Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega Review – Powerful, Tiny and Inexpensive

Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega74100
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Vaporesso Estoc Tank Review

The Estoc Tank Mega by Vaporesso is a masterpiece. It comes with a fail-proof ceramic coil technology that produces excellent flavor and vapor, and was previously in the original version of Vaporesso’s CCELL. Furthermore, the Estoc Tank is environmental friendly. At $19.99, the price is very inviting. With such incredible features, how does the product perform? Let’s find out.

Now is the golden era of vaping, with a large variety of choices for the type of tank we want to vape with. Consumers have practically unlimited options to choose from; but how well do the products actually perform?

This is where the Estoc Tank Mega excels – Vaporesso is rapidly establishing its position in the vaping on par with industry leaders. Vaporesso’s vape tanks, mods, add-ons, and accessories are all successful both with advanced vapers and beginners (who might be also interested in vape starter kits). The first impressions of the Estoc Tank Mega are amazement: amazement at the intricate details of the item, its pristine feel, and its high quality.

Heating Efficiency And Vapor Path

We know what your first question is: “Can this thing create gigantic vapor clouds?” Don’t worry, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” If you live for huge cloud puffs, the Estoc is like a dream come true. Our testers were able to blow some of the most amazing clouds we’ve ever seen, and that’s when the device was at a really low wattage setting. This tank is an absolute beast at cloud production, which makes the Estoc Tank Mega stand out.

This tank doesn’t only produce clouds; it produces some amazing flavors, enticing and delicious. Two EUCs (Eco Universal Coils), come with this product. One is a pre-installed 0.5-ohm ceramic coil, and the second is a 0.4-ohm cotton replacement coil. What’s up with the “Eco”? Normally, when a coil needs replacing, the whole tank goes. Obviously, this isn’t good for the environment, so Vaporesso is changing this throwaway norm with the introduction of EUCs. You will only need to discard a single component of the coil.

The design of the removable coil heads is such that it will fit inside the metal casing. Just unscrew the coil head from the casing once you’re ready to replace it, and pop a new one in. Not only is this method simple, but you will also save money, and help the environment.

Design & Size

The design is one of the greatest advantages of the Estoc Tank Mega. It is constructed from gorgeous glass and stainless steel, which adds class to the overall product. And it’s not that this is just a pretty device, it’s solid too, and can withstand a few accidental drops and bangs.


The Estoc Tank Mega sports an easy filling system. As mentioned before, you unscrew the top cap and pour in your desired juice. If you are using the tank for the first time, be careful to ensure that the vape juice goes inside the glass tube and not the air shaft, otherwise you’ll flood the coil. Once you’ve filled the tank, screw the top back on and that’s it! A mess-free method without any spills, clean up, or gunk accumulation.


The product comes in a white box along with accessories like an extra glass tube, some extra o-rings, an EUC head, and a user guide. A couple of silicon sleeves are also provided for protecting your fingers if in case the top cap becomes too hot. All of these accessories are pretty standard and are provided with most tank kits, but the extra glass tube is a much-needed addition, in case of accidental breakage.


The Estoc Tank Mega is more or less the holy grail that vapers have been waiting for, and it has been a phenomenal success in the vaping community. The reason for this is that the tank is hassle free and easy to use, creating clouds like you’ve never seen before and maximizing the flavor of your e-juice. With such a perfect item, you can just sit back, relax, and vape without any frustrations.

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