VaporFi Atom Vaporizer Review

A Powerful New Dry Herb Vape from VaporFi: The Atom


VaporFi Atom Marijuana Vaporizer: 94/100

We took several days to test out the features of VaporFi’s innovative new vaporizer. The Atom is so exciting because of its wealth of features, some of which are the most advanced in the industry, such as a motion sensor and a 3000 mAh battery. In our review below, you can find our thoughts on all the important features of the Atom.

Atom Vaporizer Performance and Battery Life:

The Atom is currently the most powerful vaporizer made by VaporFi, with a temperature range of 360-464 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is more than enough for the many different herbs available for use with the Atom. The heating chamber is turned on with a single click. The chamber is made from ceramic and located at the base of the vaporizer, which allows air to run through the chamber. A LED display installed on the body of the Atom allows you to change the temperature and displays different colors at each setting: blue for 360, yellow for 410, and red for 464.

The exceptional performance means you can pack in your favorite herbs, lay back, and relax. The vapor from the Atom is also odorless which makes it a considerate choice for when you are out in public.

A unique 3000 MAH battery will hold a charge throughout the day so you can walk outside with confidence. A programmed chipset uses different programming to conserve battery life; it will prevent the Atom from being either over or under charged. The built-in motion detector will switch to battery-saver mode after 30 consecutive seconds of no use. If you shake the Atom you will be able to check the battery life with colors shown on the LED display—green for full, yellow for diminishing, red for low battery. The screen also turns purple if the Atom is warming up and white when it is ready to be used.


VaporFi Atom

The Atom is always dressed to impress and will make your friends jealous. Its sleek black design and smooth finish gives off a high-quality air. Apart from making you the topic of conversation, the Atom also offers great portability with its small, handheld size, while not compromising its functionality.


VaporFi Atom Vaporizer Chamber

Maintenance for the Atom is both crucial and simple. The cleaning pipes that come with the vaporizer are used to keep the item spotless so that you get a clean, powerful draw with every use. If the cleaning pipes are lost or damaged, a dedicated five pack can be purchased on the official website. Cleaning the vaporizer regularly will ensure a long life span.

Included Accessories:

When you purchase the Atom from VaporFi you will also receive a bunch of goodies included with the vaporizer:

  • Mouthpiece, preinstalled
  • Oven door, preinstalled
  • Replacement screen
  • 2 cleaning pipes
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

Upon purchasing the Atom Vaporizer from the official website VaporFi will five a 30-day money back guarantee to be used if there are any issues with the item. Simply contact VaporFi and they will handle everything for you.

About VaporFi:

VaporFi is a subsidiary company of the International Vapor Group, which also owns South Beach Smoke, DirectVapor and others. VaporFi has brought together a talented, experienced team of designers and engineers who are dedicated to bringing the public the best products on the market today. This dedication to excellence and innovation has led them to adopt the motto, “We change the way people smoke.” It’s this commitment to exceptional products and customer service that makes all its customers feel well-served.


On the whole, the Atom Vaporizer from VaporFi receives major accolades from our review team. While it may not be as small or flashy as other comparable vaporizers, what it lacks in aesthetics it more than makes up for in its functionality. The Atom, while new, is bound to rocket to the top of the best vaporizers lists in the vaping community. Enjoy.

VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer
Vaping Daily Rating: 92/100 by