CBDFive Refillable Vape Pen Review: A Portable Pen for Oils and Concentrates


by James Bickford

Updated: October 14, 2021

CBDFive Refillable Vape Pen desktop

Review Score: 65/100

Price Range:
Battery Capacity :
Cartridges Capacity:
1*.5mL CBD oil / 1*1.0mL CBD Wax
Lowest Resistance:
Works with:
  • Wax icon
  • Oil icon


  • Very easy-to-use
  • The kit includes two tanks


  • Difficult to load waxes

The CBDFive refillable oil vape pen is a compact device for CBD oils and solid concentrates. The CBD vape pen kit includes two different atomizers/cartridges for CBD materials. There is a single 0.5ml tank only for oil vaping. The second tank has a 1ml capacity and can vape both oils and waxes, but not juice.

Both vape oil tanks are top-fill and have 510-threading. The cell in the CBD vape kit has three power settings. The pen battery uses a single firing/power button to control the device. Users can select among the different settings using the button, which is the same on all the pens. Vapers can also set a preheat mode available on the battery.

What’s in the Box?

The CBD vape pen comes in a flip-open box with a transparent viewing window. There is a foam insert inside that holds all the individual pieces. Vapers need to put the vape device together, but they should first charge the pen’s battery.

CBDFive Refillable Vape Pen image

Kit Contents

  • One CBDFive battery
  • One CBDFive refillable 0.5ml tank
  • One CBDFive refillable 1ml tank
  • One instruction card
  • One USB charging cable

A Look Inside the CBDFive Refillable Vape Pen

Charging the CBDFive vape battery takes only half an hour, as it has only a 400mAh capacity. The USB port sits on the bottom end of the pen. The tube-style mod has a single hexagonal firing/power button. There is a LED right behind the switch. The different colors of the LED indicate power levels, temperature settings, and when the battery is running low.

Both the tanks and the mod have 510-threading. Vapers can interchange both the atomizers and the battery with different versions. Vapers can assemble the vaporizer in seconds. The larger of the two vape tanks has silicone protectors for both the mouthpiece and the 510 connection.

CBDFive Refillable Vape Pen desktop

Vapers need to remove those silicone guards from the cartridge to use the device. The smaller of the two tanks has no silicone pieces. The 0.5ml oil tank comes already put together. It has a flat, metal mouthpiece that screws into the plastic section of the tank.

The vape pen is all stainless-steel, along with the mouthpiece of the larger tank, which are the best materials for pens like this. The 1ml tank also features glass, which is best, instead of plastic in its build, unlike smaller versions of these pens.

Working the Device

The CBD refillable vape pen takes only a few steps to start operating. There is a mini-instruction card included in the kit that explains the process, step-by-step. For whichever vape tank a user decides to use, the first thing they need to do is remove the mouthpiece.

Removing the drip tip allows for access to the top-fill tanks. The ceramic rod atomizer in both vape tanks attaches to the bottom of the mouthpiece. Taking out the drip tip also removes the coil, and replacing it pushes any liquid or oil out of the tank.

There are max fill lines, printed onto each vape tank to avoid spillage. When filling the tanks, vapers should pay attention to those lines so as not to spill or waste any material. The fill line on the bigger vape tank sits about in the middle.

CBDFive Refillable cats img

The smaller vape tank has the line about an inch above the base. It seems wasteful to have these large oil and wax tanks, but only being able to use a small amount of space. It is not uncommon to have fill lines on refillable CBD vape pens.

The rods are wickless, so the oil does not have anywhere to go, in terms of absorption. Unlike with e-juice coils that take in the juice, so that is why they can be filled to the top, the oil in these vape tanks stays put.

The lines are there for a reason, as going above them does result in liquid spilling. Filling the vape tank right to the line does “fill” the tank, as when the coil is in place, the liquid rises to occupy the rest of the space, so best not to overfill.

