Vaping Affiliate Programs Guide and Reviews – How To

The vapor industry is growing by leaps and bounds. You have some opportunity here. Our Vaping Affiliate Programs Guide and reviews will help you sort through the noise. The key is finding the right opportunity and having a plan of execution. Success with a vape affiliate program won’t come easy. You will need to put in some effort. But the rewards can last a lifetime. Literally!

Vaping Affiliate Programs Guide And Reviews
Many of the best affiliate programs in the vapor industry offer you residuals. This is a big deal. Sometimes the residuals can be months, some companies offer lifetime residuals. We will cover all of that. Vaping Daily’s guide will go over all of the best vape affiliate programs one by one. They all work very simply. You will have a unique link and when customers click on it, that link is tracked back to you. If you refer a customer to their website and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Residuals are attractive and there is another reason why you may be looking at how to make money with vaping. Multiple sources of income. With an economy that is always changing, it is wise to have more than one source of income. If you are interested in making money with electronic cigarettes, you have come to the right place.

Vaping Affiliate Marketing Strategy

How can you make money with a vaping affiliate program? First, you apply to be an affiliate. The company will notify you when you are approved. Read the affiliate agreement and make sure to follow the rules. Some are obvious. For example, never market to minors. That will get your affiliate status pulled in the blink of an eye.

Some e-cig affiliate programs want you to get permission before running an ad campaign. Listen, your affiliate manager wants you to be successful. Work with them. They will help you. The best affiliate programs will have professionally designed banners and other promotional tools they will let you use for free. You can post these on your website and social media platforms.

You have to know who your potential customers are. In this case, those customers are adult tobacco consumers. Marketing to anyone else is a waste of time and energy. It helps to be familiar with the products you promote so you can interact with anyone who may have a question. A basic affiliate marketing strategy breaks down to this:

  • Apply to an affiliate program
  • Read the affiliate agreement
  • Follow the rules
  • Promote to adult tobacco consumers
  • Take advantage of the resources provided by the company
  • Communicate with the company affiliate manager

Using Social Media

Social media gives you free access to millions of people. If you have a large audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform, you may want to try and monetize your audience. If you are looking to build a social media following, be prepared to dedicate some time and effort to do so. It can take time to build a following. You need to be interested, interactive, and interesting.

Putting your link in a Tweet or in a Facebook post probably won’t do much. Remember, interested, interactive, and interesting. What you write in your Facebook post or Tweet has to be compelling and interesting. This content creation. Make sure to attack a picture to your post. If someone replies or comments, reply to them in turn.

That part is easy. But here is the complication. You do not want to have post after post of your affiliate link. That will not work. Maybe one in 10 posts should be promoting your product. The other posts should be social and informative, no business link. You will not be able to pay to boost your social media posts because vapor products are considered tobacco products. The truth is that social media is a tool to help you generate sales but it will not be an optimal source for making sales.

Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing

Do not look at social media as a marketplace to promote products and make sales. Look at social media as a way to connect with others. Look at social media as a way for you to build your own email list of potential customers.

For example, you might post something on Facebook announcing that you have an email list that lets people know when a vape sale or special is running. You can ask if any vapers or tobacco users would like to be notified of any sales and specials. That way you can build an email list.

Other Strategies To Think About

So far, we have touched on a couple of the obvious strategies for promoting your vaping affiliate program. Social media is the obvious go to for new affiliate marketers. In addition, there are other strategies that you should consider:

  • Build a website. There are numerous online resources that make building a website relatively easy. We strongly recommend building a website. In fact, having a website is a requirement of many affiliate programs.
  • If you don’t want to make a website, then perhaps start a blog using one of the free blogging platforms.
  • Create a YouTube channel. The YouTube video editor is pretty easy to use.
  • Start a podcast.
  • Diverse content, keep vapers up to date on e-cig news and trends

Whatever platforms you use and explore, the content that you create will define your success. Your content is your brand, it is what you bring to the table. By content I mean the words you write in a post or blog or the personality expressed in a video. Your best content will be your natural content. Be who you are. If you are funny, be funny. If you are serious and analytical, let that come through in your content.

