Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer Review


by James Bickford

Updated: October 7, 2022

haze dual v3 vaporizer review

Review Score: 87/100

Price Range:
$124.99 - $249.00
Battery Capacity:
2600 mAh
Chamber Capacity:
0.8 grams
Absinthe/Green, Graphite/Grey, Midnight/Blue, Orchid/Purple, Stealth/Black
Works with:
  • Wax icon
  • Herbs icon


  • Versatility provided by the dual chamber
  • Durability and water resistance
  • Lightweight and discreet


  • High retail price
  • Takes 60-90 seconds to reach full temperatures

The Dual V3 Vaporizer is truly changing the vape game. It has two separate built-in chambers, providing you with the ability to pact it with all your favorite dry herbs, concentrates, e-liquids, and waxes. It is the only vape on the market with all of these capabilities, making it truly unique. Comprised of stainless steel, this vape is sturdy and not susceptible to easy breakage. Its exterior is also water resistant, adding to its durability.

The Dual V3 Vaporizer is the perfect purchase for anyone who wants a vaporizer that truly does it all. The purchase of one of these vaporizers also comes with a large assortment of accessories. Along with the vape itself, buyers will get two mouthpieces, (1 of stainless steel and one of glass), 2 conduction stainless steel screens, 2 convection screens, 2 rechargeable batteries, a wall charger, a cleaning tool, a material tool, a dry can, a concentrate can, and a user manual. In addition to the user manual, there are also instructional resources available online via the Haze Technologies web page, and more accessories that come at an extra fee. It is also extremely compact, making it a great option for anyone seeking a discreet vaping tool.

This vape comes in 5 different color options. The first, and one of the sleekest, is stealth, which is black. This color is preferred by individuals who want their vaporizer to be able to fly under the radar. Orchid is a magnificent purple color.

Double Chamber Versatility

haze dual v3 vaporizer review

Never before has the concept of a dual chamber vaporizer been released to the market before, which is what makes this particular vaporizer so special. Its double chamber enables it to suit the changing needs of its users. Users can switch between dry herbs, concentrates, e-liquids, and waxes right in a row if they wanted to. And amazingly, this versatility does not take up that much space, leaving the vape light and easily concealable.

haze v3 vaporizer open review

The product also comes with both a convection and conduction screen, as previously mentioned, to increase the customization of the vape. Both are made from stainless steel and are equally high quality, so users can choose which function they prefer depending on what type of substance they are attempting to vaporize.


Stainless steel is an extremely strong metal alloy that does not rust over time, which makes it a perfect material to construct a vape with. This material is used all throughout the Dual V3 Vaporizer and its accessories in order to make the vape as durable as possible. It has a new concentrate that prevents any accidental leaking by catching excess liquids and concentrates. Its exterior is also water resistant, which helps to reduce the risk of any accidental water damage. Users no longer have to worry about vaping in the rain, or out by the pool. Adding to the product’s durability is its improved latch mechanism on the battery door, which is designed to resist damage incurred through impact.

Advanced Heating Technology

One might assume that the double chamber in the Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer might cause a deficiency in its heating mechanism. However, that is certainly not the case– in fact, it is quite the opposite.

haze v3 vaporizer group colors review

The inside of the vape is constructed with a heat-resistant fiberglass material and a stainless steel enforced heat seal on its door that allows it to heat to very high temperatures without sustaining any damage. There are four temperatures for dry herb inputs, which range from 365 to 415 degrees Fahrenheit. Oils and waxes can be vaporized at the two highest settings, (390 and 415 degrees Fahrenheit). This wide range of temperatures helps users get different vaping experiences out of their substances. Heating various inputs to different temperature settings will make them taste and feel different in the users’ mouth. The new and improved heater is also immune to being affected by the external atmosphere, which means varying temperatures, humidity levels, altitudes, and air pressures will no longer cause users any problems.

Are there any competitors?

