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Overall Performance: 89%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 80%

Dry HerbPrice: $449.99

Our Verdict: One of the most highly sought after vaporizers on the market, the VapeXhale Cloud EVO is a fantastic device. It is small, light, has a minimalistic design, is easy to use, and vapor production is some of the best one will ever see.

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First Impressions

Design: A sleek, stylish, and modern looking device, the Cloud EVO is about eight inches high with a slight cone shape to it with a three-inch square base. The front of the device has a power switch and temperature dial, both unmarked while the back of the unit has a standard computer power cable socket. Inside, a glass tube that is wrapped by the ceramic heating element can be seen, and on top is a glass connector. Everything fits together perfectly, creating a balance in design. It is a beautiful device, and many users will find themselves staring it at while vaping to admire its beauty and simplicity.

Build Quality: The Cloud EVO is made almost entirely out of glass. The inside air pathway is glass, the connector is glass, even the body is made out of Zytel, a glass resin filled polycarbonate. The only thing not made of glass are the EX load bowls and the ceramic heating element. Because of this, one should not be too rough when handling the device. However, despite its seemingly fragile construction, the entire unit is extremely well-made. The high-quality construction makes sure that the unit will last users a good many years with proper care.

What’s in the Box: For every purchase of the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, users will also get one glass mouthpiece, two EZ load bowls, two VapeXNails (for concentrates), one power cord, and a user manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Matching its simple design, the Cloud EVO is very easy to use. To fill, users take one EZ load bowl and take off the cap. Fill it with ground material up to about 80% capacity to allow air to circulate inside it. Users recommend filling it only up to 50% for a more efficient vaporization process.

To turn on the device, flip the power switch located below the temperature dial, then turn the knob to around the 12:00 position. Heat up times take about three minutes, and you will know it is ready once the LED light turns green.

Once ready, place the bowl inside the chamber, attach the tube to the connector, and start vaping. Simple yet effective.

Vapor Production and Performance: Most users agree that the Vapor quality from the Cloud EVO is on-par with the best vaporizers on the market, including the highly touted Volcano. This says a lot about the overall performance of the device. Vapor production from the unit is dense, smooth, and is pure and flavorful.

Unlike the Volcano, which uses bags, the Cloud EVO is a direct draw vaporizer, so the vapor goes straight to the lungs, instead of through a bag first. The high-quality vapor is due to all glass parts and the ceramic heating element inside the unit. Glass does not taint the flavor in any way, unlike plastics where aftertastes are prone. Thus many users often prefer glass tubes in their vaporizers over anything else.

A huge selling point of the Cloud EVO is its ability to use various tubes that all perform flawlessly. The primary glass mouthpiece is included with the device upon purchase, but buyers can get additional tubes for vaping through water. The Hydratube upgrade is especially useful for those who love to filter their vapor through water. However, if one already has a standard water tube on-hand, the Cloud EVO can use it since it has a standard size connection, adding to its overall value.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The Cloud EVO does not run on batteries. A power cable is included in the package and the device is designed to be use at home. Especially with all the glass parts, using it out and about is definitely a no-no. Users won’t have to worry about battery life or have power issues with the device, ensuring uninterrupted vape session all the time.

The heating element is made of ceramic and it wraps around the glass tube inside the unit. It heats in about three to five minutes, depending on the temperature one sets it to. During use, or even when idle, the unit can maintain an even temperature throughout, however, some users complain that the top of the unit might become too hot. It does become hot after a while, but not enough to injure someone, still, when the unit is one for extended periods users should take care when handling the top of the unit.


Additional Details

There’s reason why the VapeXhale Cloud EVO has become the Internet’s darling. The device is very easy to use, performs great, and produces high-quality vapor that is matched only by more expensive units. It is a top-shelf device delivering top-shelf overall performance.

The only downside with the device is probably its mostly all glass build, making it a little fragile. However, as long one handles it with care, and makes sure their friends do the same, the Cloud EVO will last for many years.

Users who want a small, light desktop vaporizer that packs a mean punch should look into the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. It costs around $350 (more if additional tubes are purchased), but its overall performance makes it worth the price.

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VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer
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