The Wasp Nano: Budget Friendly With No Sacrifices


by Christina Matthews

Updated: March 9, 2022

Wasp Nano Review

Review Score: 87/100

Price Range:
$‎12.99 - $17.99
Deep Juice Well:
5 mm
Gold, Black, White, Resin, Silver
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Excellent flavor and cloud production
  • Double slot airflow holes built into top cap
  • Comfortable and well designed top cap/drip tip


  • Some slight whistling and turbulence if coil placement is off
  • Not much deck space

The Oumier Wasp Nano is a 22 mm RDA with a postless build deck that can accommodate dual coils and squonk mods. The Oumier Nano is durable and contains deep juice wells that allow for plenty of vaping before refilling is necessary.

Other benefits to using this device are excellent airflow, vapor output, and affordability. Currently, the device is selling for $19.99, which is more than a bargain. Considering the specifications and price, this RDA is ideal for people on a budget who want a quality atomizer.

Wasp Nano Review

Performance-wise, the Nano RDA is outstanding. It works really well with SS316 Clapton and Fused coils raining from 2 to 2.5 mm in diameter. 2 mm is probably best because the air circulates better and deeper draws can be taken. But 2.5 is not bad either and the airflow is still pretty good. It can handle 3 mm diameter coils, but air does not circulate as well and there is some spit back.

The flavor coming off the coils is outstanding; better than some of the more expensive RDAs, in fact. The airflow is very good, and there will be more on that below, but there is some slight whistling if coil placement is not right.

Vapor Production

For a single coil RDA, vapor production is outstanding.The vapor is warm and dense and there is a lot of it. It is not going to win competitions with any double or triple coil set-ups, but it is a lot all the same.

Inside the Package

  • Oumier Wasp Nano RDA
  • Spare Parts Bag
  • Organic Cotton
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 510 BF Squonk Piin

Wasp Nano Build Quality and Design

The Nano is worthy of its name, measuring 22mm in width and 22.5 mm in height. It has a curved Ultem drip tip/top cap that does a good job of keeping the lips from burning. The o-rings do a solid job of keeping the Wasp Nano top cap in place. There is no wiggling, and it does not come loose.

Oumier Wasp Nano Rda Colors

This atomizer is good for people who want something low profile. It does not have any goofy cartoons, colors, or graffiti – just o-rings, plastic, and metal. The branding on some of these devices is too much. Thankfully that is not a problem with this atomizer.

The Deck

The deck is well made, but it is not very spacious. That is the sacrifice that was made to make it low profile. Even so, its other features compensate for the deck’s size. It has two large blocks, each with a single post hole in the corner. They use flathead screws to secure the wires. The post holes are open on both sides, and the user can feed the ends through and trim them easily.


The Nano comes with two side air slots in the top cap. These slots align with two more slots in the blocks, allowing incoming air to hit the coils immediately.

Oumier Wasp Nano Rda Open

Airflow is adjusted by twisting the top cap back and forth. It can support direct-to-lung draws or a moderately tight mouth-to-lung draw. There are tighter and more open RDAs out there, but this RDA produces excellent flavor, which outweighs those too cons.

Wicking and Squonking

The Oumier Nano is easy to wick, being a single coil build. The important thing to remember is that the juice well is deep, despite the atomizer’s small size. The best way to make sure the cotton is cut to the right length is to pull it through the coil and line the ends with the o-rings. Cut them when they are aligned, and then insert them into the juice well. They will be long enough to absorb the liquid.

This RDA pairs very well with squonk mods thanks to its small size, single coil, and deep juice well. The surface area of the well’s bottom allows for the juice to be evenly distributed and absorbed. The squonk pin has a wide hole that pumps juice into the well with only a slight squeeze. Do not squeeze too much or else the liquid will come out through the air holes.

How to Use the Oumier Wasp Nano RDA Step-by-Step

This atomizer is very easy to use. Here are some simple steps to follow when first using it:

  1. Insert the wire leads into the post holes, secure them by tightening the flat head screws, and then cut them to length. Make sure the coils are 2 to 2.5 mm in diameter
  2. Screw the atomizer onto a regular mod or squonk mod
  3. Dry burn the coils by pushing the mod’s firing button. Continue doing so until the coils burn evenly
  4. After the coils cool off, cut the wicking to length as shown earlier, comb both ends gently, and tuck the ends into the juice well
  5. Prime the coil and cotton by dripping juice onto them. If squonking, take the extra step of pumping juice into the well. Allow five to ten minutes to pass before vaping.

How to Refill

Refilling is easy.

  1. Drop the liquid through the drip tip until enough liquid is in the well.
  2. Squonk compatible mods have a hole in the side that allows the user to squeeze the small bag that contains liquid.
  3. Squeeze it slightly and not too hard to inject the juice.

Competing Products


Oumier makes both of these atomizers (obviously), and their quality and performance is very high. Also, neither has excessive branding or weird designs. The Nano S has a few more additions that set it slightly above its predecessor.


It is a dual coil RDA and is 25 mm in diameter instead of 22mm. The Nano S is slightly more expensive, but not too much so. It is a great option for those who want a similar atomizer with double coil capability.

Oumier WASP NANO RDA vs. Gear RTA

The Wotofo Gear is a rebuildable tank atomizer, not a drip atomizer. Instead of dripping liquid through the drip tip, there is a refillable tank around the coils and dual slotted fill ports.

Gear RTA Colors

The biggest disadvantage of using the Gear RTA is that it has very low juice capacity and low resistance coils, so it burns through liquid very quickly. That would not be a problem if it were squonk compatible, but it is not. The Wasp Nano RDA is a better atomizer all around.

Wasp Nano Specifications

Diameter: 22mm
Deep Juice Well: 5 mm
Construction: Stainless Steel
Dual Post Build Deck: One Open Terminal Per Post
PEEK Insulator:
Connection: Squonkable BF 510
Cololrs: Gold, Black, White, Resin, Silver
Conical ULTEM Top Cap/Drip Tip:
Double O-Ring Top Cap Connection:
Single Coil Configuration:


The Positives

  • Excellent flavor and cloud production
  • Comfortable and well designed top cap/drip tip
  • Double slot airflow holes built into top cap
  • Squonk compatible
  • Deep well

The Negatives

  • Some slight whistling and turbulence if coil placement is off
  • Not much deck space

Closing Thoughts on This Wasp Kit Review

The Wasp Nano RDA is an excellent choice for squonkers and regular mods. It has a deep juice well that can hold a high amount of liquid, not to mention other advantages like airflow that hits the coils directly and the ease with which the coils are built. The only cons are that the airflow is not as tight or loose as some might like. But the flavor coming off the coils more than makes up for that. The bottom line is that this is an outstanding and affordable RTA.

If you use this Wasp Nano review, feel free to leave a comment telling us what you think about it. Your comments are always welcome.

Published: August 30, 2021Updated: March 9, 2022

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