Vapor Niches

There are essentially two niches of vaping that you should understand when considering vaping affiliate programs. There are vaping e-liquids and vaping botanicals. Vaping e-liquids is using e-cigs and e-liquids with nicotine. Vaping botanicals is using dry herb, marijuana vaporizers. There is some crossover between these two niches.

It is a simple fact that the legal weed industry is booming. Obviously, you have to be comfortable and confident in any products that you market. If you have any discomfort about the legal weed industry, stick to the traditional electronic cigarette products. If you are comfortable with promoting products that may be used with legal and medical marijuana, then the herbal vaporizer niche is an opportunity for you to find more potential customers.

The best vaping affiliate programs allow you to market to both niches. That way, you vastly expand your potential customer base. You will be able to promote both e-cigs and the best vaporizers for marijuana and dry herb.

Choosing A Vaping Affiliate Program

When it comes to choosing a vaping affiliate program, you have a wealth of riches to pick from. Making money with e-cigs and vaping is a great opportunity but here’s the catch. Will the traffic you refer convert into sales? If you do the work and send customers to a company, will they be able to close the deal and make the sale? Look for affiliate programs that convert.

Here are some key buying points that help convert browsers to buyers:

  • An attractive, user friendly website that makes shopping and buying enjoyable
  • Mitigate risk, customers like money back guarantees and warranties
  • US based customer service, customers like to communicate directly with the company
  • Quality, of course, product quality is always essential
  • A quality product means the customer will return and you will continue to get residuals
  • Value, a company that offers better value than competitors is a good company to promote

Customers have to be comfortable and confident in what they are buying. At the end of the day, any success you have will be born out of customers who enjoy and love the product that you promoted to them.

Vaping Daily has done the work here. We have identified the best quality electronic cigarettes and vape brands. And now we have made a list of the best e-cig and vaporizer affiliate programs for making money, and, more importantly, for making happy customers.

Vaping Affiliate Programs Guide

V2 Cigs Affiliate Program

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is an impressive, US based vapor company. They make some of the best electronic cigarettes in the business. V2 checks all the boxes for an attractive affiliate program including a 30-day money back guarantee and product warranty. They carry a wide range of vapor products for both e-liquids and dry herb. In addition to their own, unique, V2 products, they carry many of the leading national vape juice brands.

The commission structure is very friendly You get 30% of new customer sales and 10% of all future purchases your customer makes. The more you sell, the higher the commission rates go. If you make over 25 sales a month, commission rates climb to 35% for new customers and 12.5% for lifetime residuals. Over 50 sales it goes to 50% for new sales and 10% for residuals. When you get to 100 new sales a month you get 75% commission for new customers and 20% lifetime residuals.

The V2 Cigs affiliate program gives you attractive, professionally made banners that you can use to promote your unique tracking link. The V2 website is very customer friendly and boasts the best conversion rates in the industry.

  • Larger commissions for new customer sales
  • Lifetime residuals
  • Free marketing materials
  • Wide range of products
  • Electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and dry herb devices
  • V2 carries the hot, trending vape juice brands
  • US based customer service

Learn more about the V2 affiliate program here

Halo Cigs Vaping Affiliate Program

Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs is a phenomenal American success story. This is the company that helped pioneer making the best vape juices right here in the USA using only the best ingredients. While Halo may be best known for its e-liquids, they also have a full line of e-cigs and vape mods. Recently, Halo launched an entirely new line of fruit flavored e-liquids called Evo.

The commission rate for a first sale is 50%. The residual program is very good as well. There is a catch. You need to have a website to affiliate with Halo. When you apply, you need to submit your website URL to be approved by Halo’s team. If you do have a website, that 50% commission looks very, very good!

