Focus V Carta Review: A User-Friendly, High-Tech Way To Dab


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: April 19, 2022

focus v carta vaporizer review

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
$199.99- $350.00
Battery Type:
2 x 18350
Heat Time:
60 Seconds
Heating Style:
Works with:
  • Wax icon
  • Herbs icon


  • Great vapor and flavor production
  • Bluetooth app-enabled temperature control
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Cheap build material (all plastic)

The Focus V Carta is an electronic dab rig that features four preset heating levels and two replaceable 18350s batteries. In addition, Focus V Carta has a Bluetooth-compatible app that gives users even more control over the device. The Carta consists of a base and water attachment with the atomizer protruding from the side of the vaporizer. The interior of the atomizer is an all-quartz cup that comes with a carb cap to increase airflow.

A Close-Up Look at the Focus V Carta

The Focus V Carta has a similar shape and design to many other portable, electronic dab rigs. It is not the most portable vaporizer. But it is smaller than many other popular e-rigs like the Oura or the PuffCo Peak. The Carta has a simple, straightforward design that consists of the battery base and the water attachment on the top.

focus v carta vaporizer

The all-quartz cup atomizer sticks out in a small arm-like extension from the base. However, the kit does include two quartz and two titanium cups for more versatility. The quartz cups are flavor-enhancers. The titanium cups are better for hotter temperatures and more enormous clouds. The Carta is also compatible with dry herbs. But with a separate ceramic atomizer that users must purchase separately.

The wax vaporizer itself operates off of two 18350 batteries included in the kit. The removable batteries can be changed whenever they run low. But the device enables USB-C charging with its charging port on the side. There is only one button to run Focus V Carta and its four heat settings. It indicated five LED lights on the side. The temp settings are denoted by four different colors and have distinct temperatures.

What’s Inside the Box?

focus v carta vaporizer starter kit

The contents of the Carta kit ensure the device’s long-lasting performance, as well as its versatility. There is also a handy carrying case for those vapers who want to take their unit with them.

  • 1 x Focus V Carta
  • 1 x Glass mouthpiece
  • 1 x Wax cup
  • 2 x Quartz insert
  • 2 x Titanium insert
  • 2 x 18350 battery
  • 1 x Cleaning Kit
  • 1 x Storage bag
  • 1 x USB-C charger

Using the App

focus v carta vaporizer app

The portable Carta has Bluetooth compatibility. In addition, it can connect with Android or iOS devices for greater customization options. Users can download the application from the App Store or Google Play and install it on their phones. The application enables users to set precise temperatures from the central dashboard, time their sessions to a specific duration, and count how many dabs they take.

The Look and Feel

The primary dry herb and wax vaporizer build is very lightweight and has little to no heft to it. Even with the two 18350 batteries loaded, which are small, the dry herb vaporizer is very portable. The entire unit is compact and has a smooth surface with rubberized accents to make it more ergonomic. The water piece has the same diameter as the base, so it sits flush on the unit without overhang.

The atomizer cup also sits close to the base and the water piece. So everything is streamlined and easy to carry around, especially in the carrying case included in the kit. The battery section on the bottom of the device has a tab. It opens to reveal the battery slots, and it closes securely when the batteries are loaded.

Power Supply

focus v carta vaporizer battery

The new Focus V Carta operates off two 18365 batteries. It can last for up to 40 or 50 sessions with the two fully charged cells inside. The fact that it uses removable batteries also means that the device can continue running indefinitely if users have two charged batteries at the ready. The new vaporizer also enables users to charge the battery inside the Carta v Focus with the USB-C charging port and cable included in the kit.

Getting Started

The dab rig has a single button to run all its functions, including changing the temperature. Users can click the power button five times to activate the device. Once activated, users can choose between the four preset temperatures loaded onto the device, denoted by one of the four LED lights. The device vibrates when the temperature is reached.

