Flytlab Fuse Review

Flytlab Fuse66100
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Flytlab Fuse Review

The Fuse Vaporizer by FLYTLAB is a versatile and unique e-hookah. This device is probably the only one that lets the user “fuse” the wax, e-juice and dry herb refillable cartridges, vaping two substances at once. The product features a dual-chamber design which allows detailed customization of your vaping experience by providing you with an option to load different cartridge combinations, as well as vape them simultaneously. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to vape any mixture of concentrate, herb and e-juice all at once!

This article will review the FLYTLAB Fuse e-hookah vaporizer. It features cartridges for e-liquid, concentrates, and dry herbs and comes with an impressive variety of accessories and a USB charger. This e-hookah can hold two cartridges at the same time and then it’s up to you how you want to mix and blend or ‘fuse’ different flavors and textures together. So, for example, you can have two e-liquid cartridges with a dry herb cartridge, or you can have a dry herbs cartridge with a concentrate one. The possibilities are endless!

Heating Efficiency And Vapor Path

In terms of heating and performance, we were able to get decent clouds with the dry herb and e-liquid cartridges. However, on a 0.1 gram fill of dry herbs, the vaping session lasted 1-2 hits before it tapped out. Also, unfortunately, this e-hookah vaporizer suffers from a common problem – unless you take a very large hit, your material will not be properly vaped.

Th coils in the oil atomizer are placed too far above the chamber, and don’t come into contact with the substance unless there’s enough directly on top of the coils. This is a basic mistake and is unfortunately quite wasteful. This isn’t much of a problem for e-liquids, and you’ll get decent clouds back to back.

Size And Portability

When you first hold the Fuse in your hands, it feels as if you’re holding a nightstick – it’s large and has a certain heft to it. The exterior is 11 inches long and is coated with a plastic padding similar to the type found on gym mats, and weighs approximately 1 pound.

The black color is also very aesthetically pleasing. The product itself is pretty strong and well-built. If you aren’t someone with a delicate touch, this vape will withstand some accidental abuse. The mouthpiece screws off, though with a loud screech, beneath which is the cartridge chamber in which you can attach two of any of the given cartridges side by side. Screwing and unscrewing the cartridges is easy unless you have large hands.


A whole section had to be dedicated to the noise. When we first heard it, we weren’t sure what to make of it. Apparently, the sound was water bubbling inside the e-hookah vaporizer, but it was difficult to be sure. The noise was shrill, like a hammer striking metal. This noise goes away after inhaling three times in succession, but this trick is difficult and requires precise timing. The noise coupled with the size of the device make the device quite indiscreet.

Accessories and Applications

The FLYTLAB Fuse comes with a range of accessories:

  • 1 Rechargeable Fuse Vaporizer
  • 1 Flytlab Dry herb cartridge
  • 1 Flytlab Concentrate cartridge
  • 4 E-liquid refillable cartridges
  • 1 Flutlab mini USB wire
  • 1 Power Plug
  • 1 Flytlab E-liquid bottle
  • 1 tool kit
  • 1 Fuse instruction manual
  • 1 Flytlab Sticker


The battery time on the Fuse is remarkably impressive. The product comes with an 18650 battery which is charged via a USB cable. It features pass-through charging, which means that you can vape while the product is charging. If you are not a daily vaper, the battery can last you at least one week, easily. If you are a regular, heavy user, the battery will drain quicker. A red LED light at the base of the product glows in multiple colors depending on the battery remaining. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but having to check the base of the device over and over to see how much battery is left or whether it is charging or not can become annoying.


Overall, despite the big promises of the FLYTLAB Fuse E-hookah vaporizer, it is pretty average in terms of performance and execution. There are many cool features, such as the hassle-free no button system, the attractive exterior, the battery life, etc. The ability to combine flavors is also extremely cool, unique, and it works.

There are a few difficulties with the product, however. The LED indicator needs to be moved so that it is more visible. The herb and oil cartridges need a lot of work, and the vaporizer is not compatible with 510 thread concentrate cartridges. If the cartridges are improved and made compatible via a 510-thread converter or adapter, this vape will definitely appeal to a much broader market.

Flytlab Fuse Official Tutorial


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