Da Enlightening Buddha Vaporizer


by James Bickford

Updated: December 18, 2020

Da Enlightening Buddha Review

Review Score: 94/100

Price Range:
Black, Silver
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • Essential oil accessory
  • Ceramic heating
  • Customized hand blown glass


  • Not suitable for on the go without hero pen upgrade

Starting Price: $ 190.00

Da Buddha Vaporizer uses a ceramic heating element to provide a smooth even hit of dry herb input without causing combustion. It intentionally utilizes a glass design for its mouthpiece in order to prevent any vapor taste or texture altering. When a customer purchases the Da Buddha Vaporizer, they get a hempster bag of goodies with ten replacement screens for the whip wand, a full ground glass whip kit, a stainless steel marble pick, and a three foot long whip tubing made from food-grade vinyl.

Da Buddha Vaporizer is the perfect purchase for anyone in search of a desktop vape. It was created after the 7th Floor Vapes product the Silver Surfer was such a success. This sequel product is less expensive than the Silver Surfer, but is still durable, easy to use, and provides clean and flavorful hits. The vaporizer is assembled and tested in the USA in Colorado Springs to ensure that each Buddha functions properly before being shipped off to consumers around the world. The padded storage bag that the vaporizer comes in is made from a durable blend of hemp and polyester called “hempster” so users can feel comfortable transporting the desktop vaporizer if need be.

Essential Oil Kit Upgrade of Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da Enlightening Buddha Review

With Da Buddha Vaporizer, vapers have the option to turn their desktop vape into an aroma-therapy tool when they are not using it. It has the ability to completely fill a space with whatever scent the user chooses, which serves as an excellent way to cover up smells. If a user does not want the room they are vaping in to smell like the dry herb substance they are vaporizing, they can simply add essential oils to Da Buddha after their session. It will help to eliminate odors of all strengths by replacing it with pleasant scents. Not only will their Buddha be able to take the edge off by providing them with a fun and relaxing hobby, but it will also be capable of covering up its usage if necessary, and harnessing the healing power of these essential oils.

Da Buddha Vaporizer: Glass Customization and Accessories

The vaporizer has many unique characteristics that sets it apart from other vaporizer products. For starters, it is produced by a company that has a highly experienced team of glass blowers that hand blow all of the glass for every single one of their vaporizers. That means that all of the glass mouthpieces in every Da Buddha vaporizer a vaper buys will be one of a kind, handcrafted by a self-taught expert. This makes it an excellent purchase for a user who is conscious of where their purchases are coming from, and wants to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

da buddha vaporizer

Da Buddha is also compatible with other hand-blown glass accessories that the company offers. For example, users can purchase a hand blown fatty ground glass wand to use with their vaporizer. Or, should they prefer a hand-blown bubbler piece, the vaporizer is compatible with those too. As a bonus, the glass mouthpieces and wands makes the vaporizer much easier to clean.

Heating and Temperature Adjustment of Da Buddha

In addition to the standard North American voltage of 110v, Da Buddha can also be purchased at an Australian voltage, a European voltage, and a UK voltage of 220v for a small additional charge. The temperature setting on the vaporizer is adjustable, so users can choose which temperature they would like to vaporize their dry herb at.
They can also experiment with different inhale speeds to draw different tastes and effects out of their input material. Regardless of which temperature and speed the user prefers, the vape is designed to vaporize dry herbs without combustion. Users do not have to worry about taking a deep inhale of burnt substance, and leaving an unpleasant taste in their mouths. With Da Buddha, they will only taste their dry herb inputs exactly as they want to.

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The Plenty is said to be incredibly strong and potent, however it is a relatively old model and does not utilize the modern technology that Da Buddha does and is also slightly more expensive.

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Da Buddha Specifications

Heating Element: Ceramic
Connection: Hands Free
Colors: Black, Silver

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Desktop usage
  • Large variety of accessories to choose from
  • Essential oil accessory
  • Cost conscious
  • Padded hempster bag for transport
  • Ceramic heating
  • Customized hand blown glass

The Negatives

  • Not suitable for on the go without hero pen upgrade

Da Buddha Vaporizer Deserves Attention

There are a plethora of amazing vaporizers on the market, but Da Buddha definitely holds its own weight against the competition. Users can choose to purchase the body in a sleek silver or a midnight black, and add a pop of color with the hose to portray their personality. The hose comes in eight different colors. One of the coolest hoses is the clear one, which enables users to see the vapor their Buddha is producing before inhaling. The other color options are blue, a stark black, a fluorescent lime green, a bright yellow, a warm red, and an intriguing magenta. Users all have different qualities that make them special, and so should their vapes!

Additional upgrades for the vape include a portable Hero Pen for on the go use, and a four by four inch grinder for ripping up dry herb before usage, in order to get the most out of users’ flower. Its advanced heating and delivery technology will ensure that vapers are delighted by its powerful hits that pack a flavorful punch. This desktop vaporizer is sure to be users’ new favorite piece in their vape collections.

Published: August 5, 2015Updated: December 18, 2020

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