Atmos Thermo DW Vaporizer Review

Atmos Thermo DW24100

Atmos Thermo DW Vape Review

The Thermo DW vaporizer comes to us from Atmos, a company I had never heard of before. But I was, nevertheless, anxious to see how their much-heralded 2-in-1 device stands up the other two-in-one machines I’ve been testing lately.

Atmos Thermo DW Review

Some of the critical features of the Atmos Thermo DW:

  • Suitable for botanicals and waxy oils
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Five-second heat-up time
  • One hitter vaping
  • Two separate chambers for herbs and oils
  • Five different color options

Since I was unaware of this company before the Thermo DW landed on my desk, I behooved myself to find out what other kinds of products and what kind of reputation, in general, that Atmos has in the vaping world.

I try to keep an open mind about my reviews, but after hearing some negative grumblings about durability and performance issues from other Atmos vape kits, I was on my guard a little as I worked my way through the ins and outs of the Thermo DW from Atmos.

What’s In the Box

You will find, inside the nondescript product box, the following:

  • One Li-Ion 400 mAh battery
  • One DW cartridge cover
  • One DW cartridge
  • One tank cover
  • One packing tool
  • One retractable USB charger
  • One user’s manual

Atmos Thermo DW Pink box and box contents

First Thoughts

After doing this job for as long as I have, the things that surprise or wow I have to be things that aren’t that common for most vape mods. The Thermo DW had none of those things.

It a cheap-looking device; it is rather small and has a beautiful ergonomic design to allow for comfort and portability, but there’s nothing else about the tool that makes it distinguishable from the dozens or so dry herb vaporizers out on the market right now.

The top cover is removable to allow access to the ceramic chamber that heats up either dry herbs or if you switch out the dry herb chamber and insert the wax chamber, your favorite waxes or concentrates. There are no adjustable temperature settings on the Thermo DW so there’s not much on it that you can control.

The only remarkable thing about the Thermo DW is the size and weight of the device, which is both minimal so the Thermo DW makes for a great, on-the-go device. The battery power isn’t too impressive on this mod, with a voltage of nearly 110 volts on a 400 mAh battery.

Either the wax or dry herb tanks has an added plastic screen cover that you can insert on top of the chamber to purify your vapor even more. I thought about how much the plastic in the screen would affect the quality of the vape, but I then I realized that with such a low-performing battery, there wouldn’t be much risk of a flavor transference.

Using the Thermo DW

The retractable USB attachment that comes with the Thermo DW comes a little late to the charging game. One end of the USB attachment has your standard USB connector, while the other end features the tube-like charging stick that you used to use to charge your old school Nokia phone.

The Thermo DW can be charged using either/or, but its just curious that they didn’t opt to get rid of that unnecessary and outdated piece of technology before premiering their mod to the world.

Anyway, after a full two hours of charging, the Thermo DW was ready to vape. You pull off the top cap of the device to reveal the mouthpiece and ceramic chamber underneath it. The Thermo DW comes already installed with the dry herb chamber, so you’d have to remove the chamber by unscrewing it from the battery and installing the concentrate chamber.

I couldn’t tell the difference between the two. The dry herb and the wax chamber both use ceramic chamber walls to heat their respective material, although the wax chamber used the same materials and was installed in much the same way.

Now, of course, you can’t use the same chamber or atomizer for vaping both herbs and waxes, but still, the exact differences between the two different chambers for the Thermo DW are beyond me.

Instead of leaving the chamber on the battery, I unscrewed it and then loading my materials that way. You then re-attach the plastic tank cover and then place the chamber back onto the battery making sure the two connector plates match up to one another. You put the mouthpiece cover back on, and you press the ignitor button to begin vaping.

Atmos Thermo DW parts

Vaping with the Thermo DW

The Thermo DW promises an impressive five-second heating time and when it reaches its optimal temperature the LED light on the firing button stops flashing. You press on the central trigger button and begin inhaling.

The Thermo DW is intended as an easy to use the kit, but after going through so many advanced, top-of-the-line devices, I was at a loss at how to exactly control the vape, only to realize that there were no such options on this device.

There are no adjustable temperature settings, not even an airflow valve; the Thermo DW vapes at a consistent temperature for a consistent tasting vapor cloud. Now, I wasn’t expecting huge clouds or even that much flavor for that matter, but I was surprised by the potential the DW showed in producing nice, voluminous clouds.

The flavor profiles for my particular concentrate were a bit off, whether that was because of the plastic above screen that sits atop the tank or another reason I wasn’t sure. So I took off the plastic screen and decided to vape that way. Only I didn’t notice much difference between having the screen and not having the screen.

How It Stacks Up

Looking for a comparable device to match the Thermo DW with, I found that the Dube vaporizer pen, with its slim design and two-in-one capability was more than a match for the Thermo DW.

I should give this contest straight to the Dube pen on price point alone, given that it comes right under $30 and can vape at least three types of media, compared to the Thermo DW’s two different types of material.

The Dube and the Thermo DW both allow for interchangeable chambers to vape different materials, and they both feature no other temperature or voltage control or even airflow adjustment.

They are both simple, low-cost devices that can vape various materials. But the performance of the Thermo DW in the vapor production department wins the day for this previously unknown vape pen from Atmos.

Things To Keep

Ease of Use

The Thermo DW is easy to use, but it isn’t at the same time. Loading the things requires more work than I am willing to put in when it comes to a low-budget device like this one. But apart from that, charging, loading and vaping are the only steps involved in getting the Thermo DW to work.


I mentioned this already. The Thermo DW is a true “pen” style device from Atmos given its small stature and ease of use, it makes for a great travel vape pen.


For just under $40, the Thermo DW might be a great bargain for a two-in-one device since it doesn’t do much of anything else.

Things that Can Go


I read online some unhappy reviews from Atmos customers about how quickly the Thermo DW gives out, to the point of not being usable after two or three sessions. Atmos includes a five-year warranty on the battery should it give out, but it doesn’t cover the entire kit.  


Switching between the dry herb chamber and the wax chamber was a difficult and unpleasant task, and I was not even rewarded with great cloud or flavor with the wax chamber attachment. The battery just burned through my concentrates and delivered charred, smoky flavor.


The Thermo DW is a cheap device, in a good and bad way. There are five different color options to choose from, and each one is worse than the last. The Thermo DW is portable and thankfully, very concealable because I wouldn’t want to be caught walking around with this thing.


Overall? I’ll make it simple for you: don’t get this thing. Just don’t. It’s a waste of time and money to even consider buying it. There are much better 2-in-1 mods on the market right now that even thinking about getting a Thermo DW is a waste of precious brain cells.

The feel and finish of the device are cheap. There are no high-grade materials to speak of; the build feels fragile and brittle, and while it is lightweight, that can only mean that the Thermo DW will break easily, as many unsatisfied customers have already found out the hard way.

I give the Thermo DW from Atmos a stay-away-from-this-mod 2/10.


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