Vaporfection MiVape Vaporizer Review

Vaporfection MiVape Vaporizer Review

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The Vaporfection miVape is the latest vaporizer on the market designed to be portable and work with both concentrates and dry herbs. We recently got the change to test this product, so read on for a detailed review of our experience with the miVape.


Vaporfection is well known for the viVape, their cutting-edge desktop unit. With the miVape, they’ve taken the high-quality design of the viVape and applied to it a portable vape. Through convection heating, the device vaporizes substances by heating air to the point where it’s sufficient enough to form a vapor but still cool enough to avoid burning.

The heating chamber is patented quartz crystal that can superheat air, all the while ensuring that no direct heat comes in contact with the substance in the chamber. This design means absolutely no burning, only amazing flavor and a super sweet scent.

Vaporfection MiVape Vaporizer Review

Heating Efficiency and Vapor Path

The miVape is equipped with a digital temperature control system that is fully adjustable and can operate at any temperature below 430°F. Since the dry herbs packed into the chamber never come into direct contact with heat, you’ll never end up with a burnt taste. Setting the vaporizer to the desired temperature is simple. Once powered on, the product will automatically set to 350°F. Using the +/- buttons at the front of the item, adjust the temperature. The set temperature will be reached in less than sixty seconds, and then you’re ready to vape. You will be able to view the temperature and battery life on the LED digital display. For those of you who are prone to leaving your vaporizer on accidentally, there is an auto-shutoff feature that can be set between 4-10 minutes.

Something to be mindful of is that if you want large puffs of vapor, you will need to take long draws of at least 10 seconds. Shorter draws will still give you flavor and the desired effect, but don’t produce much vapor. The herbs are utilized very efficiently, with 0.05 grams giving three impressively full draws on average.

Although the air path is made entirely from glass, the mouthpiece is made from plastic, which doesn’t seem to fit with the advertised completely “glass-on-glass” construction.

Size and Portability

The miVape is constructed from high-quality, medical-grade components. A lot of vaporizers boast portability when in reality the design is very bulky; the miVape, however, looks more or less like an average smartphone and is very pocket-friendly. It is probably the first truly pocket-friendly vaporizer of such high quality, and its ergonomic design fits nicely in your hand as well. The mouthpiece folds into the vaporizer when not in use, so you don’t worry about anything breaking while traveling. Its design makes miVape your best friend for vaping on the go.

Accessories and Applications: You get a nice bundle of accessories with the miVape: a mouthpiece, 2 silicone cups, 2 heating chambers made of quartz glass, 3 replacement screens, 2 silicone lids, 10 wax cloths, 1 cleaning brush, 1 stirring tool, 1 wall charger, 1 micro USB Cord, 2 stickers and a detailed instructions manual.

Upkeep: Nobody likes to clean their vaporizers after every session, which is why having hassle free cleaning is always a plus. As long as you clean regularly and don’t allow buildup on the mouthpiece, the miVape is a breeze to maintain. Use alcohol and water to clean the vapor path and the brush to clean the product.

Battery: The lithium-ion polarized battery on the miVape is fully rechargeable and is able to run for 1-2 hours continuously. The battery is easily charged through the provided micro-USB cord, and if necessary the battery is simple to replace.

Vaporfection MiVape Vaporizer Review


Vapers who put a lot of stock into convection heating and flavorful vapor are really going to enjoy using the miVape. Considering the performance and the vapor flavor, however, the miVape is still extremely competitive. You get a ton of accessories in the box with the product, which helps to justify the $260 price, but the price is a definite sticking point when compared to the other portable vapes in this price range. We would definitely like to see the price fall a bit. Currently, the miVape is available online exclusively at the . Shipping is free, and you may even get some free goodies as well.

Vaporfection MiVape Vaporizer
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