AroMed Vaporizer Review

AroMed Vaporizer93100

AroMed Vaporizer

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Overall Performance: 90%

User Experience: 75%

Value for Money: 75%

Dry Herb, Oil & Wax ConcentratePrice: $439.99

Our Verdict: The AroMed Vaporizer may not look like a vaporizer, but it produces some of the best tasting vapor. Since it’s a desktop vaporizer, it’s not portable, and its design limits usage to a few persons at a time. Still, it is an extremely excellent performer for the money.

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AroMed Vaporizer- First Impressions
AroMed Vaporizer

Design: Looking more like a piece of equipment out of a laboratory, the AroMed Vaporizer won’t win prizes in the looks department. It doesn’t look bad; in fact, it looks like a very serious device. It’s a classic case of function over form, for the simple reason that it’s not as sleek and elegant-looking as other desktop vaporizers on the market. There is a cool bulb that illuminates with each draw, which is more than just an aesthetic addition, but also a functional part of the device meant to improve vapor quality. Once one lays eyes on the AroMed, one will know it means business.

Build Quality: German-designed, the AroMed is made from high quality components. It has a steel exterior that’s sturdy and its silicone tubing looks tough. It also has many high quality glass parts that improve flavor, especially the unique halogen light bulb and water filter. Glass parts are made by a company called Magic Glass, a German glassware company known for its quality bongs and pipes. All of these components make for a sturdy device that’s built to last, as long as you don’t drop it.

What’s in the Box: Users who buy the AroMed Vaporizer will get one AroMed Body, one carrying case, one water filter, one piece of silicone tubing, one mouthpiece, and one herb holder.

Vaping With AroMed Vaporizer

Usability: After the initial setup, the AroMed is simple to use. Before using the device, users should rinse all the glass parts with warm water to ensure no packaging materials or glass residue remain. There is a water chamber that should be filled with just an inch or so of water. This is because it bubbles up when the device is activated and you might have some spillage. It takes some practice to figure out how much water to put in, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

The heating chamber, where the herb is put into, is placed into the water chamber. The bulb that attaches to the heating chamber can be tricky to attach, but after a few tries, it will click into place.

Vapor Production and Performance: When it comes to vapor production, the AroMed is fantastic. It can be argued as having the best vapor by any vaporizer ever. Because of the water filtration system, vapor is cooled down, resulting in a vape that’s smooth and very clean-tasting. Users report that they sometimes have to check and see if they have some herb in their mouths, because the flavor is so pure. Plus, one can infuse flavors in their vape by using fruit juice or any other flavored drink. These, together with the glass parts, make for vapor that isn’t tainted by foul aftertastes.

Another reason for the high quality vapor is the halogen bulb in the device. The bulb acts as a heat source. It is consistent and works in conjunction with the airflow for perfect vapor every time.

Overall, the AroMed performs beautifully; perfect even. It’s simple to operate, efficient, and the vapor quality is unmatched. By these merits alone, the AroMed is a device worth having.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Being a desktop vaporizer, the AroMed has no need for batteries. Instead, it draws power via a power cord, which limits portability, but if one purchases a desktop vaporizer, it’s usually for the performance, not for taking around town. That being said, the AroMed is perfect for lounging around at home, without worrying about power.

The heating element, as mentioned above, is via the unique halogen bulb. Other vaporizers use heating elements or butane torches, which can sometimes result in uneven heat. With a bulb, the heat is consistent. Since the bulb is not a “proactive” heat source, it takes about two minutes for it to properly heat up. This is not exactly fast, but it’s no slowpoke either. It’s obvious that the AroMed is designed for supreme performance, rather than speed.

The bulb glows more intensely with every draw, but while this is cool to look at, it’s not for aesthetic purposes; rather, it glows brighter to give off more heat to compensate for the heat loss due to the rush of air. It works very well and plays a huge part in the overall pleasant vape the AroMed gives.

Additionally, a halogen bulb heat source is perhaps the purest heat source a vaporizer can use. Since it emits light, it is the cleanest source of heat one can get. It’s simple, yet highly effective.


The AroMed is a fantastic vaporizer that’s capable of pure, clean vapor. As good as it is, there are a few issues that many users hope are addressed in the next iteration.

First, since there is no fan, the device can only be used with a whip. It’s great for personal use or with a small group, but for larger sessions, this can be difficult. Also, since there are lots of glass components, passing the device around in large group settings isn’t recommended, due to the risk of breakage. Then, there’s speed. It takes a while to prepare and heat-up times aren’t the fastest. One is looking at about 10 minutes from setup to actual vaping. The AroMed is designed with quality in mind; not speed, so this is a minor issue.

Overall, those who are looking for a desktop vaporizer, the AroMed is a great choice. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for it in the overall vape experience. One of the best in vapor quality, AroMed is well worth the price.

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