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Week of  July 24 – July 30

Our weekly news roundup is for the benefit of vapers like you. Our goal is to collect interesting vaping news on everything you would be interested in, such as legal, industry and entertainment news. Not only will we have serious topics but also some entertainment.

Exploding e-cigarette sets fire to a man

An explosion involving an e-cigarette required a call to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service near Bridgnorth. The incident happened right after 12:30 pm on July 22, 2017. The victim involved was not believed to be seriously hurt. The cause for the device to explode is unknown, but the incident did occur just a month after KangerTech issued a recall for not having a cutoff function, which could cause an explosion.

E-cigarette banned from school says governor

The banning of e-cigarettes from a New York school’s grounds took place recently. On Tuesday legislation was signed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo which effective immediately bans the use of all e-cigs from private and public schools statewide. The ban was issued in an attempt to stop youth accessing such a device that could potentially harm them.

A unique take on a vape trade show

An interesting vape shop event took place in La Jolla, California through July 23-25. The event hosts many manufacturers and buyers. The format for the show is like speed dating, where manufacturers set up in a luxury hotel room and have 20 minute one on one meetings with buyers. The trade show is exclusive to invite only and is happening to form better relations with manufacturers and buyers.   

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