The vape coil head for the larger tank has four oil holes. The smaller one has only two oil wicking holes. The bigger of the containers can also vape CBD waxes, although loading material into the tank is tricky. Vapers have to avoid placing any hard concentrates on the very bottom of the atomizer.

If they do, the rod will not make contact with the battery contact. And since the coil rod does not leave much space when it is inside the tank, this makes it even harder to load the container with waxes.

The best way to get around the tight fit would be to load the tank sideways. By placing small amounts of wax on the side of the tank, then pushing in the coil head, vapers avoid blocking the contacts.

But doing it this way means that vapers do not know if they are over-filling the tank with too much material. When the wax melts and becomes liquid or oily, it is hard to say whether it will be over capacity. That, however, is another workaround for loading waxes into the vape. Heat, or melt them until they become liquid and then fill the tank that way.

Making the mouthpiece separate from the rod would have solved this problem. Removing the mouthpiece to fill the tank would be more comfortable, and allow for the wax, oil or hard concentrates to not interfere with any other part of the tank.

Vaping the Unit

Each of the three settings available on the battery provides a different kind of vape. The vapor quality (cloud size and flavor) increases with more power.
When a user clicks the switch five times, the device turns on and the LED flashes green. Engaging the preheat mode with two clicks turns the LED light red. The vape then cycles through different colors for about 10-15 seconds for as long as the coil is preheating.

CBDFive Refillable colors img

The little power boost that the preheat mode sends to the coil does offer a smoother vape. With the atomizer primed, the coil does not overpower the liquid or oil. It does not burn off any of terpenes in the substance, and the vapor becomes more enjoyable.

Switching between the various vape modes on these types of pens is also straightforward. Users need to click the button three times to select between any of the three voltage settings. The device fires right away and takes only a few seconds to make vapor. Two air inlet holes around both mouthpieces make for a tight draw.

The CBDFive vs. the WASP vs. the BUG RX


The WASP is a portable dab vape pen with a 900mAh battery and a dual rod/coil atomizer inside. It has one-button controls, although it does not have variable voltage settings.

Wasp desktop

It features stainless steel wire and carborundum rods for a faster heat-up time and purer vapor. The WASP has a glass mouthpiece, compared to the stainless steel drip tips of the CBDFive pens.


The BUG RX is a compact pen-style vape for oils and waxes. The tank capacity is 1.2ml, and the battery can output a max of 22W.

Bug RX Oil Vape Pen

It has a glass and stainless steel construction and also uses a ceramic rod atomizer, like the CBDFive. The BUG has one-switch controls but has no variable voltage settings on its 1100mAh battery. The BUG comes with a concealer cap for its mouthpiece to prevent oil leaking and added discreteness.

CBDFive Refillable Pen Specifications

Cartridges Capacity: 1*.5ml Cartridge for CBD oil / 1*1.0ml CBD oil& CBD Wax
Material: Plastic, Ceramic and Stainless Steel construction
Colors: Rainbow / Silver exterior
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Lowest Resistance: 1.2ohms
Power Settings: 3.4V / 3.6V / 3.8V

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Very easy-to-use
  • The kit includes two tanks
  • Variable voltage settings
  • Quick charging time
  • Larger 1ml tank vapes oils and waxe

The Negatives

  • Short battery life
  • Short coil life (one week)
  • Difficult to load waxes

The Final Word on the CBDFive Vape Pen

Are there other ways to vape essential oils like CBD? Do you enjoy vaping pre-filled cartridges or using refillable vape pens like the CBDFive? Give us your thoughts, or whatever answers or comments you are interested in sharing by writing them in the space below.

This CBD vape pen offers convenience and ease-of-use to CBD vapers. The charging time is speedy for the 400mAh battery. Loading each of the respective vape tanks is easy if someone is loading oil. It is a different story for wax, but, for essential oils the vapor production is excellent.

Published: August 12, 2019Updated: October 14, 2021

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