVap vaporizer can easily fit in the palm of your hand. As a result, it’s perfect for discreet vaping in public. The machine aluminum housing allows for sleek and elegant feel. However, it can be a little slick at times so make sure your hands are dry before picking it up.

The heat up time on this one is very low compared to vapes in this price range (and even more expensive ones). It only takes 60 seconds to reach 380 degrees Fahrenheit. It will surprise you to experience the powerful punch from such a small vape.

Up in the Air

Being a herb lover, you know the move this subhead refers to, right? Anyways, back to the topic.

The vapor production on HipVap is great. When comparing it to other vapes in its size range, it puts up a good fight. For being such a small device, the flavor is still pretty impeccable. Slowly moving up through the temperatures allows for you to get the most out of your herbs. Meanwhile, it also maintains the quality and not burning through everything so fast. The higher you get on the temperature scale, the more and more it emulates smoking which is nice.

Who is HipVap for?

This device is for novices and experienced vapers who are looking for a product that offers a unique experience. The use isn’t too complex, and also allows to vape concentrates besides herbs.

Customizing it is pretty simple. Its three-button design allows for it to be quite easy to pick up and learn. It allows you to adjust the automatic shutoff feature which most others require an unnecessary app for. Additionally, it features a cool real-time temperature scale that shows you how fast it’s heating up.

Ultimately, this vape is for anyone who likes to use a little herb. You can usually get a couple of really solid sessions out of it. Once you’re done, you can even evacuate the excess. The vape also allows for a nice even vaporization of the herbs. This means there won’t be any holes where you can see one part of the chamber’s hotter than the other.

But What’s the Catch?

There is always something to gripe about, and the HipVap vaporizer is not immune to problems. While most are minor nitpicks, they are things that can be addressed and fixed in later iterations of the product. That is if the manufacturer plans to launch a sequel.

Firstly, the chamber screen is very hard to remove. Therefore, I come to dread having to take it off. This is because even after using it so many times I still struggle with it. Secondly, the buttons on the front of the vape are not very visible and are hard to see. You might have a hard time finding the buttons at first. If you’re like me and like to sit in a dark room and vape, This can be a problem.

With this product, the good outweighs the bad. I would like to highlight some of the features that I haven’t mentioned yet that still impress me. This is one of the few mid-range vaporizers that allow you use both oils and concentrates. Usually, you’d usually have to go up at least $50-$100 to find a vape capable of doing that. I also love that you have full control of the temperature. You can go up degree by degree until you find that perfect temperature that you love.

Is HipVap Vaporizer Worth the Price?

I can without a doubt say that the HipVap is totally worth the $150 price tag. It is one of the best vapes in its price range. Furthermore, it could probably put up a valiant effort against current vaporizers costing twice as much. Most often, they compare it to the Goboof Alfa which costs $50 more and matches the HipVap tit for tat. If HipVap retailed for $200+, then it would probably boil down to personal preferences. But for now, HipVap beats the competition to the punch.

It fits a powerful core into a sleek and tiny package. It’s sturdy design and full user control allow for you never to have to worry about the product. Moreover, the mouthpiece allows for you to take nice comfortable pulls. The pass through charging means that you don’t ever have to unplug the charger if you don’t want to. The chamber size allows for you to share it with friends or get a great session by yourself.

Overall I would happily recommend the HipVap to anyone looking for a mid to high range, multipurpose dry herb vaporizer. The HipVap is great on the go or for vaping at home.