Boundless CFX: New Dry Herb Vaporizer Review


by James Bickford

Updated: July 22, 2021

Boundless CFX desktop

Review Score: 91/100

Price Range:
Boundless CFX Vaporizer - $179.99 | Boundless CF Vaporizer - $129.99
Dimensions :
120mm x 70mm x 30mm [4.7 inches x 2.8 inches x 1.2 inches
Temperature levels :
100°F-430°F • 37.8°C-221.1°C
Battery Capacity :
Internal 2500 mAh Battery
Works with:
  • Wax icon
  • Herbs icon


  • Five temperatures setting
  • Large heating chamber
  • Vapor quality consistency
  • High-quality flavor and vapor
  • 20 seconds heat-up time
  • One button control
  • 1300mAh battery
  • Device size


  • Using at the highest temperature can give a harsh taste
  • The plastic cover can provide a cheap look

The CFX Portable Vaporizer is one of a kind when it comes to delivering a hugely satisfying vaping experience at a fantastic price. The CFX, made by Boundless Vapes (a well-known vaporizer manufacturer), is a portable dry-herb conduction vaporizer (to vape dry herbs you could also look at the dry herb tanks).

Boundless also makes a smaller version called the CF, which is less expensive. Both these vaporizer products aim to compete with the popular portable vaporizers Crafty and Mighty—do they succeed?
The CFX is preferably a home vaporizer, more massive, wider, a bit heavier and with an LCD on the front, while the CF is the pocket model easier to carry around and ideal for vaping on-the-go. The CFX can also surprise with its vapor quality and quantity and is a bit better regarding features, such as longer battery life, an OLED screen, quicker charging, fully-controllable temperature spectrum, a twice stronger battery life (2500 mAh) and less than 20 seconds heat-up time. The CFX can rise to 430°F, compared to 415°F for the CF, even if both vaporizers can offer delicious and quality vapor taste and clouds size at every single draw.

What is The Boundless CFX?

Boundless CFX desktop

It weighs around 207 grams and, essentially, is a vaporizer targeting users who want maximum power in their hands. It isn’t by any means a little vape, but it isn’t a particularly large one either — competitors like the Mighty are larger. The CFX packs quite a punch in a decent amount of space, and it feels comfortable in the hands and easy to use in group settings.

The Boundless CFX was created to enhance vaporization experience in as many ways as possible. It is equipped with one of the most powerful heaters on the market, delivering 80 watts of power. This heater gets the CFX to full heat in less than 20 seconds. The device is built with a ceramic heater and a ceramic chamber that can take some serious heat. It comes with a medical-grade plastic vapor path and a temperature spectrum ranging from 100-430°F.The CFX comes with an entirely separate air-path, and it has complete temperature control like in the TC mods. These features, coupled with the bright OLED screen, give a vaping experience like never before at a great price.

The Boundless CFX Battery Life and Maintenance

Two Lithium-ion 2500 mAh batteries running at 7.4 volts power the CFX. Although non-replaceable, these are fully rechargeable and come with long battery life. A full charge can last you for 60 minutes or more, and the batteries charge up from empty to complete in a matter of half an hour through an AC wall outlet. Loading from a PC through a USB cable can take a few hours to max out the battery.

Overall, the unit is very durable and reliable. The screen might make things a little difficult to wipe down, but the device itself is elementary to maintain and has no software errors or delays. It’s simple and effective. Clean up is simple, requiring only a brush or wet wipe dipped in alcohol. The brush that comes in the box is impressive for looking after the product, even when the model is still warm; and in fact, the vaporizer is easier to clean while it’s still warm.

Boundless CF Vaporizer — Power, Quality and Portability in Action

The Boundless CF Vaporizer and the Boundless CFX — very similar models that perform almost the same. The CF is well-made and looks clean with a modern design, and a solid easy-grip feel when holding it. It is wider than the average pocket devices size. The CF works well with both dry herbs or concentrated extracts. The Boundless CF Vaporizer features a single control button, which is pressing five times to turn on.[/vc_column_text]

Boundless CF vaporizer Starter KIt all contents image

A preferred temperature selects by holding down the button. The LED blinks while heating up and turned solid once the CF reached the picked temperature. The CFX can also surprise with its vapor quality and quantity. And it is a bit better about such features, as longer battery life, an OLED screen, quicker charging, fully-controllable temperature spectrum, a twice stronger battery life (2500 mAh) and less than 20 seconds heat-up time. The CFX can rise to 430°F, compared to 415°F for the CF. Still, both vaporizers offer excellent and quality vapor clouds at every single draw. In the end, both units are a great deal, and the portability would be the central aspect to consider when purchasing the Boundless CFX or CF.

The Boundless CFX vs. the Mighty vs. the Davinci IQ

The Mighty

Like the Boundless CFX, the Mighty is a dry herb vaporizer that features precise temperature control, and two, built-in, lithium-ion batteries, similar to the CFX’s dual-18650, non-removable cells, rated for 2500mAh.[/vc_column_text]

Mighty-Vaporizer image

The Mighty has a large-sized identical to the Boundless heating chamber that can accommodate close to 0.25g of material. The Mighty is much larger than the Boundless and is also more expensive, which makes the preference obvious.

The DaVinci IQ

With a single, removable 18650 battery as a power source, the DaVinci IQ stays step back from the Boundless CFX. And it is a dedicated dry herb vaporizer with a temperature range of 250F-450F, which is not as extensive as the Boundless.

The DaVinci IQ is much smaller than both the Boundless and Mighty, at only 3.54inches tall, and 0.45inches in diameter, compared to the 4.54inches of height on the Boundless, and the massive Mighty that stands at 9.75inches. The DaVinci IQ is in the mid-range of prices between the very expensive Mighty and the more reasonable Boundless.

Boundless CFX Specifications

Boundless CFX
Batteries: Dual Lithium-Ion, Total 2500mAh, 7.4v
Height: 5 1/16 inches
Width: 2 ¾ inches
Depth: 1 ¼ inches
Fully Adjustable Temp. Range: 100°F - 430°F (37.8°C-221.1°C)
Power: 100-240v
Warranty: 3 Years

Final Word on the Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX is a great amalgam of some impressive features at an amazing price. With a fully-controllable temperature spectrum, less than 20 seconds of average heat-up time, and a great battery life, the CFX doesn’t fail to amaze. Admittedly, it might not be the most comfortable vape to carry around, but that is easily remedied through some simple getting used to with the CFX.

Published: December 6, 2016Updated: July 22, 2021

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