Prohibited 5th Degree

prohibited 5th degree review

The Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer made this competitors list due to its ability to vaporize both dry herb, wax, and concentrated inputs. It is slightly more affordable than the Haze Dual V3 vape, but not as versatile, since it is not capable of using convection heating to vaporize.

Firefly 2

Firefly 2 desktop

The Firefly two made the list due to its similar price. It produces a slightly higher quality vapor, and is also compatible with both flower and concentrate. However, it is significantly less concealable, therefore not a very good option for those who want to vape discreetly.

Pax 3

VD Pax3 colors

The Pax 3 is another on the go vaporizer option. It is slightly smaller, which makes it more convenient for users looking to vape more discreetly. It can handle both concentrate and dry herb, but its battery life does not last as long as the Dual v3. Read full Pax 3 review.

A Single Tool for All Vaper Needs

All things considered, the Haze Dual D3 is one of the best vapes out there on the market for those who are interested in investing in a quality vaporizer. Its versatility is definitely its most attractive characteristic. Haze is truly revolutionizing the industry with this product. The ability to vaporize dry herbs, concentrates, waxes, and liquids all in the same session makes it a practical choice for traveling with. Whether users are going on vacation and trying to pack light, or just going about their daily routine and want to be prepared for anything they might need, all they need to bring along is the Haze. Its impressive battery life will be able to handle heavy usage, and considering how durable it is, users do not have to feel guilty about carrying it around with them everywhere they go.

Here’s a fair warning though– once you buy it, your friends are all going to be dying to hit it. It’s recommended that you keep it a secret unless you don’t mind sharing this awesome vape! That being said, if you do have a “more the merrier” mentality, the vape’s improved mouthpiece is very easy to clean. The Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer is one of a kind, and most definitely worth its price tag.

Specifications of Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Chamber Capacity: 2600 mAh
Chamber Capacity: 0.8 grams
Manufactured by: Haze Technologies
Colors: Absinthe/Green, Graphite/Grey, Midnight/Blue, Orchid/Purple, Stealth/Black
Can be used with: Dry herb, Concentrates
Dimensions: 3.5 x 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Weight: 1.55 lbs
Voltage: 110 v
Price: $124.99


The Positives

  • Versatility provided by the dual chamber
  • Durability and water resistance
  • Lightweight and discreet

The Negatives

  • High retail price
  • Takes 60-90 seconds to reach full temperatures
Published: February 16, 2017Updated: October 7, 2022

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2 comments on “Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer Review

  • David Bakker

    September 8, 2018 at 7:25 am

    I have owned the Haze 3.0 dual vape for three years, and have had no problems with it. It is still working great: cleaning it well is a must. I have bought various accoutrements (new batteries, conduction screens(little fryer baskets I call them)), and the $400 I paid for it has paid off because of the 4 temp. settings.
    You will need no other vape! (Use the glass tube for best results)

  • Robert

    April 14, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    I have owned a Haze 3 for sometime and like the unit and I disagree the chambers are too small – they hold about the same as Pax and Crafty that I also own and use. My biggest problem started when I tried to get mine serviced. I sent the unit back for cleaning and repairs and waited. The unit was received and nothing happened. When I inquired, Haze told me: “We should be able to ship this out late this week or Monday the latest.” That was on March 6th (the unit was sent back on February 13th). On March 20th they offered to exchange the Haze 3 for the Square when it came out, but I’d still have to wait. Again. Early this month (April, now the 14th), someone from Haze called to apologize for the delay and once again blamed everything on their supplier. I’m still l waiting as I write this.

    I would suggest Haze get someone else to build their units; this problem with suppliers gives me pause and I will no longer recommend Haze products. Even with a 10 year warranty, what good is a warranty if it can’t be honored. I’ve had to send back a Crafty three times (not reliable at all) and my Pax, once and all those returns were handled quickly and efficiently and I never waited more than a week for any of them.

    I am sorely disappointed in Haze.