The temperature settings are the following:

  • 500F (one light)
  • 630F (two lights)
  • 770F (three lights)
  • 842F (four lights)

The device will begin to heat up automatically when activated. Users can choose to “cold heat” their material by loading the chamber when the device is cold and waiting for it to reach temperature. But they can also activate the device, set the temperature, and wait for the device to get to the temperature before loading it.

Cleaning the Device

The device has removable cups or atomizers that users can take out to change the vaping style. The quartz cups are transparent. The titanium cups are solid metal, and each cup produces different results. For example, the quartz ones have better flavor, while the titanium cups are better at making more vapor.

focus v carta vaporizer

The users can remove the cups. So they can wait for them to cool down and wipe them clean after each use and before loading more material. The kit includes a few isopropyl wipes and a dab tool that can wipe down the inside of the atomizer. The water piece itself can also be cleaned after prolonged use.

Users can empty the water attachment first and then run it through with soap and water. Users can use other liquids like vinegar and diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove more stubborn stains. They can also leave the liquid inside the water piece overnight to ensure a more thorough cleaning.


  • Is the Focus V Carta worth it?

    The Focus V Carta is worth it for its ease of use, compact design, and Bluetooth smartphone application. Still, a new version of the device is coming out soon. It includes things like precision temp control, a new heating element, and more.

  • Is the Focus V waterproof?

    No, the Focus V is not waterproof, at least in the battery section. The device’s base should not be immersed in water. However, it will survive some splashes with water. The top water piece is all borosilicate glass and is intended for use with water, so it is waterproof.

  • Why is my Focus V Carta not heating up?

    There could be many reasons why the device is not heating up. From a poorly connected atomizer to an atomizer too tightly screwed on. First, ensure the atomizer wire connecting it to the battery has a proper connection with the atomizer itself. Ensure that no dirt or debris prevents a good connection between the two.

  • How do I know when my Focus V Carta is fully charged?

    The LED lights along the side of the device will flash when the batteries are being charged inside the device. When they are finished charging, the lights will stop flashing.

Competing Devices

Puffco Peak Pro

puffco peak pro

The PuffCo Peak Pro is an e-rig that works with concentrates. It features an all-quartz atomizer and four pre-installed temperatures. The device also has one-button control. And it has a unique, cone-shaped water piece that gives it a stylish exterior. The unit has a built-in battery, so it is not removable. But it also connects to smartphones and works with a downloadable app for precision temp control.

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch review

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a concentrates dab rig that uses induction heating to produce vapor from solid or liquid concentrates. The device has 25 different heat settings installed onto its processor. It features a straightforward, single-button control panel and switches from vaping concentrates to herbs. In addition, the kit includes two induction cups that support different materials. The black ceramic cup for herbs and the white ceramic cup supports concentrates.

Focus V Carta Specifications

Battery Type: 2 x 18350 rechargeable
Temperature Control: Four preset temperatures (500F; 630F; 770F; 842F)
Charging Type: USB-C
Heat Time: 60 Seconds
Heating Style: Conduction


The Positives

  • Easy-to-use
  • Great vapor and flavor production
  • Four atomizers in total
  • Bluetooth app-enabled temperature control
  • Long-lasting battery life

The Negatives

  • Cheap build material (all plastic)

Conclusion: Focus V Carta Review: A Ripping Good, 2-in-1 E-Rig

What is your favorite way to dab? Do you prefer pens or larger e-rigs? What do you look for in a concentrates device? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Focus V Carta is a high-performing concentrates e-rig that is easy to use. It has 2-in-1 capability (only with the purchase of the dry herb atomizer) and Bluetooth compatibility. In addition, vapers can use the downloadable app. It will increase their temperature options and keep track of their usage.

The wax device has a compact build. That makes it lightweight and easy to transport in the included carrying case. The device’s functioning is straightforward as it has only a single button to run the various temperature settings and has easy-to-remove atomizer cups. There are two of each atomizer included in the device. So users can switch between them for different styles of vapor production.

Published: April 24, 2022

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