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Temple Styled RDA

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  • Threading Connection
  • Diameter
  • Deep Juice Well
    4.5 mm
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The Temple RDA is an affordable rebuildable drip atomizer with a dual post design that can support anywhere from two to four coils. These products are capable of running on mods that can fire to 200 watts.

Another feature that makes them stand out is their adjustable airflow, which has 36 slots, or 18 on each side of the tank. The Temple produces big clouds and the flavor is pretty good. The Temple is a must buy considering its low price and capabilities.

Vaperz Temple RDA Review

The Temple is an excellent RDA that is dual post designed. This rebuildable drip atomizer can handle multiple coil heads, and cloud production on this RDA is unlike any other tank, and it can easily operate on 40 to 200 watts. It does not get too hot, though, thanks to the 36 air holes drilled into the sleeve. These slots greatly increase vapor production and cool down the vapor to a suitable temperature. This tank can hold plenty of juice, as well. It has a depth of 4.5 mm, which means more time before refills.


Appearance is not very important, but it is nice to have a tank that looks good on the mod, and this one certainly looks good. The sleeve of the product is only in black, but it has a nice sheen to it, and the copper colored tank beneath it makes for a nice and colorful contrast. This is not very important either, but the Temple logo is etched on the sleeve perfectly. The way they colored it a light gray also contrasts nicely with the black sleeve.

Finally, this cannot be hit on enough. The price is phenomenally low. A lot of tanks and RDA/RTAs are high priced, and while they are great products, a lot of people cannot afford them. The Temple ranks up there with the best of its competitors in terms of flavor, cloud production, and ease of use, but its low price sets it miles apart. Anyone who has been looking for a good deal on a tank that is built to a high standard will love the Temple.

What Accessories Does the Temple RDA Kit Come With?

An authentic Temple RDA has all the accessories a vaper needs minus mod. In addition to the tank, there is a replacement tank, two coils, several o-rings and screws, and a Phillips head screwdriver.


Internal Building Quality and Design

The Temple RDA build deck has two posts and the tank is 30mm in diameter. The large diameter, giving the user plenty of space with which to work. Additionally, the RDA has 36 slots. The chuff cap is replaceable, allowing the user to his or her own.

How to Make a Build on a Temple RDA

The build deck has a two post design with two holes in each post, allowing the user to put as many as four coils in the tank. To get the coils into the posts, loosen the screws with the Phillips head screwdriver included in the starter kit, and then thead the wires through the posts. Tighten the screws and then put the cotton in the wires.


The deck is large enough so that the user has plenty of space to build the coils. This deck can support many types of coils, but of all of them, Clapton coils worked the best. The user can build anything from double to quad builds.

How Long Do the Coils Last?

The longevity of the coils depends on how often they are used. Coils used moderately can last two to four weeks. If the RDA is used frequently, do not expect the coils to last longer than one to two weeks.

How to Use the Vaperz Temple RDA

Using the Temple is pretty easy.

  • First, build the wires and place them in the posts and secure the screws.
  • Once the wires are in place, wick them with cotton, and then prime the wires and cotton with e-liquid.
  • After the cotton is primed, place the RDA onto the mod. Temples are 510 threaded, so they will be able to work with most mods.
  • Adjust the airflow by rotating the metal piece under the sleeve.

The airflow can be tight and restricted or it can be open and airy. Either way works fine, but opening up all the way makes for bigger clouds and cooler pulls.

Competing Products

Temple vs. Buddha RDA

These two mods compare with one another very well in terms of price, flavor, and vapor quality. They both have two post build decks that are capable of supporting quad builds, and the build decks are both large.


The only big difference between them is their size. The Temple is slightly taller than the Buddha, and it holds slightly more liquid.

Temple RDA vs. Velocity RDA

The Velocity RDA has great build quality, it can handle quad builds, and it has terrific airflow and flavor, but the airflow on the Temple is slightly better.


Also, the Temple is much more affordable. The Velocity RDA is much more expensive, so considering that its airlow is not as open, go with the Temple on this one.

Last Word about the Vaperz Temple RDA

The Temple RDA is a wonderful rebuildable drip atomizer to have. The fact that the build deck is so large enables the user to construct multiple kinds of coil builds easily and quickly. It is also good that the juice well is so deep, allowing it to hold more juice than some of its competitors. But, the best thing about this RDA is its price. The Temple is much less expensive than a lot of the leading RDAs out there, but it delivers an unforgettable vaping experience.

What do you think about this product we have just reviewed? If you have tried it, please write a few comments telling us what you think.

The Temple RDA Specifications

Temple RDA
Threading Connection 510
Deep Juice Well 4.5 mm
Diameter 30mm
Construction Stainless Steel

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Excellent airflow
  • Can handle quad coils
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • High cloud production
  • Cool appearance
  • Flavor can be off depending on the coils being used

Where to buy The Temple RDA?


Buy The Temple RDA directly from Fasttech website


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