Boundless CFV Vaporizer Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 21, 2022

Boundless CFV desktop

Review Score: 83/100

Price range:
Black, Red
Temperature range:
Dual Lithium-Ion
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • Full Convection Heating
  • Doesn't smell too much
  • Unrestricted airflow


  • Short battery life
  • Button placement makes it awkward to hold

Boundless CFV Vape Review: It’s Getting Hot in Her

Boundless CFV desktop

The Boundless CFV comes to us from Boundless Technology that offers a boundless assortment of vaporizers, with a boundless selection to choose from. Positively boundless! The CFV, unlike its predecessors, does not make the boundless decision to combine a convention and convection oven. Instead, it goes the simpler route of featuring only a convection oven, which we will see whether it was the right choice or not.

I liked to be intrigued right away by a vape, so I was delighted to find something about the CFV that set it apart from other mods but didn’t seem like too much of a gimmick.

The CFV comes with three different retention rings, which are rings made from different materials that ring the loading chamber to provide a different taste profile other than the one from your herb.

See, now that is something different. I’ll be anxious to see how those rings add (or detract) from the overall flavor quality of the vapor. But despite that added novelty, everything else about the CFV is straightforward.

It features a sliding top magnetic lid that reveals the ceramic heating chamber underneath. And the CFV also comes with precision temperature control thanks to the LED display on the side of the mod with up and down buttons to incrementally increase or decrease your temperature settings.

What’s Inside

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Inside Review

  • One CFV vaporizer
  • One loading tool
  • One chamber pick
  • Three retention rings of various materials (African Rosewood, Bamboo)
  • USB charging cable
  • One dabbing tool

  • One cleaning brush
  • Replacement chamber screens
  • Replacement mouthpiece screens
  • Replacement o-ring
  • Instruction manual

That’s a lot of stuff in one box. So the CFV comes well-prepared and well-stocked to handle anything you can throw at it.

First Thoughts

Boundless CFV Vaporizer First Thoughts Review

The CFV landed somewhere in the middle in the looks department. I wasn’t taken with it right away, but then I picked it up and immediately felt a connection to its portable, easy to grip shell.

At first glance, I would have thought the CFV to be made with excellent parts and high-grade material, but alas, it is not. The CFV is covered in plastic, and while that is never a deal breaker in and of itself, it can lead to an overall negative review should it impact other areas, but we’ll find out later.

I liked the swivel-out mouthpiece, which I think always gives a mod a whole different design scheme and it’s always good to have an extra layer of protection from overheating as you get with an extended mouthpiece.

There are only three buttons on the CFV, which, respectively, turn on the device and regulate the temperature of the device. I noticed there were a few air holes directly underneath the device. After thinking about it, I realized the holes were used to suck in air to pass through the chamber to heat the herb, which is how a convection oven works.

The mouthpiece and lid snapped off after turning 90 degrees and inside, I saw that the chamber could also be removed, which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. The outer chamber ring can also be taken out to place the retention rings into the device.

Using the Boundless CFV

I liked that Boundless also added a loading ring that sits right on top of the chamber to allow for easier loading. So taking my loading ring, I turned the mouthpiece to the left and then snapped it off when I was able.

The chamber becomes exposed, and with the loading ring attached by simply placing it on the entrance of the chamber, I was able to easily and quickly load up the chamber. Since it is a convection style oven, I was sure to pack the load semi-tightly.

I took off my loading tool, snapped the lid back on and was ready to use the CFV. To turn the device on, you just click the power button five times, the LED display will light up, and the device will start heating to a preselected temperature.

You can change the temperature setting by using the selector buttons to find your ideal temperature. Once there, hold down both selector buttons to select that temperature. The device will start reaching that temperature and display a digital flame that signals it is ready to vape.

Vaping With the Boundless CFV

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Vaping Review

After a close-to-30 second wait time, the Boundless CFV was ready to use. The CFV did deliver on great, consistent flavor. The function and the usefulness of the retention rings suddenly became clear.

When you install any one of the retention rings, the rings, depending on the material, will heat up as well, and deliver an even stronger heat level but without you raising it on the LED display. I thought it was an innovative and creative way to add power to the vape, but without taxing the battery or overheating the device.

Regarding cloud production though, the Boundless CFV did not give off boundless clouds of smoke. But it wasn’t a letdown. I was too impressed by the novelty and utility of the retention rings to care about the cloud production.

How It Compares

When thinking on what best to compare the Boundless CFV mod to, I found that my options were, in a word, boundless. I finally settled on the Utillian flagship device, the 721, as a comparison buddy mostly for the size and girth of the device and how it performs at different temperature levels.

The 721 also shares some of the CFV most distinguishing design features like the slide-off lid and the swiveling mouthpiece. The Utillian 721, however, is made out of high-quality, durable parts and materials, but the same cannot be said of the CFV with its hollow-feeling plastic body.

The 721 does not have precision temperature control, however, and there is no added feature to the 721, like three different retention rings to modify your vape quality that gives it an extra shot of character. Still, for sheer performance and power, I give the decision to the Utillian 721’s well-built and well-made device.

Boundless CFV Specifications

Materials: Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Silicone, Plastic
Heating Element: Ceramic
Heating Time: ~ 30 seconds
Charger: micro USB
Warranty: 3 Years



  • Full Convection Heating
  • Doesn't smell too much
  • Unrestricted airflow
  • Informative screen
  • Small and discrete device
  • Small grind seems to work better


  • Short battery life
  • No notification when at temp or when turning off
  • Button placement makes it awkward to hold


Overall? Overall I would say that the CFV from Boundless is an interesting device. It has a unique design character, and it’s a breeze to use, clean, and maintain. With that said, I’m not entirely sure it is justified by its high price point.

The Utillian 721 was also high in price, but that was reflected in the build and sturdiness of the model. The CFV suffers a little from not being made of stronger stuff. But it still vapes great. I liked the addition of the retention rings as something different.

Published: November 8, 2017Updated: October 21, 2022

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