Arizer Air & Arizer Air 2 Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: July 26, 2022

Arizer Air desktop

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
Black, Silver, Titanium
12.2cm Height | 2.9cm Diameter
Temperature Range:
Works with:
  • Wax icon
  • Herbs icon
  • Oil icon


  • Portable
  • Quality Build


  • Short Battery Life

Starting Price: $ 164.99

The Arizer Air portable vaporizer is the latest Arizer products line, following the very well-liked Arizer Solo. However, it is the smaller version of the Solo and is much more discreet than the previous models by Arizer.

The Arizer Air vaporizer features a sleek, black matte finish, much like its predecessor. However, it also has multiple new features. This dry herb portable vaporizer is for anyone and everyone. It is straightforward to use and doesn’t take any finessing. In this Arizer Air review, I’ll go through many of its features and talk about just how well it stacks up to others at its price point.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Arizer Air desktop

As I said earlier, the Arizer Air is a smaller, more compact version of the Solo. It makes you wonder why they just didn’t go with the smaller model, to begin with. We know the Solo for its bulky, almost pill bottle shape. As a result, it wasn’t easy to hold in places like your pockets without it looking very obvious. They fixed it with the Arizer Air, looking much more streamlined and being about the size of a tall battery. The mouthpiece is a lot like the Solo, except thankfully, it isn’t long as it was before.

With the Solo, the mouthpiece is glass and very long. Therefore, it was straightforward to accidentally bump it off a counter and break it in half. While the mouthpiece on the Arizer Air is still fairly long, it is nowhere near as bad as its predecessor. It’s long enough for the vapor to cool down but not too long to become fragile.

How to Turn off Arizer Air?

Press the up/down button together for at least five seconds to turn off the Arizer Air vaporizer.

Is Arizer Air safe?

Yes, the Arizer Air is safe. The Air features non-toxic materials in its construction. But users should always be careful to use any battery-powered equipment with care and attention.

Arizer Air Review: A Very Warm Reception

The heating element of the Arizer Air is made of ceramics. The dry herb vaporizer features five different temperature settings. The Air allows you to pick from a range of between 338 and 410F. The temperature range is condensed because the Air vaporizer is more for dry herbs. At the same time, the Solo (with seven temperature options) had a wider range of products it could use. More experienced vapers like to start with the green setting (around 390 Fahrenheit) and escalate from there. Consequently, it starts your session with a punch. After allowing you to feel it much faster than you would, starting on the blue setting.

However, the newer, relatively smaller glass paths bring up a few problems that weren’t originally there. They boast an all-glass vapor path feature. Unfortunately, it goes out of the window when there is a plastic screw on the mouthpiece. However, the fact that the stems are much smaller than before makes up for that fact. You can fit about 0.2 grams of dry herb, which is just about enough if you plan on going at it alone. You will need more if you plan on having a group session. Additionally, you can still change the glass stem out and replace them with the stems from the Solo. This is because they haven’t changed.

New Battery, Same great Performance

The Arizer Air has a new battery, most likely because the battery for the Solo didn’t fit its frame. As a result, the battery life has dropped pretty significantly from the Solo. However, it is now removable, which makes it much easier to take it on long trips. This way, you won’t need to charge it while hiking. Of course, who wants to get stuck with a vaporizer that doesn’t allow to swap the battery anyway?

Moreover, the Air recently released a charging dock. This is great if you want to have a setup with all of your vaporizers that you have. If you have sub-30-minute sessions, you can get around four or so sessions out of it. We think this is more than enough. It takes around 2 ½ hours to recharge from the dead, closer to the long side. However, it offers pass-through charging after its been charging for about 20 minutes.

Arizer Air Review: Accessories

The accessories on the Arizer Air certainly sweeten the deal. The Air comes with three different glass stems (not to mention if you have the Solo, you can also use those). You also get a great carrying case that you can attach to your belt. In addition, Air has protective skin made of silicone. This makes it MUCH harder to break your device if you drop it. The skin also makes it much easier to grip.

It also makes it much cooler to the touch than it would originally be when dealing with the higher temperatures.

arizer air vaporizer box contents

The Arizer Air portable vaporizer is very deceptive in its small package. You would think that when you take a hit from it that it wouldn’t punch you in the face as it does. However, the power compared to the warm-up period is almost unrivaled. Furthermore, if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, the Air is your best bet. Finally, there are claims that some vapor leaks out of the connection between the mouthpiece and the vape. However, we didn’t experience this problem.

