Z-Bubble Sub-Ohm Vape Tank Review

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Z-Bubble Sub-Ohm Vape Tank Cover Image
Review Score: 88/100 - 88
Price: $34.95
Colors: Black, Silver
Works with: E-Liquids
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The Z-Bubble Sub-Ohm Vape Tank may not meet the criteria for perfection (no tank does), but it has some outstanding features for a tank of its size. Initially designed for the Z-Stick Bubble Tank vape kit, the tank – like any of its kind – can be used on any battery that it fits. Its aesthetic, flexibility, performance are all solid reasons why it is a worthwhile purchase.

The Z-Bubble tank can be used both as sub-ohm cloud chucker and as a throat-scratching, nicotine deliverer thanks to its interchangeable coil system, and the two OCC (organic cotton coils), vertical, stainless steel coil options included in the kit.

The tank itself is made from transparent polycarbonate, which allows vapers to check the e-juice levels of the 3ml capacity tank accurately. The Z-Bubble has a bottom, adjustable airflow, and a bottom-fill system. The drip tip is also interchangeable, and the entire tank itself comes in two color options, black, and silver.

The Z-Bubble measures 22mm in diameter making it an ideal choice for smaller mods, like any of Mig Vapor’s regular batteries, the Phantom X and Xtreme. The above-ohm coil option, which rates at 1.2ohms (the sub-ohm coil is rated at 0.5ohms) can be used when the Z-Bubble is attached to any low-wattage mod.


This tank certainly wins in the looks department. On the surface, the glassy appearance makes it seem more vulnerable to damage, but nothing could be further from the truth. The glass cylinder is constructed with food-grade polycarbonate, making it “virtually indestructible,” according to Mig Vapor. This is a massive advantage since nothing can ruin a vaper’s day like dropping and breaking a tank.

The fancy-looking “Z” on the glass is a nice touch, providing a sort of exotic flair that most tanks do not have.

With only a 3ml capacity, the Z-Bubble is smaller than many of its counterparts. Consequently, many vapers – especially chain vapers – will end up pausing to refill a bit more often than they would like.

The tank features an adjustable airflow, which many vapers can appreciate.
Finally, the Z-Bubble is easy to disassemble for maintenance, and the fact that it is mostly transparent makes it easy to ensure that it is thoroughly clean.

Z-Bubble Sub-Ohm Vape Tank Review Image


Even though 0.5 ohms is its lowest limit, this is plenty to provide excellent flavor and cloud production, which can be easily tweaked with its adjustable airflow. Vapers will have a great time playing with this feature to strike the perfect balance between flavor and smoke.

Although capable of handling high VG e-liquids, the small wicking holes could pose a problem for anything above 70 or 80 VG. Some liquids – especially sweet ones – are liable to absorb more slowly in this setup, not to mention leave behind residue.


The Z-Bubble Sub-Ohm Vape Tank retails for $34.95, so it does not fall into the cheaper range; however, it is safe to say that the product earns its price, considering the many features it provides.

Specs List:

  • Transparent polycarbonate glass
  • Visible air tube
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 3ml liquid capacity
  • 510 threaded
  • Interchangeable drip tips
  • Highly durable
  • 22mm diameter
Z-Bubble Black Review Image

Main Competitor

The Kanger Toptank Mini: Bigger, but Not Always Better

The closest rival to the Z-Bubble is the Kanger Toptank Mini. There are areas where this product beats the Z-Bubble, and somewhere it falls flat.

The first issue is durability. Put simply, and there is nothing special about the Kanger Toptank’s design. It is not made with polycarbonate, making it less durable than its counterpart. It also lacks the same “flare” provided by the Z-Bubble.

Unlike the Z-Bubble, the Mini can hold 4ml of e-juice, while retaining the same 22mm diameter as its competitor; however, it appears to sacrifice vapor production in exchange for intense flavor, while the Z-Bubble is more balanced.

The only area where the Kanger tank beats the Z-Bubble is its versatility. It too can handle 1.2-ohm coils, but the sub-ohm range goes as low as 0.15 ohms.

Overall Impressions

The Z-Bubble Sub-Ohm Vape Tank brings a lot of positive features. The ability to switch seamlessly between regular and sub-ohm is a huge plus, as is its extreme durability and original appearance. While there certainly are better options out there, vapers will find that this product more than does the job, regardless of their needs.

Review Score: 88/100 - 88
  • Extremely durable compared to the competition
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Works with regular or sub-Ohm
  • Excellent flavor/clouds
  • Smooth, unique design
  • Only 3ml capacity
  • Small wicking holes
  • Cannot go lower than 0.5 ohms


Z-Bubble Sub-Ohm Vape Tank
Manufactured by: KangerTech
Colors: Black, Silver
Can be used with: E-Liquids
Price $34.95

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