Vape Band is the Best Vaping Accessory. Five Ways to Use Vape Bands

There is one obvious and important reason for using a vape band. Life! You know it can happen in the blink of an eye. It’s Monday. Your mod is sitting on your desk. It looks amazing. Bill comes over asking for the TPS reports. You turn, nudge your desk ever so slightly and bam! Down goes your mod and the glass tank shatters. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Vape bands can protect your glass tank from falls and tip-overs. Not only that, but also from breaking while carrying a mod and tank in a purse, pocket, glove box, desk drawer, car cup holder, and the list goes on. A vape band offers an extra layer of protection for the day to day, real-world wear and tear. For less than a buck, you can protect vulnerable glass tanks from common accidents.

Protecting your vape tank from cracking or shattering is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many advantages to using vape bands. You might be surprised! We have five ways that vape bands can come in handy.

Vape Tank Protector

Most vapers take a lot of pride on their vape gear. When we meet another vaper, we talk about our mod and our vape tank. We invest in a top-rated vape tank so using a vape tank protector makes a lot of sense. We want to take care of our gear. A vape band is primarily a vape tank protector. And a quite effective one at that.

  • Vape bands can protect your vape tank

It is not often that we actually drop our mods but if it does happen, and when it does the tank usually takes the brunt of the fall. The vape band can help absorb the shock and prevent cracking or shattering. Even a tiny crack will ruin a vape tank. If you have one vape band, place it toward the center of the tank. If you have a larger tank, use two vape bands equidistant apart.

More often, our mods are sitting on a table and tip over. This is probably the leading cause of shattered tanks. Especially tube style mods. Even a tip-over can break a glass tank. It does not take much. Large diameter tanks are especially vulnerable.

A vape band can protect the glass when a vape tank is in luggage, in a desk drawer, a purse and so on. Mine is always in the cup holder in the car. It is always banging back and forth when I am breaking and accelerating, though never over the speed limit. Vape bands have kept my tanks intact and the vapor flowing. Vape bands are excellent vape tank protection.

More Gripping Less Dripping

Have you ever thought you were disconnecting your tank from the mod only to discover that you were actually disconnecting the tank from the base? Usually, this error is discovered when your e-juice starts dripping out all over your fingers, your mod, your pants, your couch, your carpet, and really it is just a mess. This usually happens with tanks that have a small base, like most RTAs for example. If you use a vape band, you could avoid this by more gripping and less dripping!

  • A vape band can help you grip your tank

When I want to take my RTA off of the mod, I slide the vape band down to the base and just like that I have a nice sure grip to unscrew the RTA from the mod. It really helps a lot. I don’t make a mess anymore! Well, not with spilled vape juice anyway.

A vape band is a rubber material that offers a firm, comfortable grip. You don’t have to squeeze hard to get a good grip either. In fact, using a vape band makes handling your tank easier overall. If you are taking your tank apart to clean it or putting it back together, the extra grip makes the process that much smoother.

Styling With Vape Band Colors

Vape bands come in all sorts of colors and can add some style to the look of your vape set-up. Choose the colors of your favorite sports team, your favorite fashionable colors, or whatever you want. There are dozens of vape band colors to choose from. Pinks, purples, blues, you name it. And even some that glow in the dark. By the way, the glow in the dark vape bands are awesome for when you want to grab you vape off the nightstand in the middle of the night.

  • Express your personal style

You can definitely make a style statement with your favorite vape band colors, but it goes further than that. Vape bands can protect the look and style of your vape. The buffer that is provided by a vape band can help prevent scratches and wear on the finish of your devices. Keep your vape gear looking good!

Vape Mod Rings

A vape band can not only protect your tank, but it can also protect your best tube mod. Tubular e-cig mods fall over a lot! Using the band as a vape mod ring can protect your device when it tips over. Which it will.

  • Use it as a vape mod ring

But wait, there’s more! And this is probably more important. If you place a vape band above the fire button of your tube mod, that can also help prevent any leaking vape juice from running down the side of the mod and getting into the buttons. Liquid getting into the electronics of a mod can potentially ruin it real quick.

Vape Band Leak Blocker

When you are traveling with your vape gear, a vape band makes a handy leak blocker. It makes sense! Look, when you pack your vape in your luggage and head to the airport, you expect a smooth flight. The flight attendant will offer you a drink, you’ll watch a movie, and generally have a great time. But it is not so smooth a ride for your poor mod tucked away in your suitcase.

  • Block leaks through the airflow slot

Your luggage will be thrown on a conveyor belt any which way. Get stacked up with hundreds of other suitcases. Get thrown into the belly of a jet. At 30,000 feet the air pressure will drop, your vape juice will expand and try to leak out all over the place. Madness! Slide a vape band to the base of the tank so it covers the airflow and like that, the leak is blocked.

Even at home, I like to slide the vape band over the airflow for the night to prevent leaks. When an e-cig is not used for several hours, the wick can be saturated and leak slightly through the airflow. It usually happens with the coils and wick I make myself. The noble vape band comes in very handy as a vape juice leak blocker.

Where To Buy Vape Bands

There are many places that are selling vape bands. Most vape shops have them as do most online vendors. You can buy vape bands from Direct Vapor and Mig Vapor. has a huge selection of colors including glow in the dark vape bands. Each comes with a random, vape related graphic.

Vape bands are not just a gimmick. They can perform a number of valuable functions. If you are spending $50 or more on a mod and or tank, a vape band is an easy way to spend a buck or two and protect your investment.

Published: December 7, 2017 Updated: August 27, 2019



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