Cleaning the Air is also a point of contention. The glass tends to become yellow after using it for more than a few sessions. I’ve read online that some people boil it in milk. So I just clean it thoroughly with a cotton swab and some alcohol. I try not to leave any cotton residue in the pipe.

How to Use the Arizer Air

The Arizer Air is a simple vaporizer. Just follow these tips for operating it:

  • Hold down the button until the vaporizer activates
  • Use the adjustment buttons for cycling through the five temperature settings
  • Attach the stem by holding it upright and turning the vape upside-down. Attach the stem to the chamber and press it in.
  • It takes up to 120 seconds for the vape to warm up. The LED light will blink when it is ready to be vaped.

Arizer Air Review: The Competition

Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo Review

The Arizer Solo was one of the first products the company ever released. It features an internal battery with a precision temperature control interface. It ranges between 200-420F. The Solo has a unique build and uses an isolated glass airpath as a combination mouthpiece and material chamber. The Solo II has both convection and conduction heating styles. Its isolated airtube means that vapor quality and flavor are increased. The device has an easy-to-use OLED in front and has fast charging times for its internal battery.

Pax 3

Pax 3 Review

The Pax 3 is the newest Pax vaporizer that now supports both dry herb and wax concentrate. The device features a button-less exterior save for the single power button. It allows users to switch between the four pre-installed temperatures. In addition, the device features a bottom-loading material chamber made of stainless steel. Also, it uses an unobstructed vapor path. The Pax 3 is also Bluetooth compatible and can be controlled with an accompanying app available only on the Pax website.

Arizer Air Vaporizer Specifications

Arizer Air Vaporizer
Materials: Stainless steel, glass stems, anodized exterior
Battery: 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Heating Time: 1-2 minutes
Temperature Range: 180°C-210°C
Temperature Control: Pre-set temperatures
Automatic Shut off: 10 minutes
Warranty: 2 Years

Pros & Cons


  • Portable
  • Quality Build
  • Replaceable Batteries


  • Short Battery Life
  • Limited Temperature Range

Arizer Air 2 Review: First Impressions and Performance

Someone who pulls the Air 2 out of the box might think he got an Alexa. It is tall, cylindrical, and black. Thankfully, it does not talk.

It has a good and solid feel to it. Not too weighty, but not too light either. The buttons are in very accessible positions so that the fingers and thumbs do not get uncomfortable fiddling with them.

It feels like a stainless steel body, and judging from the specifications, that is what it is made of. So there should not be any issues with it breaking if it falls or gets pumped. Short of stepping on it with all one’s weight, it should not break.

Power Modes

The Arizer 2 has no temperature modes, but it has precise temperature control. It can be adjusted anywhere from 122 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 50 to 220 Celcius. The temperature increases in 10-degree increments.

The best temperature is somewhere between 350 to 400 degrees. The vapor is warm at the lower end of the spectrum, and the flavor is very noticeable. As the temperature increases, the hits and warmth of the vapor grow in intensity.

Safety Features

The battery has all the standard protections (overtime, overcharge, auto shut-off, etc.), but the best protection is a one-year warranty.

Differences Between the Arizer Air and Arizer Air 2

The vapor quality from these vapes is the same, but several significant differences exist.

First, the original Arizer Air did not have precision temperature control, but the new one does. Also, the heat from Air 2 is a bit more intense because it heats up 30 seconds faster.

Another important difference is in battery life. The Air 2 gets around 20 to 30 minutes more vaping time, translating to around two or three extra sessions

Arizer Air 2 Accessories and Kit

  1. Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer
  2. 70 mm glass mouthpiece
  3. 70 mm glass mouthpiece with a plastic tip
  4. Silicone stem caps
  5. 18650 lithium-ion battery
  6. Stirring tool
  7. Aromatherapy dish and aromatherapy sample
  8. USB charging cable with a wall outlet adapter
  9. Carrying case

Internal Build and Design Quality

Besides the slender stainless steel design, the casing covering the atomizer does an excellent job insulating the heating chamber. The buttons are very clicky and are responsive, as it turns out, so no issues there. No rattling or wobbly parts. Arizer did a fantastic job putting these vaporizers together.


The borosilicate glass mouthpiece is arguably the best thing about using these vaporizers. It is long so that the lips do not come anywhere near the warmer base, and the glass keeps the vapor pure, clean, and tasty. Additionally, the airflow is not too tight since the mouthpiece is long.

At the base of the glass, mouthpiece is the bowl. Loading it is easy. Dip the bowl into the herb and pack up to 0.2 grams inside. It can also be packed with fingers. However, do not pack it too tight, or the herbs may not vaporize evenly.

