Airvape X Review: A Redesigned Vape for Herbs and Concentrates


by Christina Matthews

Updated: August 31, 2021

Airvape X desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
4.1" x 1.85" x .48"
1300 mAh
Works with:
  • Wax icon
  • Herbs icon


  • Slim, slender form factor
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean
  • Charges very quickly


  • Concentrates pad does not vape so well

Starting Price: $ 179

The Airvape X is the successor to the original Airvape XS from California-based manufacturer Apollo Vaporizers. The Airvape X features the same outer design with its slender, all-steel frame and with the air intake vents in the shape of the Airvape logo. The device features an easily removable top cap that is held in place with magnets.

Removing the top cap exposes the all-ceramic heating chamber inside that is 25% larger than the original design. This new version can also be used with concentrates as the kit includes a concentrates pad that users can easily drop into the chamber.

A Closer Look at the Airvape X

The Airvape X has one of the more recognizable form factors of all dry herb vaporizers. The new version continues the tradition with its super-slim profile that makes the device one of the more portable and lightweight vaporizers. It weighs only 3.2oz while standing only 0.48” and is just 1.85” in width.

Airvape X desktop

The device features an all-ceramic heating chamber that is top-loading. Users have to remove the integrated top-piece mouthpiece to access the oval-shaped chamber, which can hold around 25% more material than the previous Airvape device.

The X also features an internal 1300mAh capacity cell that can power the device through several sessions. The device features a front-facing LED measuring 1.3” and displays important information like battery life, current temperature, and heat-up timer.

The new X also features an all-ceramic mouthpiece, which is a departure from the original’s all-glass mouthpiece. A common complaint of the first design was that the mouthpiece would overheat, but the new design keeps things cool even at high temperatures. The device features an all-aluminum build with air intake vents (three on the front, three on the back) that provide the oven with airflow.

AirVape X x2

The control interface is also similar to the first Airvape portable vaporizer. It features a simple up/down button with a single power button in the center. The three buttons can control the device’s pared-down features as it can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit or to activate it.

The Package

Dry herb vaporizers typically come with everything a user needs to keep the device in good working order, and the Airvape X is no different. Only, there is a bevy of other accessories that Apollo offers on its website that are compatible with the unit like glass water pipes, and even a wooden mouthpiece.

AirVape X kit

The silicone sleeve to hold the device may not be in all kits, as Apollo was late to bring it to market, so check to make sure.

  • One x AirVape X Vaporizer
  • One x X Shell
  • One x Concentrate Pad
  • One x Loading Tool
  • One x USB Charging Cable
  • One x Cleaning Brush
  • One x Filter Screen
  • One x User Manual
  • One x Warranty Card

The Look and Feel

Airvape X is one of the better-looking portable vaporizers on the market right now. It eschews the big, bulky, and cylindrical designs of typical herb vaporizers, even those that are dual-use. The functioning is also exceptional, as it only requires users to remove the top cap, load their material and activate the battery to start the heating process.

What Makes the Device Stand Out

Apart from the unique, slender form factor, the Airvape X uses a hybrid heating style that combines convection and conduction heating.

The air enters through the vents shaped like the Airvape logo, while the ceramic heating chamber makes direct contact with the material inside. Regardless of whether it is dry herbs or concentrates, the heating style is even enough to provide a good mix of flavor and cloud production.

The temperature range is between 200F-428F, which is a standard range for both concentrates and herbs. When inputting the temperature, users need only wait twenty seconds to reach temperature, which will then trigger the haptic feedback to let users know it is ready. The X will automatically start to heat-up to the last inputted temperature when activated.

The Vape Experience

Everything about the Airvape X exudes smoothness and the vapor quality is no different. The device is super-easy to load thanks to the wide-mouthed chamber and removable magnetic top-piece. Once loaded, users need only click five presses of the center button.

AirVape X box

The device uses similar materials and designs to a lot of other vaporizers so its vapor quality is on par with many other units. The isolated vapor path is also an important feature that guarantees a flavorful vape.

