Apollo Ohm Go Vaping Kit Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: December 14, 2020

Apollo Ohm Go Review

Review Score: 89/100

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Black, White, Stainless Steel
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  • Elegant and sturdy build
  • Easy to use approach
  • Perfect for starters


  • The tank is slightly small
  • The battery is slightly on the small side

For people looking for a vaping device that mimics a traditional cigarette, the Apollo Ohm Go Vaping Kit is a real contender. Where and how customers choose to vape is important to consider when purchasing a vape pen. Some vapers choose these devices over the traditional cigarette because they can be used in public spaces without leaving a stinky smell. These people should want the regular vape pen that is portable—pens are slim, sleek and easy to use anywhere because of their small size.

You can find very cheap disposable vape pens as well as extremely expensive, non-portable vaporizers. The Ohm Go, however, is an affordable, efficient, re-fillable vape pen; and at only $39.95, it’s worth every penny.

The Apollo Ohm Go Vaping Kit

The Apollo Ohm Go Kit is everything you need in a basic kit: the device comes with a battery, a tank that screws together, and two coils.

VD Apollo Ohm GO Starter Kit

The pen comes apart with a twist, and adding liquid is as simple as pouring it into the tank receptacle. The battery is known to last for at least 8 hours.

It Looks Good and Will Continue to Look Good

Apollo Ohm Go Review

One of the factors that have made eGo vaping so attractive is the design of the pen. Under no circumstance should you pick a kit that you don’t like the appearance of. The Ohm Go kit is not only gorgeous straight out of the packaging, but has a special coating that protects the kit from scratches and makes cleaning it much easier. You not only get a good-looking kit, but also one that will stay good-looking in the long run.

While we believe that price shouldn’t be a key factor when you’re buying a vaporizer; but if you want an affordable yet efficient vape pen, Ohm Go costs only $39.95 and performs exceedingly well.

An Ideal Balance of Efficiency and Aesthetics

Buying a starter kit calls for a balance between aesthetics and the functionality. Some pens might seem like a great deal when in reality, they aren’t; thankfully, this is not the case with the Ohm Go.

VD Apollo Ohm Go Colors

The kit comes with features dedicated to offering a great experience, incredible clouds, and deep flavors. With the use of two different coils, you can experience both of the mouth-to-lung vaping as well as direct lung vaping. The better flavor and harder hits of the latter might feel foreign for new users, especially those accustomed to smoking, so the inclusion of the former is a great thought by Apollo. It gives you time to adjust slowly to the new mode of vaping.

Smart, Adjustable Battery

The battery on this device is very powerful. Depending on the resistance of the coil, you will receive a wattage that ranges from 5 to 50W. You can choose from coils that have either 0.5 or 1 ohm. It not only allows for a better control of the amount of vapor produced, but also ensures optimal use of the battery, drawing only the required amount of power and adjusting it accordingly.

Coils and Choosing the Right Liquid

The 0.5 coil is best used with high VG (vegetable glycerin) liquids; the 1.0 coil is best suited for use with high PG (propylene glycol) liquids. Having these two coils will allow the Ohm Go to work with any liquid, which is great for a beginner’s kit. Make sure you know what kind of liquid you are using and that you are using the appropriate coil.

Using the Pen

You will notice the battery and tank are separate. This device comes in 3 distinct shades, which are black, white, and silver.

To begin using the device, just add the fluid to the tank and screw the two pieces together. Click on the button about five times to turn the device on. This button also changes the temperature at which the oil is burnt. There is a light that allows the customer to determine the battery level. A green light tells the customer the battery is fully charged; blue means that it is at partial load, red means that the battery is nearly dead.

Large Tank

The vape pen has a tank that can hold up to 3 ml of the flavored oil. The tank is made of a type of Pyrex glass so that it won’t break easily and looks immensely elegant. The device is fed from the top straight into the tip of the instrument.

A drip tip at the top supplies the liquid. It keeps the liquid flowing slowly, so the pen won’t get overheated. You can also control the airflow to the tank to further customize the vape levels. It has a 510 threading at the bottom, which means the tank can be used with any batteries with the same connection. It will also work with any other drip tip.

What Makes It an Ideal First Kit for Any New Vaper?

Starter kits do not come cheap. Replacing an entire kit every so often can leave you in deep financial holes, which are why it is always advised to get a good quality kit the first time you buy. While it might cost you more, it will save you a lot more in the long term.

The Ohm Go Kit by Apollo is built for durability. The tank is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, which allows you to have a see through the tank but one that is as tough as nails. The rest of the kit is made from stainless steel.

The finishing of the kit is also worth a mention. While most of them are built to last, not many are made to look good for a long time. But the Ohm Go Kit by Apollo is one of the few that looks good, and will last. It has a special finishing that protects the kit from all the scratches it might collect over time, which also makes cleaning the kit very easy.

The kit has other additions that improve both quality and convenience. These additions include a no-slip grip, ensuring that the pen is safe at all times and providing a nice finish that keeps the kit comfortable in your hand. If you prefer keeping it in your pocket, you don’t need to worry about it moving around.

Made for Comfort and Ease of Use

The stainless-steel battery is reliable, with a rubber-like finish on the outside. It makes the grips soft and allows it to fit more securely in your hand. The coating is used to make the device harder to drop, which extends the life of the pen. It also resists dirt and scratches, so the pen stays looking beautiful for a long time.

This pen comes with a USB charging cord. It’s a long cable that can be used in conjunction with a wall adapter or charged through a computer. It allows you to be able to vape while the device is charging. When the light is green, the device is fully charged and ready to go again.

Battery life and Performance

  • The Battery – Most batteries on this type of pen are 1W, limiting the vapor quantity and quality. But on the Ohm Go, with just a click of a button the temperature can be changed and the coil resistance adjusted. When the battery is running low, a blue light comes on to let you know the device is at half capacity. Keeping the safety of the customer in mind, this battery comes with built-in short-circuit and overcharge protection.
  • VD Apollo Ohm Go Battery

  • Using the Pen – The Ohm Go Kit by Apollo pen is filled at the bottom with a drip tip, which makes this tank easy to fill. Separating the tank and battery ensures that it won’t leak or spill so that it can be stored anywhere. As the pen is made from stainless steel with a Pyrex tank, the device can take an impact without the tank cracking or breaking.

Apollo Ohm Go Specifications

Wattage Range: 5-50W
Working Voltage: 3.0-6.0V
Tank Capacity: 3mL
Threading: 510
Coil Resistance: 0.5ohm (pre-installed) / 1.0ohm
Connector: 510
Colors: Black, White, Stainless Steel

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Elegant and sturdy build
  • Impressive collection of functions that offer flexibility
  • Presence of two coils for mouth to lungs and direct lungs vaping
  • Easy to use approach
  • No-slip grip that makes it harder to drop the pen
  • Highly portable. Has a decent size and is not too heavy
  • Does not slip around in the pocket
  • Perfect for starters
  • Auto adjusts features is extremely useful for first-time users
  • Is scratch-resistant and easy to clean

The Negatives

  • The auto adjusts feature takes the power of control away from you
  • The tank is slightly small
  • The battery is slightly on the small side


The Apollo Ohm Go Kit includes a long, cylindrical pen that has the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. Users simply fill the tank and can begin using right away. Although you can make a few adjustments, this pen was designed to be able to be used right out of the box. It makes the device easy for anyone who has just started to vape. With a moderate price and comfortable grip, the Apollo Ohm Go Vaping Kit is an excellent choice for anybody new to the vaping world.

Published: December 6, 2016Updated: December 14, 2020

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