  • 50% commission for new customer sales
  • Residual program
  • 30-day money back guarantee and warranty on hardware
  • US based customer service available online and by phone 14 hours a day
  • 70 professionally designed promotional banners for you

Learn more about the Halo Cigs affiliate program here.

Mig Vapor Affiliate Program


The beauty of the Mig Vapor is that they have vaping covered from A to Z. There are a huge number of products for you to promote. That includes basic e-cigarette starter kits to sub ohm mods to dry herb vaporizers. You can cover every major niche of the vapor market. The e-cigs are designed to be easy to use and the vaporizers utilize ceramic heating technology. Mig Vapor offers excellent quality products.

There is a massive list of e-liquids flavors. Users can also customize their own e-liquid recipes. The website has just been redone and it looks amazing. It is very easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. Mig Vapor is based in Florida and has an in-house, US based customer service team. Mig Vapor ships worldwide.

Mig Vapor pays out commissions over $100 monthly. Checks are mailed to US affiliates and they use PayPal for international affiliates.

  • Massive range of products
  • Strong brand recognition in vaporizers
  • Excellent commissions
  • Lifetime residual commissions
  • Free access to marketing tools
  • Product warranty

VaporFi Affiliate Program


The VaporFi affiliate program offers a 15% commission on all e-cigs, vaporizers, vape tanks, starter kits, and cartridges. The commission on e-liquids is 20%. In other words, 15% of hardware and 20% on vape juice. You get residuals for one year. There is a wide range of promotional materials that you will have access to.

VaporFi has a huge catalog of e-cigs, mods, vape tanks, and vaporizers. They have something for every level of vaper. Plus they have their own FDA registered e-juice lab. Customers can be assured with a 30-day money back guarantee and warranty protection. VaporFi has US based customer service and very helpful affiliate managers to help you succeed.

  • 15% commission on hardware
  • 20% commission on e-liquids
  • 365-day cookie
  • Huge range of products
  • 30-day guarantee and extended warranty
  • Promotional tools available

Learn more about the VaporFi vaping affiliate program here

Direct Vapor Affiliate Program


Direct Vapor is a leading vendor of imported electronic cigarette devices. They carry a full line of authentic products from companies like Smoktech, Kanger, Aspire, iJoy, eLeaf and all of the heavy hitters. On top of that, they carry dozens of the leading vape juice brands. You get 10% of every sale and lifetime residuals.

The Direct Vapor website is beautifully laid out and a breeze for people to navigate and shop. They will often run promotions and sales which definitely helps to convert.

Some of the tools you will have access to include animated banners, professional images, and the Direct Vapor affiliate managers may even help you with content creation. You get hands on assistance. Most importantly, you can confidently promote using four critical buying and converting factors:

  1. Low price guarantee. If customer finds an authentic product being sold for less elsewhere, Direct Vapor will price match.
  2. Free shipping on every order.
  3. Verified vendor of authentic products. No fake e-cigs sold here. Direct Vapor is a no clone zone.
  4. 15-day return policy and a 60-day warranty.

Learn more about the Direct Vapor affiliate program here

Vape World Affiliate Program


Vape World specializes in the rapidly growing marijuana vaporizer sector. Vape World carries all of the best names in vaporizers. They have portable handheld vaporizers, vape pens, and the best desktop vaporizers in the world. Customers will also find glass, grinders, rolling supplies, accessories and more.

Vape World has recently revamped their vaping affiliate program and is now working with a cutting edge company called Impact Radius. With Impact Radius you get sharp, clear analytics so you can ensure you are being data driven in your strategic decisions. The payout is a 10% commission and a 30-day cookie.

By signing up for a vape affiliate program with Vape World, you can get a piece of the rapidly growing legal weed industry.