Thanks to the precision temperature control, users can set their device to produce thick, clouds of vapor or thin, wispy strings of great-tasting vapor.

While the functioning and operation of the device are hassle-free, no one thing puts the Airvape X above similar units. It has a great form factor that makes it portable and lightweight, but in terms of vapor quality, the device meets the standard of creating great vapor but does not exceed it.

Functioning and Clean-Up of the Airvape X

Using the X is remarkably easy. When the material is ground-up and ready, users need only remove the top mouthpiece to access the chamber. The chamber lips slope downward so any excess material does not get stuck there, but falls directly into the chamber. Once the device is packed – not too tightly, but loosely – users can replace the mouthpiece and activate the battery by pressing the power button three times quickly.

AirVape X mouthpiece

The device will start to heat-up with the fan icon on the LED turning to indicate the heat-up time. The timer will also start to countdown. After twenty seconds, the device will vibrate and users can start vaping. For best results, users can wait a few more seconds after the unit vibrates to let the vapor accumulate in the chamber for an easy, effortless draw.

From a full chamber, users can easily get two or three good pulls, before the material is done. Once finished, users can insert the cleaning brush to sweep out the material. The chamber is not so big, so its chances of getting stained with residue are minimal. For best performance, it is best to clean-out after every session, but it will not require something like iso alcohol to get it completely clean.

Powering the Airvape X

The Airvape X has an internal 1300mAh battery that is small compared to larger devices. But the trade-off of having such a slender device is that the battery cannot be that large. Still, a fully charged cell can power the unit through at least an hour of continual use, and more with light to moderate usage.

AirVape X charging dock

The X has a USB port on its bottom for users to recharge the cell. The kit includes a micro USB charging cable so users can recharge the battery in about an hour and a half.

Competing Devices

Pax 3

The Pax remains the gold-standard in dry herb vaporizers, although the device, like the Airvape X, uses a steel wool pad to vape concentrates as well. The pad is only included in the Deluxe kit, not the standard version. The Pax 3 features a bottom-loading, stainless steel heating chamber and has four preset temperatures loaded onto its 3500mAh battery.


The Pax 3 has a buttonless design and uses a touch-sensitive button. The Pax 3 has Bluetooth connectivity so it can pair with a smartphone that lets users gain access to the precision temperature control feature, as well as many other features like a session memory mode.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is another hi-tech vaporizer suitable for both herbs and concentrates. The device features instant convection heating thanks to its touch-sensitive sensor buttons that apply heat whenever the user has their finger on it. The Firefly has horizontal usability so users vape like an electronic pipe, rather than the vertical functioning of other devices.

firefly 2

The temperature profile for the Firefly 2 is between 340F-500F and it has a removable Li-Ion battery that has a high-discharge rate of 3.7V. The Firefly 2 has an all-glass bowl for its herbs and concentrates as well as an all-glass mouthpiece.

Airvape X Vaporizer Specifications

Battery Capacity: 1300 mAh
Heat-up Time: 20 Seconds
Screen : 1.3 Inch
Charging: Micro USB
Charge Time : One hour
Mouthpiece: Ceramic
Temperature Range : 200 F - 428 F
Heating Chamber: Oval Ceramic

Pros and Cons


  • Slim, slender form factor
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean
  • Charges very quickly
  • Great vapor quality
  • Precision temperature control


  • Concentrates pad does not vape so well

Conclusion: Airvape X Review: Larger Chamber, Same Great Vapor Quality

The Airvape X is popular among many herb enthusiasts for its slender form factor and easy functioning. It may not be the most advanced, state-of-the-art device but for its price point, it easily offers one of the best vaping experiences for a device in this range. It has a simple operation with a well-engineered design that produces high-quality vapor.

The ceramic mouthpiece gives users an easy-draw sensation without any heat transfer from the oven. The controls are straightforward and the haptic feedback is a bonus for its functionality.

The battery charges very fast and the pass-through charging means it can always be vaped. The concentrates pad is a good addition to the kit, although it performs at a lower level than a dedicated concentrates device.

Published: May 18, 2020Updated: August 31, 2021

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