Arizer Air 2 Battery Performance

The vaporizer uses a 18650 battery and lasts an hour to an hour and a half, which is very good compared to many vaporizers. However, it takes up to two hours to charge. But since it uses a 18650, that problem can be solved by having a spare battery and swapping it out.

Another way around the battery problem is pass-through charging. That means the user can keep vaping while the battery is charging.

Somehow I doubt that many people will vape weed that long, but an extra battery with pass-through charging makes it possible.

Heating System

The heating system onboard the Air 2 takes its time. Users have to wait 60 seconds before the herbs are ready. But once those herbs are ready, the vapor quality is really high, so users can trust that those 60 seconds are not wasted.

The oven uses hybrid convection-conduction heating, which helps with the flavor. The glass mouthpiece helps, too, since it is not made of plastic or other poor-quality material.


This is a dry herb vaporizer, but that does not mean it cannot handle oils and waxes. However, they can only be used if combined with dry herbs. The way to do this is to sprinkle the wax on the herb and drip it on before it is loaded.

The downside to this is that the glass mouthpiece and chamber might have to be cleaned more often.

How to Use the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

Starting up this vaporizer is easy. Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Hold the power button down for three seconds to turn on the vape.
  2. Use the adjustment buttons to choose the temperature
  3. Load the bowl at the bottom of the mouthpiece as earlier explained, and attach the mouthpiece to the oven.

When these steps are taken, inhale the vapor. First-time vapers and cannabis users should wait several minutes to see how it affects them. Afterward, take another draw if you think it is necessary.

To clean the vape, read the following steps:

  1. Remove the glass mouthpiece and soak it in alcohol for an hour. Isopropyl alcohol works best, but it can be washed in hot water if no alcohol is available.
  2. Use a q-tip or a pipe cleaning wire to remove or knock loose any old dry herbs.
  3. Rinse the glass mouthpiece in warm water until the alcohol and old herbs are gone. It is best to let the water run over it for a minute.

Competing Vaporizers

Arizer 2 vs Mighty+ Vaporizer

These vaporizers are high-quality products because they have temperature control and are well made.

The Arizer 2’s best feature is that it is more ergonomic than the Mighty+, which is bulky and unwieldy. This dry herb vaporizer also has a slightly more extensive range of temperatures.

But the Mighty+ has a larger 4,600 mah battery that lasts a bit longer on average. It can also vape concentrates, not just dry herbs.

It is a close choice, but both vapes are outstanding, so either is excellent. But the Mighty+ has a slight edge because it can vape concentrates.

Arizer 2 vs Davinci IQ 2 Vaporizer

Again, here are two excellent vaporizers with outstanding design and vapor quality, but the Davinci IQ 2 has a few features that make it slightly better.

The Davinci IQ 2 roasts the herbs slightly better because it uses a Zirconia Pearl that reflects heat into the oven so that the herbs are more evenly vaporized.

Another advantage is its precise airflow control with five settings. The wider airflow holes allow for cooler vapor, while the tighter holes heat it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Arizer Solo 2 Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. This dry herb vaporizer may be expensive, but that extra money will be well spent.

Does the Arizer Air 2 Use Convection?

The Air 2 vaporizer uses a hybrid conduction-convection heating system.

Can You Use Concentrates in an Arizer Air 2?

Yes, but only if they are mixed with the dry herbs.

Can You Put Hash in an Arizer Air?

It is better to mix the hash with the dry herbs, or else the bowl will get gunked up.

Is Arizer a Canadian Company

Yes, Arizer is a Canadian company that sells its vaporizers in the United States.


Airizer Air 2
Size: 4.88 x 1.13 inches (12.4 x 2.9 cm)
Weight: 4.1 oz (116 g)
Temperature Range: 122° F - 428° F (50° C - 220° C)
Power Range: 100 to 240 Volts
Warranty: Two Years, One Year Battery Warranty


  • Fast heat-up time
  • Excellent battery life
  • Precise temperature control
  • Easy to load chamber
  • Big improvement over its predecessor


  • Takes a long time to charge

Final Thoughts About This Review

This Air 2 is definitely an improvement over the original. As earlier stated, the controls are easier to use, leaving the guesswork out of changing the settings, and the airflow is better.

Other than that, this vaporizer has all the same qualities that made the original a hit: outstanding vapor and flavor, a sturdy design and build, and an easy-to-load chamber.

Of course, there are cons, but they should not prevent anyone from buying this vape. The one con is the length of time it takes to charge, but there are workarounds around that.

If you have used the Air 2 and want to leave a comment, please feel free to do so. We want to know what our readers think about these new vapes.

Published: February 16, 2017Updated: July 26, 2022

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