  • Fast growing industry
  • 10% commissions
  • Impact Radius affiliate system
  • Price matching
  • Huge product selection

Learn more about the Vape World affiliate program here

Vapor Nation Vaporizer Affiliate Program


Vapor Nation carries a gigantic selection of the best vape pens, vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, grinders, glass, and other accessories. The Vapor Nation affiliate program is another way that you can benefit from the expanding legal marijuana business in the US and around the world. The website is easy to navigate. People can shop by product category and by price range.

Vapor Nation often runs sales promotions that you can promote. These sales and specials can really help conversion rates. The company has numerous banners and tools that you can use. You can create your own custom links to specific product pages and track your results.

  • 15% commissions
  • $10 sign up bonus
  • Promotional banners
  • Gigantic selection of vaporizers and accessories
  • Price matching and free shipping

Learn more about Vapor Nation affiliate program here

JUUL Vapor E-Cig Affiliate Program


The JUUL vapor e-cig affiliate program is essentially a program that features a single product. But it is an excellent product. Ideal for new vapers. Vaping Daily complete a full JUUL Vapor e-cigarette review and we were impressed. This is a very small, stealthy e-cig but it delivers big-time satisfaction. The nicotine content is strong and is derived from nicotine salts, not tobacco.

JUUL is designed and sold by JUUL Labs. These are the same people who brought us the Pax vaporizer. Based in the silicon valley, JUUL could be called the Apple of the vaping industry. The combination of technology, design, and performance is exceptional.

Even though JUUL currently has one featured e-cig product, customers that you refer will go back to buy new JUUL pods. That is why JUUL is still considered one of the best vaping affiliate programs. The residual income opportunity is excellent. JUUL offers customers discounts for auto-ship which is very good for you because it helps secure those residual commissions.

  • Innovative product
  • 20% commission on new customer sales
  • 10% commission on residuals
  • Growing brand recognition
  • Free promotional tools available

Learn more about the JUUL Vapor e-cig affiliate program here

Zamplebox Vape Juice Affiliate Program


Zamplebox is an e-liquid subscription plan that offers a 15% commission to approved affiliates. Here is how it works. Customers will choose what type of flavors they like and what nicotine level they enjoy. Then they will select from one of three subscription models. There is 3 bottles for $29.98 a month, 6 bottles for $33.99, and 11 bottles for $53.99.

Customers never know exactly what brands they will be receiving. There are 100 plus brands that Zamplebox works with. The selling points are the convenience and the price. Zamplebox subscribers, currently 200,000 of them, save up to 70% off the retail price of e-liquids.

  • 15% commission
  • Very popular and well-known brand
  • 200,000 subscribers and growing

Learn more about the Zamplebox vape juice affiliate program here

Vapor Beast Affiliate Program

Vapor Beast

At Vapor Beast, you will find more than 100 different brands of electronic cigarettes, tanks, mods, and e-liquids. Vapor Beast offers free shipping on orders over $35. They are based in California and have a fully staffed US based customer service team. The commission rate is 5% and they offer a 30-day return policy on hardware.

The Vapor Beast website has a nice, simple design. With 105 different brands of products available to customers, they have designed the layout so that people can quickly find what they are looking for.

  • Enormous selection of e-cig and e-juice brands
  • 5% commissions
  • Access to promotional banners and links

Learn more about the Vapor Beast affiliate program here

Final Word Of Advice For A Successful Vaping Affiliate

Building an income from vaping affiliate programs is possible. You can sign up for more than one program. It is always easier to market and promote a product you know and believe in. It will be helpful to know the products that you promote inside and out. Your customers have to trust you. If you believe in a product that you are promoting it will show in your content.

Like any business, there will be a trial and error element to building an affiliate income from electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Take advantage of the tracking features that these affiliate programs provide. If you are data driven in your strategy you will increase your chance to be successful.

Be prepared to invest time and effort. You will not get rich overnight just because vapor products are growing so fast. You are getting in when the industry is on a big upswing but that does not mean it will be easy. The large commissions and residuals are very attractive and you can build a successful venture for yourself. Build is the key word. It will happen one step at a time.

Published: September 18, 2017


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