The Innokin Axiom Sub-Ohm Tank Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 20, 2022

innokin axiom sub-ohm tank review

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
$15.95 - $29.99
Liquid Capacity:
Black, Silver
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Large juice capacity for the size of the atomizer
  • Stout, compact design that fits all mods big or small
  • The included RBA base is easy to build on


  • The flavor you get from the prebuilt coils is kind of mute
  • There is no Allen key included in the kit

Introducing the Innokin Axiom

Innokin is a company that really does care about their consumers; it will not release a product unless it is completely safe to use and that people actually want it. It’s most likely the reason why Innokin came up with the design for the Axiom sub-ohm tank. Many vapers don’t like the tall and lanky sub-ohm tanks that are currently available; they want something that is low-profile and looks like it is part of the mod. This tank is short and compact, but it can still hold a respectable amount of juice and can chuck massive clouds.

Most of the sub-ohm tanks that came before the Innokin Axiom were quite tall, which may look a bit gangly, especially if you use them on the small, single 18650 devices like the Vaporesso Target Mini, the iStick Pico, and similar sized mods. The Innokin Axiom takes the design of the sub-ohm tank to an entirely different direction; it’s a short tank with an even shorter drip tip and can hold a decent amount of liquid.

Unboxing the Tank

innokin axiom sub-ohm tank review

The Innokin Axiom comes in a very neat little cardboard box with a magnetic clip that keeps the box closed, which is a neat little addition. Inside the box you will find:

  • The Axiom tank with the pre-built 0.5-ohm coil head already installed
  • An RBA base with silicone plug for single-coil builds
  • A spare glass tube
  • A bag of extra O-rings and two spare post screws
  • An Innokin vape band

The only thing that seems wrong here is that they did not include an Allen key with the kit; you have to buy it separately.

Features of the Axiom

The Innokin Axiom comes in two color options: stainless steel and black. The stainless steel version has a white Delrin drip tip, while the black version has a black drip tip. The finish on the black Axioms can hold up against ultrasonic cleaners, and it won’t easily chip or scrape off.

The Axiom disassembles into five parts: the proprietary drip tip/top cap, the upper tank section/shaft, the Pyrex glass tank, the prebuilt coil head/RBA section, and the tank base with the airflow control.

As mentioned multiple times before, the Axiom is one of the shortest RTA/sub-ohm tanks available today. Measuring at 22mm at the base and a compact 42.5mm from the base to the top of the proprietary drip tip; this makes the Axiom one of the shortest RTA/sub-ohm tanks that you can buy. However, despite its size, the Axiom can hold 3.5ml of liquid, which is quite a respectable amount considering some of the taller sub-ohm tanks can only hold 4ml of juice.

What the glass tank of that comes with the axiom is quite small, but it is just part of the actual tank of the Axiom, it is just a viewing window so you can tell if the juice is getting a tad low. The top part of the chimney section also serves as the top half of the tank. There is one slight problem with this design; you cannot easily tell if the tank is almost full when you are refilling it.

The Axiom has three airflow slots along the base of the tank, and an AFC ring held on tight by a single O-ring regulates them. At the start, it will be quite hard to turn the AFC ring, but once a bit of juice gets on the O-ring, it will turn much easier.

Building, Wicking, and Using the Tank

The prebuilt coil that came with the Axiom is quite different from those used by other sub-ohm tanks. Instead of a vertical coil, the prebuilt coil has two horizontal coils, which in my opinion are dangerously close together, but there is still just enough distance between them that they won’t short out the atomizer. Vapor production of the prebuilt coil is about average, but the flavor it produces is somewhat muted.

Now, if you want to make good use of the Axiom, I suggest that you get rid of the prebuilt coil head and pop in the included RBA build deck. To do that, you just need to unscrew the base from the rest of the tank, and then unscrew the prebuilt coil and screw on the RBA deck section.

The RBA deck is kind of like has a Velocity-like, dual post design, but since space is quite limited in the Axiom, the posts only have a single hole on each of them. Overall, this means if you want dual coils, the leads of the two coils have to share the holes. Another kicker is that the postholes are somewhat tiny, so much so that you cannot fit crazy coils in them. You might get away with using small Clapton’s in single coil mode, but it would be a tight fit. If you want to run the atomizer in dual coil mode, I suggest you use 26 to 28 gauge round wires.

If you want to run the Axiom in single coil mode, you just need to plug in the silicone adapter on one side of the build deck. This will plug up the airflow hole and juice feed slots on that side, thus preventing the juice from leaking. Personally, I prefer using the Axiom in single coil mode because that way the wicks won’t suck up a lot of juice and the battery of my mod can last pretty much the entire day.

Wicking the Axiom is quite easy. Once you thread some organic Japanese cotton through the coils, you just need to place the ends inside the juice canals at the edge of the build deck. After you prime the coils with a couple of drops of juice, just screw on the top of the build deck chamber and assemble the rest of the tank.

To fill up the Axiom’s tank, you just unscrew the top cap/drip tip section and pour your juice into the large kidney holes on the top of the tank section; be careful not to drop any liquid inside the chimney or else you will get a nasty spit back.

There is one drawback that I wished Innokin would fix if they ever decide to make a version 2 of the Axiom; they should make it so that the entire thing won’t disassemble when you unscrew the base section. If you need to change the coil or replace the cotton on the RBA deck, you have no choice other than dumping out the remaining juice into the sink before you unscrew the base; trying to unscrew the base with juice still in the tank will lead to a sticky mess.

Vapor and flavor production using the RBA deck will depend on the coil and wick that you use. However, when I use the same coil and wick on my other atomizers, it seems like the small chimney chamber makes the Axiom give out more flavor.

Innokin Axiom Sub-Ohm Tank Specifications

Diameter: 22mm
Construction Material: Stainless Steel
Wattage Range: 20W - 40W
Liquid Capacity: 3.5mL
Coils Resistance: 0.5 ohm
Threaded: 510
Triple adjustable airflow:
Colors: Black, Silver


The Positives

  • Large juice capacity for the size of the atomizer
  • Stout, compact design that fits all mods big or small
  • The included RBA base is easy to build on
  • The reduced chimney section concentrates the flavor of the vapor
  • The option to choose single or dual coil modes

The Negatives

  • The proprietary drip tip is a bit too short; when you get spit back from the coils, you will definitely feel it (yes, you can use your own 510 drip tip, but most of them just look wonky)
  • You have to drain the tank if you want to change coil heads or access the build deck; there is nothing holding the glass section of the tank when the base is unscrewed
  • The flavor you get from the prebuilt coils is kind of mute
  • There is no Allen key included in the kit

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, you really should try out this tank. The low-profile design looks great on any atomizer and the tank capacity is quite surprising. Even though the prebuilt coil was a bit of a letdown, the included RBA deck more than makes up for it. If I were to lose the Axiom I’m using right now, you can be sure that I would do my best to find a replacement the very next day.

If you want to experience the wonders that the tiny Innokin Axiom has to offer, we can direct you to the website where you can get the best deals for it.

Published: May 12, 2017Updated: October 20, 2022

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